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Ann Ahboh, Thuukpat, July lü, 1875. Beanb - $1.40. per. bu. Raspberbieb- 13e. BUTTER- 16C. Beef- J6'#7 Der hundred. (Jorn - 50íí60c. per bu. Chickens - Dressed 13c. Eggs - Command 13c. Hat - Jlüfcylöper ton, according to qualitjr. Laiid - The market stands at 16c. üatb- 45C4-18c. Pouk - $7.00 K7.6O per hundred. Potatoip- New, $.90@l 00. TuiiNlPS- 25(qi35c. Wheat- White, 1.M@1.18. WEEKLY MARKET UEVIEW. lorciirn .flitrkotx. The Mark Latte Express of the 13th aaya that au improved look lor the graiii crops has checked the advance that was taking place in the London market, but that in the country wheat ia Ia2s per qr. dearer, and as the idea of having an equal to last year ia given up, and stocks decreaae, there ia plenty of room for a further rise. The damage to crops by the floods in France has caused a rise of l2s on wheat. Eastern Market. There are no changes to note in prices of staple domestic producía. Gold ia lower by about 2c than at last report. If this decline is in auticipation of a return to a specie standard, all imported goods will be effected by it. The eastern lire stock markets are all tirm, and stocks we 11 taken, but with little, if any, advaaee in priceB. Wool ia unchanged. Corps in tlie State. Harvesting has begun in aome sections, aud with favorable weather, will be quite general during tlie week on the line of the Central road, and aouth. Oats, corn, aud potatoea, all promiae large yield. Barley also has special meution aa having a large growth aud a larger average thau uaual. The potato bug ia much leas destructivo than for aome years past. Th e fruit erop will tare badly in ïnany places, and counot be easily .summarised. From somewhat extended reporta in the Detroit Free Press from pointe in the State, the following table ia compiled as to the state of the wheat erop. The average ia put at 100, and the figures placed against the localitiea named represent the probable per cent of yield as compared with the average. The table ia a follows: Allegan Co., 110 Livingston Co., 100 Holland, 100 Macomb Co., 7Oa80 Barry Co., 100 Mecosta Cd., 100 Prairieville, 110 Monroe., 76 Benzie Co„ 90 Oakland Co - Branch Co., 110 Burmingham, 80 Calhoun Co , 66 Milford, 50 CasB Co., 66 Orion, 50 Clinton Co., 100 Walled Lakc, 75 Eagle tp., 50 Osceola Co., 100 Eiley tp., 65 Ottawa Co., 90 Eaton Co. (18 bu.), 80 Saginaw Co., 100 Genese Co. - St. Joseph Co - Fenton, 66 White Pigeon, 66 Flint, 100 Sturgia, 60 Hillsdale Co., 66 Three Rivors, 75 Huron Co., 100 Tuscola Co., 100 Ingham Co - Van Buren Co., 100 3 towns, 100 Washtenaw Co.- Lanaing, 66 Aun Arbor, 100 Jackson Co., 50a66 Manchester, 00 Kalamuzoo Co., 66a75 Chelsea, 60 Kent Co., 100 Ypsilant!, 50a66 Lapeer, Co., 80 Wayue Co., 66 The foregoing averages are in most cases coutained in the reports from which the tabie is compiled, but in some iustanceg they are estimates based upon general statements. They show many strikiug discrepancies in coutiguous or nearly adjacent localities. Multiplying the 43 points named by 100, gives a total aver - age of 4,300, while the aggregate of t ie estimates gives 3,489, or about one-quarter lesa thau the usual average. Last years yield, however, was fully 10 per cent. above the average, which uhould also bo tuknn iuto account in cHtimatmg the probable differouco between last year and this. Detroit Markets. Wheat advanoed the first of the week, extra sellmg at $1 31, No. 1 at Í1 30, aud amber ut tl 231-2. Corn, 71a73. Oats, 58a60. Butter in iull supply at 18al9. Egs easier at 17. Monday's cattle market was weak, with prices teudmg downward. But butchers' cattle are quoted at Kiug's cattle yards at ï4 50aj5 50, with Btockers and packers at Í3af 3 50. Prices at the Central yards were a shade better Sheep per cwt., 1 3 50a$4.


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