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Great Flood Is France

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A cable dispatch from Paria, dated June 25, says: The damage to property and loss of life by the flood in the í-iver Garonno is greater than the previ ous reporta have indicated. At Toulouse alone the bodies oí 100 persons who were drowned were foimd in the houses which were flooded but lcft standing. Many other people peiished, and their bodies wore carried oft'in the houses tluit were swept away. Tlie loss of life by the flood at Toulouse is appalling. At St. Oyprian qtiarter 215 corpsos have already been fount!. The violcnce of the torrent frustrated the efl'orts to resene the unfortunate inmutes of houses. Several men were drowned in the attempt. Twenty thonsand persons are. deprived of the meaos of subsisten ce in Toulouse alone. The disasters elsewhere are alniost cqual in magnitude. The iower part of the city of Morssae, on the Toni, is under water. At Tremoullet, in the ])epavtment of Arriege, live houses only remain standing out of 400. In the District of Baiz, same department, two villages uv oompletely submerged, and many dead bodies found. Crops of all kinds throughout the innndatod distráete have been dèströyed. President MacMahon and Minister Buffet have lcft Paris for the scène of the destïiiution. TJie Municipal Ootmcil of Porie has voted L20,000 for the relief of the wlfferers. Eighty persons wero drownwl in Verdien. I'jight huudred Iioumcs have fallen in Toutbuse. At Bordeaux the (iaronne is nnich swolleu, but no serious catastrophe is i-eported. Ifc is said that altogether over 1,000 lives have been lost. Later telegrama from Franco say that 900 persons perished in tlio ilood at Toulouse alone. The outluvak of au epidemie i.s feared. 'Lt is believed that 2, 000 houses have been swept away in the town and its euvirons. The damage tin 'iv is esümated at from L12,000,000 to 5,000,000. The Paris correspondent ot' the LpndQj] Times makes an appeal to Biitisli eharity in behalf of the sufferers. Sm fioirfon Daily News' special says that the loweet estímate of deatha in Om flopdod distriets is 2,000. proposed to bombara and deetro'y the .Si. Cyprian quarter of Toulouse to prevent Jangcr from the crumbling walis of the housüs that yet remain.


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