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Farmer John

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lldino trom lii ovinos Farmer John A'Tivrd ttiis mornlng Bftfo and Bound ; l!ln blae-k coat off, and his old clothes on, " Now l'm myaolf I" uays Farmer John ; And h! tbinks " t'U lopï ar.mnd." üp lease tlu' dog ; ■■ Bel down, yon pop ! Aro yon so glad yon would rat me np V" Hm old cow lowa at the gato to groet hun " Well, weH, ok liay ! Ha, ha, Hl Gray! !) yon get tome feefl when I ani away ? "Yon havo nol a rl !" laya Farmer Jhn'; "Thé oattle are looldng round and Bleek; Tho rolt is going to be a toan, Aud a beauty, too ; lunv he has grown ! vvni wean the calí next wedt." Nays Farmer John, '■ when Fve been off, To oall you agaln about the trouffh, And watch you, and pet yon, hilo yon drmk Ie a greater coniforl tlian yon (hink !" And he pats old lluy, And healapeold Gray; 'Ah, thla ík the oomforl of going nvay. "Tor. aíteraH," mía rarmw John, " ïbo bent of a Jonrney is getüng home. I-i een graat pírIiIk; bui wouM I aive ïhis pot, and lbo peaeefnl lif 1 üvo, Forall tlicir Paris c.r Bom 7 Tlieso hills for the cityV BtUted air, And big hoti'ls all tnUtlC and gla, Land all housca, aud roads all BtoDOB, That doafen yonr cars Ondbtttter ycur bODesT Would you, old Bay? A oold you. "ld (iray ? That'B ivhat bne gots By golug away '. " There monoy is kir.p," saya ümrno John ; " Ad faFioii ík qtteen : and Itto mlghty qnecr To ceo itow Honïetnnes, whïïe the man, Baklzig and poraping all he can. The ïvitv bsenda erery yi-ar Enotigb ynu woiud think for a noore of wivcs, TokMpthem in hitmty all thelr live ! Thf town is ft petfeet Babylon To a qui.:t chai,'" saya Farmer John. "You nee, old lïay, Yon B6A, old (ray, l'm wifier ihan when I TPnt aivay. ' Pre found out Ihis," pays Farmer Jonn, '■ ïliat hippmese is Dot bonatt and old, .nd fluti'hi il in a liíe of waste and hurry, In nights of pleasure and days of vorry. And weaMh isn't all in old, tfortgage and stocks anl ten per ernt., Hut in suni'lc wsyfl, and swrtit content. Few wants, pure hepav, and noble ends, Sonie land lo till, and a lew food fricul, Liko you, old Hay, And ynu, old (ray, That'B what I've leamed by goiug away." And a happy man ia Farmer John, O, a rich and happy man is he ! He Bees the peas and pumpkina growlng, The corn in tassel, the buckwheat bhlWUZg, And fruit on vine and tree. The large, kind oxeii look their thanks As hc rub their forchcada and strokes their flauks ; The doVes light round hini, and strut aud coo; Says Fanuer.John, '1'11 take you, too, And you, old Bay, And you, old Gray, ext time 1 travel bo far away !"


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