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The Recent Failures In London

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More failuies ! Following band on tho suspension of Mesare. Collie & (Jo., mul ulosely oonnecfced with it, camo tho suspensiou, 011 'l'liui'siliiy, ol' .1. P. Westhead & Oo., of Manoheeter, with liabiüties amouutiug to L800,006, aad the Medloek Smallware Company, cf Maaoheater, in whioh the chief ovnera are Westhead & Oo. Then oame the rapid auuoiiiH-cinriit of oHicv RuspcnsioiiR, all moreor leHS tho consoiuouce of the Collie ! faüure. Tha MAcncing i.s a list of the l'ailures knowu up t.o tiÍH time, withtlu'ir buaiiic'HS and liabilities : Collie & Co., India merchante, í 3, 000,000. ïonntf, Borüiwioï A ('o., Hll hrokars, í3,500,000. j. r. Westhead A ''o., morchauta, L300,000. Medlooh Smallwaro Company, merchante, liiiliilitiea not Htatod. Jolin Straohan & 0X, India inercliauta, L200,000. John Andersou & Uo., ludia motcliaute, llabititicH not htatoil. Honry Adsmaou & Bons, ship brokers, L98,000. Maloom, Hudsou ('o.. Japnu maroliani ■ li:ibilit.iH not Btated. J. C. FowJio, India m rchiuit. liabilitlos not Btated. A. Gonzales A' Co., mordíante, uabUineü mt btatod. C. PhUUpfl & Co., Colonial brokers, uabihtice ! not stated. Etobert Bonuto & ('o.. Anieriban norbhinU, ei,ooo,eoo. N. Alcxiuidcr, Son í Co.. india merchante, L300,000. H.-rc irt a total of L7,390,000, xclüsif e of the liases tlutt may be iponrred Vy tho híx iinus aliovc-uajne.i.l, whoae liabilities are uot yet ascei tained, The whole nmonut oí tho liubililirs ot' the tbirteen banknipt finas maybe p'utdóvmatabout $40,000,000. But the assete of these houses are very considerable, and the ultímate loss to (luir orejïïtors wiH probably not excecd half tliat Bttm.


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