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Agricultura! Insurance Company. "Watehtown, N. T., May 3th, 1875. H. W. Hajtd, Esq , Dkae Sie : Tours, enclosing copy of the Michigan Abgus of June 18th, 1876, is receivnd, in which I find the tollowing article, purporting to be copied from the N. Y. Journal of Commerce : " A house owner took a policy in the Agriultural Iuaurance Company of Watertown, ri. Y., stating to the agent that the aiza of his house was 28x30, though ho was not at home, and was not aure about this, the agent verbally promised that he should not be held atrtctly to the statement. The policy, however, stipulated that all statements were warranties, and the house being in faut 20x29, wheu it was burned down the Company retused to pay, and the Supreme Court held them not bound." The above articlos is untrue in every respect This Company never had a lawsuit, where the size of the building destroyed, was brought into the case. I have been conuected with the Company bince lts organizatiou, now over tweutj'-two years, and have been in a positiou to know if any such case had occurred. There is no name of party, or date or locatxou of the action giveu, and no Supreme Court or Judge, in all human probability, could be found who would make so ridiculous and unjust a decisión. Theretore, it bears upon ita face lts utter want of truth, and like many other stories circulated the past year, is undoubtedly the vile productiou of some malignant cuinpetitor, tor the purpose of injuring the character and standing of thiö Company. You eau give an unequivocal rienial to the falsehood and defy prooi'. Yüurs Tiuty, ISAAC MUNSON, Sec'y. Wool Time Again. Now as wool time is around again on herannual tour, and that time has promised me mouey, I want every man that owes me to tuake the quickest time on record to pay me the amount due. You have had my goods ; now I am aft er the pay. Your asking more time, on account of poor cropa or low prices, will do you no good, and ia of no use to me- it don't pay my debts, nor buy my bread andbutter. Now I mean business, and just thia kind of bueineaa too, because there is but very little of any other kind, and thia must be attended to without delay. Give this cali your early attention, or the next cali will be delivered to yon at your door, or any other place wliere you may be found. 1536 ml M. ROQKRS. Letters from Driiffiristfl. There is no case of Dyspepsla that Green 's August Flower will not cure. Come to the Drug Store ofEberbach & Co. and inquire baout it. If you suffer from Costiveness, Sick Headache, Sour Stomach, Indigestión, Liver Complaiut, or derangement of tht' .Stomach or Liver, try it. Two or tliree doses will relieve you. Boschee's Germán Syrup is now sold in every town and city iu the United States. We have not less than fivo hundred letters from Druggists, saying it is tho best medicine they ever sold ftr Consumption, Throat or Lung diseaae. Sninplc bottles of both 10 cents eacli. Regular size 7fl oeata, THE AMN ARBOR SAVIItfGS BANK Ann Arbor, JNXichigiin. Reoeirea deposits of One Dollar and upwards anc alluws Fivo per cent. Interest OQ all deposite remuining three mouths or longer. Interest Compoiinded 8eml-AnnuaIiy. Also buys and sells U.S. Bonds. liohl, Zilver and Interest Coupons, aud New York, Oetroit and Chicago Kxcbauge. Also sells Stght ■ Drafts on (ïrkat IíiíItain, Irkland, Germany, or any other part of tho Europcan Continent. This Bank is organlzed under the General Banking Law of this State. The Stockholders are individually Hable to the amount of their stock, and the whole capital is security for depositors, while with Banks of issue, the capital Is invested for the security of bill-holders. This fact makes this Instltution a very safe depository of monies. Married Wunien eau deposlt suliject to their own drafts only. ídoiiey to Loan on ipproved Se uritles. DIRECTORS: S. Smith, C. Mack, W. W. Winks, R. A. Bral, W. D. Harkiman. D. Hiscock, W. DsüBEL. OFFICEKS : R. S. Smitii, Pres't. C. Mack, Vico-Pres't. C. E. Hiscock, Teller.


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