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The Yellowstone River--its Navigability Demonstrated

The Yellowstone River--its Navigability Demonstrated image
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A meseenger, jusfc arrived at Bozeman from the ïellowstoue Vnlley, bringa the gratifying íiewg thatthe steamer Jósephiii" has reaohed themouthof Clark's forjt, Beventy-ftve miles abové me motith oí tho lig Horn, and ascended that stjrnam a few miles. Shc metwith no TOstructions on the way- eaaily gcttiiig over Wolf Rápida - aml will probably asccml (lie Yellowstono to tlio oíd site of tlic Croif Miasion, or within thirlyliv! milis of JSozoman. All this seems Avcll íiiithcnticati'il. Sorao white men from tlic; Crow Mission took diimcr 011 tuo boat it Un! mouth of the Clack'i Fork. The offioen of tho Joscphiiir aro. reported to liave pronotmeed the YollowBtoae ;i better river t naVigftte tlian the Umer Missouri. The foregoing ík fully confirmed ly advioes froiu Qen. Clapp.Agent oí the ( Vuís, ulio ím in n . ■ i j )i. oí ciispatohes from wie oificers of the Josephioo. Ah wo go to presa gun vo beiug fired, aiul oititena are rejoiciug and wild witli thusiasm. The boat was only eleven ilayK froin Bismarck, iucludiug time


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