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Perilous Descent Of A Female Aeronaut

Perilous Descent Of A Female Aeronaut image
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A l'hüu'lclpliiü dispateli s:iys: "l'roí. Jolm Wisc Iws 45&J ascensión today. JolïO Wis;', lús grandson, and 31s:i Lizio Ilriióg) tho Professor nieoo, ale made aspensions. Miss fblinjg was the lirst, d aaoeuJ, and wlicn :;ho lia,d j-caclicd aboot 3)000 foet iu th( dr, two miles from tlio startiQjg-plluse, tho batjUíon burei, and waa fewn from tka top to Uie valvc The gas catne out in snch quantitirsas to ooinplctoly OVérpowet MÍ8S Ihliiifí, and shfl f(ll into the liottom if tho basket insensible. 8he lay thorc, and tlii! balloon feil to the gronnd. Tlio lady was badly injurod but not killed. Whcn the balloon was lirstseen, it spun acollad with íeari'ul Te.loeity, nnd tho gas-bag fell ovor tlie sido. Tho parachute arrangement attac.hed lo the lulloon is what saved the yovuig lady from being dashed to pieces." Gen, Lonustbeet, of Louiaiana, is makiiif? a tiip tlirowgh the Canudas,


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