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One of the most high-handed attempts at robbcry that has ever occiirrod iu Illinois look placo at Long Poiut, a station on tha Vandalia railrond, on tho nigbt of the 8th inst. The dispatchesto the Chicago papers givo the following particular s of tho aiVair : As train No. 5, eastward bonud, in charge of Conductor Fndey and Koginoer Milo Ames, came up to Long Point station for water, two men bourdod tlie locomotivo, ono from each sido, and said to tho engineer : "Pull out!" Tho enginoer was at fitst eomewhat bewildcred, when they said again, "Pull out!" At this ho, seeming to oomprehend the sitiiation, said : " All right, 111 pull out." Tho men then said : " Wfl will run the tlmig onrsolves," and at that both of tlio robbers flrod. One of the shots killed the enginoer instantly, and tho other lodged in the cab. The fil'enjan, wh'ü was on tho tank taking m -water, immediatoly jumped and rau to the rcar of the train, to notify the train-men, ho having heard the conversation and comprehonding tho sittiatiou. Wurinpj these proceediaga at tho sngino, a confedérate had dotached the Ada nis Espress paf, and thoy then, pulling tho engino witte open, ran her about two miles east and stopped, blowing "off brotes" to deoeivo the expres inessenger. They then cju&é lo tho door of tho car and said : " Let me in. Jack." He ropln-d to thom : " You s -s of b - s, I'm roady for you ! Il' you ever cüiih1 in hero, you are dead meu !" Tho robbers then comini'ncod iiring into the car. The mossenger, Burke, said it seemed to trim that títere viere a dozen of thein, as the shots seemed to come from uil diroctiofift Tlie conductor and train-men, after the shots ere lired, saw the situation of afflwrs, and at once set abont to pursue the robbers. They could only flnd one revolver on tho train, but found two soldierá on board a car, who were axmod witli carbiuos. AVith thoHe weapons the train nien and the two soldierR starled in pursuit of the train and robbers, but wheB Ihoy tyime uj) to the train all was quiet, the rotibors having iled. They found tlie aagHieet in thu bottom of his cab, cold and sti it". There chanced to be a freight enginoer, Jack Vanelo, on the tram, and he, wiüx the ftreinan, immodiutcly ran the ongino back to the tnüii, and brought it in. Tho robbers failed to get any entranco wbwtever into the oxpress car, it benig cue oí the close kind, nnd having no windows, and very strong ovory way. liad fliey detacliinl tho American Express car also, whieh was iinnKHÜately in tlie rear of the Adams, thoy would undoubh'dly have accomiilished thoir object, as it was an opeq car, having windows, and the doors not very strong. Engineer Auies was one of tlio best enginocra on the rood,, about !!!" yeara i old, and had been marriod but a short time. The robben who lxarded the locomotivo wore long linen dusters. Conductor Fraley, and all the (rammen, in fact, did all they could onder tho eirenmstancos.


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