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rence, Mass., which give employment when running their f uil oapacity to 1,250 operatives, shut down 011 Saturday last for eight weeks. The suspension may be for a longer timo if the present stock ot' manufactured goods is not inarketed. The operatives will lose $80,000 or more in wages by the shut down. - - ■ i -■■ Mr. J. M. Edmunds, postmaster at Washington, and secretary of the Republican Congressional Electioneering Committee, has sent out a circular to all governinent offiee-holders, including clerks, under date of Washington, July 7, calling on them to coutribute one per cent. of their salaries to the campaign fund. We have a faint recollection of a civil service order a few years ago, prohibiting political assessmunt. Is our memory correct ' TllE Island of Mackinac, with the surrounding places, is treated by Mr. John Disturnell in a little pamphlet jast published by bim in Philadelphia. He describes the Straits of Mackinac, Üld Mackiuaw, Point St: Ignace, Cheboyegan, and other neighborhoods of Northern Michigan. He also gives an acceunt of the early history of the country, and devotes pages to climatic influence, steamboat and railroad routes, etc. The pamphlet is illustratod with pictures and a map. Julius Caesar Burrows, one of whose best political feats was in talking himself out of Congress, has gone to California to lend the Republicana of that State the use of his lnngs of aluiost infinite capacity. We presume that the Republicans of this State will cheerfully send their California brethren two more of their defeated : Begole and Field. And remeinbering Burrows' bellowings in Connecticut, and the result thereof, the Democracy will imítate Barkis and be " willin'." The Postofiice Department has adopt ed a new design for postal cards, which will soon be issued. On the upper hand corner is the monogram " U. S.," across which, in a scroll, are the the words ' Postal Card." On the upper right hand corner is the stsiup, nearly square, iustead of elliptical, the sides of the stamp beiñg composed of faces, and the top and bottom of the band scrolls, the upper one having the legend " U S. Postage," the lower oue, "One Cent." In the center of the stamp is the profile of the Goddess of Liberty. The full report of the Democratie State Convention of Minnesota shows that the contest over the currency plank of the platform was a square one. Ignatius Donnelly was the cbief spokesman of the inflationists, and he offered a substituto platform condeming contraction and calling for the issue of convertible greenbacks in place of the national bank notes. He said that he wanted his resolutiou passed in order to strengthen the hands of the Ohio and Indiana Demócrata. The vote against him was 94 to 42. If ANY of the contesting liquor sellers were sitting in Judge Cochrane's court last Monday evening, pending the argument on the injunction case, they mus' have been greatly, if not agreeably, refreshed by the position taken by one o their attorneys, Mr. F. A. Baker, tha the constitutional provisión prohibiting license was essentially a provisión pro bibiting the sale ; that a license confer a right to do a business illegal withou a license, and that prohibiting license made it impossible for the trafiic to ac. quire a legal status with or without a license. But if this putting themselves and their business "in chancery" was not entirely satisfactory, their spirits must have risen even to the seventh heaven when their aforesaid attorney discussing the design of the framers o the Constiution of 1850 (which contains the clause against which, liquor makers and sellers have so long kicked; said : " All the delegates were agreed that the treasury should be cut loóse from the receipt of moneys coined from the tears and blood of the widows and orphans of the State; that the State should not partake of the wages of iniquity, and should not deseen! from its dignity to the pitiful level of taking so mueh per man for the pursuit of a trade it condemned by the very act." All of which attorney Baker being the mouthpiece of the liquor sellers who seek unrestrained &nd untaxed as well as unlicensed trafiic, sounds very much like Satan rebuking sin. - As to a licensed business being illegal without a license or a provisión by statute for li license, would Mr. Baker apply the same rule of construction to theaters, concerts, auctioneers, peddlers, etc, from whom licenses are required ? Senator Christtancy, in an address at Kalamazoo, Mich., on July 3, took a very cheerful view of the future relations of the North and South saying : "I have full faith that the time will yet come when we shall all be influenced by like national motives, seeking the like national ends, as one common brotherhood ; and when the southerners will see, what most of us and many of them now see, that the result of the civil war which they telt as a defeat, and we as a victory (the abolition of slavery), will be there and everywhere recognis as a grwater blessing and more advantageouB to them than to us; that their fiual defeat was their greateat victory; that they have got rid of the great evils which retarded their prosperity, depraved and degraded their people, cramped their enterprise, and checked their progress ; that both races have been emancipated instoad of one, and that we have fought the battle alike for both." Reports from Kansas and Missouri indicate twot-thirds of the corn erop in the región visited by grasshoppers. A singular feature is that in the section visited by the insects a new kind ot buffalo grass is spring up, and the farmers are greatly excited. In Arkansas the prospect! indicate the best crups ver known in the State. '


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