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Tu f. Montreal Houso, at Kast Tawas, was burncd last week. Loss, 82j600. The Mitchell House at Olam Lake cas bumed tlie otian day. Loas, C,ÜOü. Da. Sohott, of Jftckftoa, (ha otkcr day took a doae of kin own meáioiae, and died in throe liovirs. Cotí. ti. S. TeowbkiööÜ Ims mustered tho Big Kapids Light Guard of 86 men into tho State servir. ■. John Sciimill and Charles Ëilèr were drowned a few days ago, at Mdiu'óe, hy tho cfipsizing of a bont whilo fishing. The Bentxiu llarbor Pal 1 udlum says tliiit it tho box manufaetory i that place, ono yonng lady ïmulc 2,208 in onn day, and anothcr l,l'0 in lensUiriv Jivohaurs. The uumber of inmates of die Michigan bfeite l'rison on Juno 80 was 742. During the mouth tliere wtv;; rec.oived thirty-ninc, di.soharged hcvi -utaen, and ono died. Mam, Wm. Schad, m êl( friy lady living about threc miles fvoia Tawas Cüty, whilo working in a clearing with her hnsband, tho othor day, va instantly ldlled by a falling tree. The venerable snit of Perrüi vs. Lepper, involving some matter eonnceted with the ownersliip of the old Hemden Hall, has been conoluded at Marshall by a verdict f or the defendant. Thb livory stable of Henry Firul, u(, Kalamazoo, was totally dcstroyed by flro last, wrk. lileveu of the flinost equines in tho city, valued at from SHOO to 600 each, were bnrned. Total loss, $15,000. Hobaok Green was killed at a luinber camp, near Fyfe Lakc, last week. A chain holding tho tongue oí the loggiug ■wheel to the logs broko, tlio tongue striking him with Kiieh fdrof as t OMtwé instant death. Mr. Asajiel Wabnek, of Albion, has instituted asuit against tho I etroit Ex n inq News for libel, laying f&Mag# at $20,000, for ropreseuting in r á jocial lispíitch that he had been conv ' ed of lareeny, and -was sentenoed to frmr yoars in State Prison. Fon some timo back the eoai minera at Jackson havo beon 011 ■ strike, liecause of a dífficulty about he prico t,o bo paid. Tho owners of eme mino la:t week closed a cantragt with the Stato fer the labor of fifty eonviots; wlio will go to work at once. Fiíank L. Godfkey, of Battie Creck township, passed a sucoessftü examinatiou for admission at the Nuval Aoademy, Annapolis. lio stood weli in literary qualiíUations and p!iyvelly was marited tho highest 011 Ui mtire list of the large number examined. Thomas Taskaed, and ou ;-esident of Flushing, Gencseo pqns -y, di i vory saddenly, Mondny mornim of Lxst wook, while conversing wit; ja i'aiaily aftc r breakfast. He was 70 yearj3 of age, and fora number of years .: engaged ia Plint and its vicinity in l'iiubering. Thb Detroit Frrc J'roi of the 12th prints statistios of Michigan íffop% showing a full average yield of wheat, 11 more than average yield of barley, fino prospecta for oatf-, o-orn and potatoea, a little falJing off in fruit, and an ulerease in thc wool clip and ixnprovemont in its quality over laat year. WiULH feakjng down Bnmum's cauvas at Gi-and Kapids, ono day List week, one of the ropos slipped, lettiiig the center polo fall on a canvasman nnmed Baker, striking him on the back atad iujuring him iutornaüy. was taitón to a hotel, whero he died iu a fow moments. Ho resided in New York city. Thf, Etób Sagina w salt men aro vaking lij), and ft combimition bas been fornied to handle wilt by their own agent in Chicago. The following fu-ms are re.presentca: J. F. Kust & Co.. A. Rust ft Co., Rust, Eatou Í Co., f w Williams, A. W. WrightA C.. .-.-ulW. 11. Burt.VCo. W. B. Burt I (MSMÜn, nnd J. E. Shaw Twwmrev. The Legislaturo of MichigtSn at its last session directcd the Govonor to sond a proper represontation of t'i ■ Sfaté to the, American Fomological Exh a Uou at Cli icago in Seiitember noxt, aiui l.e lias appointed as Exccutive Coniüiitioo for tlnvt purpose Messrs. T. T. Lyoii, of Sonth Havt-n ; J. M. Storliius?, ofMonroc, aad James G. ïUimsdell, of Traverse City. Patbnts rècênÜy issued to citizeus of this State: Rakes, F. W. Hawkins, Ypsilanti; pan-forming machines, W. Chalmers, Detroit ; fauc. ts, H. Gudsill, Detroit ; sasli-íástenéífe, A. Long, Arm Arbor; c iffee-steepers, E. IJ. Daken, Coldwater ; machines for making eavetronghs, W. W. Laing, Holly; motors, C. Van De Mark, HiUsdale ; bnstles, M. K. Bortreo, Jackaon ; eloth(s-pin, E. F. BretWitz, Humbolt. The following general order has been issued by the Michigan Central liailroad Company: " That part bf the Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw División iiorth of and inoluding Wenona, is ïoreby made a separate división, and wil! hereafter be knowii as the 'Mackinay División.' Mr. T. B. Sargeant is pp intéd División Superintendent, and the heftáquftrEera of both the Mackiuaw and .Buy City Divisionsare hereby eMa'vi bed at Bay City, Michigan." At Battle Creek, on Wf: uesdaymorning of last week, a man named Gcorgo Beckett, who formerly resided in Emmott, committed suicide at hia seaidehce by tiikiug poison. In oue of his vest 'locket.s was found B morphiiu' Wari frwa a drug store in that city. A riOto was nlso diseovertd in (Jie&une pocket, re(jiu-.sting his friemlH to send foi Lifl only dan-litei', wlio was ar:y (■oiu llQmo. He leaves a dévdted wil'e ohüdren. What reason he li. . for t.! his life is unkuown.


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