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Ann Arbob, Thubsday, July 2, 1875. Afpleb- 75éfc8Oc. Beans- $1.40. per. bu. Btrawberries- 12gU6c, BüTTEB - 16c. Beef- $6@7 per hundred. Cubn - 5O@6Oe. per bu. Chiokenb - Dreseed 13c. Eqöb- Comraand 10(gïl4c. Hay- $1016per ton, aceording to qunlity. Labd - The market stands at lüc. Oats- 4648c. Pobk - $7.oi)'aí7.6O per huudred. Potaïoep- 50:öl5i.G. Tuhnips- 26(o35c, Wheat- White, $1.1431.18. WEEKLY MARKET REVIEW. Forcin IVIarkets. The Mark Lane Express apeaks of advances in wheat in some of the English markets, and reporte the supply in Britain at ouly 4,433 qrs. more than last year at this time, but with prices 19a 9d less than at that time. This showing would, on the whole, be favorable to a strong inai'kct on the basis of present pnces - that is, that present prices ought at least to bt maintained. But yet this fact should be borne in mind, that last year the supply of ooarse srains was short, causing a large draft upon the wheat supply to meet the ahortage. Yet the decline on the year was as stated. With a market of a full stock of coarse graius the coming season, and with the stock of wheat slightly in excess of what it was a year ago, reasoning from cause to effect would lead us to look for still lower prices, but the market is subject to so many contingeucea that it would be unsafe to accept that conclusión siniply upon those premisos. Eastern markets. Comparativo quotations show a decline on the week on all grains in the New York market. The present week, however, opened with an improved feeling, but it is not likely there will bo very much interest to the market until the growing erop begins to be harvested, which in the Southern portiou of the wheatgrowing belt will be very soon. Live stock was weak in New York on Monday, at 25a50c off from the previous Monday, native steers and oxen beiug at the range of $9atl3, Sheep were very dull at $4 50a$5 50. Hogs were slightly bettnr. The eastern wool market has nothing ot interest. Detroit lUarkets. Prices of gram ruled quite steady during last week at about $1 27 for extra white wheat, Í1 26 for No. 1, and il 22 for amber. On Saturday, however, there was a better demand, with an ad vanee of lc, the market opening the present week with the advance sustaiued. Limited receipts, consequent upon the present busy season wïth farmers, is no doubt one reason for this. Corn nominal at 6óa66, and oats at 52a53 for mixed. Butter is rather weak at lba20, the latter only for a few lots of choics. Cheese at 10a 10 1-2. Eggs remaiu firm at 17, with the supply of strictjy fresh rather shoit. Potatoes havo gone up ; feachblows at 75a80, Early Rose at 40a45. These rates are tor job lots to the trade, but are fully 15a2"c better than a week ago. Reporte of the wool market trom different parts of the State do uot vary from those ot last week. The clip is being sold at 35a40 for clothing wools, and 43a4ö for combing. The cattle market is greatly depressed, the sales on Monday scarcely raisiug cost to some of the drovers from the country. The consumptiou of tresh meats always falls off during warm weather, and the supply is freer thau the demind just at this time. One sale of 4 extra Michigan steers at $6, with the average of transactions at $4a$5. Inferior grades at 3a3 50. Fat sheep, 75a901bs., $4 50 a5 75.


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