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'hoppers And Humanity

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From the report of the State Rsliof Committee of Kansas, which has just been published, we have ovidence of how abundantly the peoplo of this country responded to the ery for help whieh rose from that región of Kansas devastat'(1 by the glasshoppers last year. Twen'ty thousand persons of that State wfete left, if öot destitute, at least nrgentíy in ii(;ecl of assistance, mui by the charity of their fellow beings throughout the states were enabletl to pass a sovere winter in tolerable comfort. The cash receivcd md expended by the icommittee mi 74,000, and the money valne of the goods contributed apjiroximated Slfil,000, making ín all about (235,000. The oontributdons camo from twfiity-niiKi BtatOs and Territories. In cash donations California heads the list of Ktates, having given $20,000. In goods, Illinois was firat, having contributed to the valuo of $53,000. In goods and merohandise Iowa gavo íSÍOjTOO ; Ohio, S'21,500; Indiana, $20,800; New York, $12,900; Massachusetts, 911,000; Pennsylvania, 810,300; and Missouri, $7,100. The Bupplies are cstimatcd at 265 car loads, in 11,000 separate packages, equaling in weightallthe merchandise shipped to the State during the time of suiïVring. Contributions' of other kinds iris acknowledged, for instance: S'20,000 wortii of army clothing sentinto t)u( alllicted district liy order of the President; .$75.000 worth of army rations issued ly odiecrs under direction of Congress, wifh contributions made direct to oertain counties, and the freight on relief goods which were carried freo by the railroadR and must havo been a iving in the. neighborhood of $100,000, Of the ]rivate contributions of money and goods made direct to sufferers, tlu committee has, oí' oocuws, uo account, bilt if the aggregato were added to the suins acknowledged publicly, the total would moke a magnificent showing, creditable in the highest degree toman 's humauity to man, which makescountless thousiuiuK


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