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Is Candy Injurious?

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It is well kuown that the substancefc used in flavoriiig candy, ure mimy of them of a poispnous nature ? bilt this does uot necessarily provo that candy is injurious. One of the most delicate Havors in various articles of food is produced by proflsic acid, a yirulerit poison; but is uscd in sncli small qnontities as to be quito innocuous. The fact that muoh of the eanay sold coutains poison ia, however, a reason for great rnoderation in eating it. Used frequently and immoderately, it oreatea a morbid appetito. The writor kncw a faniily of three young ladies wbo liad been iiidulgrd with naouly to khcIi an cxtent that Öiey liad no dosire to eat anything bttt Bireets. Animal fooi 1 beowne distastïfnl to thom. Their digestión beoame disordcrcd, tlair compli'.xions sullow, and their frames weak aiul langiiid. Their liealth was nearly ruined. The effect of silgar ou an exposed nerve ia well kiiown to most pepcle. ; Al mest ;uiv l-;iud of food mav ba taken into the mouth without causing toothache bnt that whïch is very sweet. Too mnch sugar is also a liindrance to diges 1 tion. It is from the substanees uscd to llavor candy that tbe most injury is Hable to result. These are not the jniees of viu'ious fruit, but ohemical imitafiötW of them. The navors of almond and peach are obttiijwd by tti(! use ui' pïussie acid : ! othors are duo to the presüBCe tf npirils of turpentine. The o.heinieal subsiances -when taken in uiy (iiumtiiy, Oftuse irritation of th slonnuh, possibly more serious disorders. The most harmless of flavor, that of peppermint, acts as medicine. It is very iis, ui as siich, but when taken mordinately, requires sometimea a d'ose of another kind to ootmteráct iis effect. Homo soi'fs of e:uu!v ELTB Üavored with liijnoi-s, aiul tlms children may acquire ' very early in life a tasto for strong drink. The rule for eating candy is plainly thifl : Tvit Very little, and that ol' tjjé simplest kind, of tlio best quality, and : entiri'ly imeolnred. Theke is one thing about a cónstontly idle man to his advantage - he nevér labors under a mistake.


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