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The Faithful Three--baistow, Jewell, And Pierrepont

The Faithful Three--baistow, Jewell, And Pierrepont image
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The Washington Correspondence oí' he Chicago Time says : lt is a queer oincideuce that the reform members of' jxrant's cabinet, Bristow, Jewell, and 'ierrepont, should be the only ones to emain at their posts of duty this Summer. It is an open rebuke without words, to their vagabond associates who are at present, cruising after the cool hades and lovely wonien of the waterng places. The three that remain here vork hard. Jewell strips off his coat and vest durnsr these hot days in his office. The isitor tiinla this white-headed, florid, )usiness-looking man, perspiring in a well diatuonded shiit and a pair of light roueers. Siuce the hot weather it has een discovered that Jewell is not roud He does not wear shirts that pen behiud. He is very fgnd of his igar, but as he has issued an order to lis subordinates that there ehall be no moking during office hours, he closely dheres to it himself. But the minute o'clock approaches, Jewell catches up huge Havaua, and the moment the ock strikes, he strikes a light, and lows a blue cloud of intense enjoyment s a reward for his six hours of self-deial. Pierrepont, who i fnlly as ! ons as ony of the three, does not apparently euffei trom the beat. You Tisit him when the thermometer is 102 in the shade and you find him cool and oalm. His linen is white and stiffly starched. He is always ino9t caretully dresseri, and has the rejjutation of having never perspired since he was a young man. Bristow has moved his office around to the south side of the Treasury building, in a room that has such a draught through it that a young galo enters every minute. He is so phlegmatic that nothing iu the way of marnier could ever annoy him. He works very steadily and is rarely ever absent trom the office.


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