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Daring Bank Robbery

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A oorrespondent of the Oincúmati Gazet Ir, íhus describes the recent daring robbery of Sfl.SOO from the Central Bank at Indianapolifl : It liad been storming dwing the entire moruiir, but about twelvo o'clook the min eame down, in snch torrente that i'or half an hour the streets were nearly deserted. About tbis time a hack drove up to the bank, and the driveranncranoed that a lady, who was ínside, desired to sec son6 one connected with tlie inatitution. The President, Mr. J. M. Bidenonr, liad been absent sinee ten o'clock, and the caehier, Mr. C. B. Cones, had just that moment passed out to dinner, le;iying the assistant cashier, Mr. Israel Taylor, and a teller, Mr. Robert Parker, in c harge of the bank. Mr. Taylor tiierefore stepped to the carriflge, and' the better to protect himself from the ruin, took ii seat in the hack bcside the lady. Sho was i large, stout woman, dressed in ii traveling snit, with her face olosely veiled. As soon as the hack door was elosed she stated that she desired tobuy .f 3,000 worth of Londpn sxchange ; that she had been advised by "Mr. Williams" to do business with the. Central Bank, and slic hoped he would aceommodate her if possible. Mr. Taylor replied that Ids bank could not aceommodate her, but that the exohange could be procured at l''lel-licr ,v. filtarpe's Bank, two or three doors south on the same street; they were honost men and would treat her with respect. Mr. Taylor thinks he was in the hack about three minutes. Just as Mr. Taylor left the bank by the j sylvania street entrance a short, stoutly built fellow, with light hair, reddish mustache, and sandy complexion, entered it by the Market street door, and immediately inquired of Mr. Parker if Mr. ltidenour was in. The teller, who could see Mr. ltidenour 's desk from where In' was standing, replied that he was not bnt was expected ovcry moment. " I'in sorry," replied tpe stranger, "bnt perlas yon can give me the desired information. " He theu stated that his sister, Êa'vfng recently sold some real estáte, desired liim to place tlio prooeeds, $4-,700, on deposit where it would be safe and draw a fair interest, and that he would bo nderobligations if he (Parker) would inforin him of tlieir rules, rutes, etc. Having done so briefly, he desired Mr. Parker to figure out for him the interest on $1,700 for ono year at five per cent. "While this request was beutg complied with, Mr. Taylor came in, and the stranger, having obtaiued the desired ïnformatïon, quietly withdr w, thauking tho teller for is courtuay, For a moment Taylor and Parker exehanged jokes at the expense of the " v(;iled woman in the hack," when the former, not seeing the usual pilo of money on tho counter, said, " Parker, where's your monej'?" For an instant l'nrker stood like one struek with sis, and then, as if comprehending the situation, exclaimed, " It's stolen, that man and woman are in the eonspiracy !" He rau to the rear of the room, and discovered that the door leading into the President's room from Market street was open. Just then Mr. Ridenour enteied, and in a moment it was plain to all where the money had gone. In leaving tho bank ten minutes before, Oashier Cones had very carelessly neglected to lock the back or west entranee on Marke.t street, and while the lady had " flirted" with Taylor in the carriage, and the red mustached stranger had eugaged Parker, thief number three, haviug gaiued access through this door, had quietly slipped up in the rear of Parker, pocketed the money and as quietly withdrawn and escaped'. After lea-ving the bank the two men seem to have separated. One went directly to the hotel, where he settled their bill, and, callingfor a hack, ordered the driver, Sen. Irving, to drive as rapidly as possible for the depot. On the way the other man was picked up, and after settling their hack fare, both were lost in the crowd. The thirty-flve minutes past twelvc train for Chicago, via the I., C. and L. train, was about leaving, and it was thought the trio departed on it.


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