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South American Earthquake

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A letter Ir; mi Mavacaibo gives fnrther particulars of tbc great ('rthquako in Ecuador, of which somo mention lias prcviously been male in our nawa columns. At Circnta the stook leveled every wall in the city, buiyiug, in a single instant, 8,000 people out of a populatioai of 10, 000. Soveral who were not killed, Kiibsequently died of their injurie:1, mul mauy wi'io murdcriHl by robbors, who plundfed in band.. Tho shooks contianed, aña urea biunodmuch pi'operty. Tliose wlio woio Rav?il fted to tlie neigbljoring country and eaDamped. Wlien the uews reachod Maraoiiilx), two teamers yvero aeijtj pnt vith bread mul olatSfrrg to tire suiVcvers by the Amoricau Consul and pcüplo; also n cotps of pLyatcians and a Committeo to disbuise aid. Tlie Govcrnór sent eölditrs to protect tho pcoplo. llcpoit.sfrom San CaycloDo, Sunüago, Grarulata, Arbalocta, Oucntella and San Cristoaböl, all oggfrcKatag b ioMil!itiou of 20,000, continu Ibü prnvimm account of (lic d .slnictioii of lii'c and pi'O[)iTt.y in those .l:ici'i. The shock "viis feit at Bogata and otin t places, and in Marftcaibp (heve liave beenHgít quakes every day sinoe. Sttll anothtr historiool ruction. Major Pliiiiuey, of Barnstabte, in a spoechto tho Anoient andHonorabli; Artillery. of Boston, advanced the claims of l'rovhicetown as the landing place MÍ the ['ilgiim Fatkers. Ho thought l'lymouth had enjoye;! the honor loag enough, and that a monument should Mark the spot where the fpreffitherá iivfit lande. I. A l'OÜNG 111:111 named llinkl.-v, of ( ar diner, Me., w:i-i aeeidentally fmot a year ago, His motiier and sister diecl of overwork in atteuding iiini, mul bas now tlied f rom the cft'ects of his wound.


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