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The Uncensidered Trifles

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Two farmers startod business r;ide by nido, a short distauee from the city of Phüadelphiaj many years ugo. Jioth weie industrióos, températe, and attentive to business ; but yet it was evident one of the two was rapidly outetripping the other in accumulating wealth. To thsÜMieighbors, this seemed a problem that could not be solved, luit late in life the more sucodsgful of the two natpliwinfil the matter in a very simple way by stating that while he let nothing go to waste about his fann, hisfriondoyei-lonkedthe many sniail items that OUght to pay the family'a biils at the store. Meannssa and eoonomy ave by no moans synonymoua tertq ; üid out thrifty friend had been eollecting liis nute of vaiioiiH kinds, iv.'j'iii.'iiinons, the few vegetables that his owil fanuly did uot need, and in fact ill the odds and enda that are so well knawn U the farmer's boys everywhere. These were regularly added io lus stock of lmtter and eggs at very little oost and suhl apon tlie markot stall, while the prowliug population of the neighborhood appropriated these little outeide luxnries ironi tlie less provident farmei's domaüi. Both were enccoegful In life, but the on who paid attention to tlie little items, was eiiunently 80, and OOuld gratify as he went along very many d. ii-. ■ for the luxuries of life, that the other feit to !■ beyond his means. Talê care of the cents and tho dollars will take caro of themselves, is trae in farming. - Poor Richard. A man rushcd l)re:ithles:4y into a lawyer's!U(-e n g)t l'mil, m.l, approaiiiin the legal lominaryexoitedly remarked: "A man has tieda toop to iuy horse's üiil ! Can I do anyüxirig" "ïes," re plied Ihe ;s t (.. .ini-v ; "go and untie if." That was good advicl!, and didn't -,.:l


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