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A Lawyer's Suit

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Say, Muy, maait theu sympathlze Witli one whose hoari Ib bloeding, Cotnpelletl to wake frotn lovea young dreal i, And ta)! to special pleadingT F tr pinoê t lont my snit to yon, I oare not now a froction Abnul thoso tíreeome BTrfts at )nw, riK'wi' Benselewi fortua of ttction. Bul in my loiHíly ohamber oft, wiiun ollents leavo me leisttK, In mufiíiKH d'er departed Joya I fl nti u monruful pieasnre, How wel! T kflOTf ppot whon first' i ;r chai i'nrm plhereal, líui nli ! In transitory thiimrfg Tlit Tenu.'p uot material. Aml ren din f Archbold'H practico uow, ] Bcarce w UbTé 'ti true, IW T ootlld BOt my lunrt upOU An arch-boltl girl lik you. Bni UxeB, thai brighi ble eye wout fortli A most anerri&ig dart, Which, lik'1 i special papiae, modo A prieonoroi my hoart, And in the weakn8 of my h&art, Ooe fatal, long racaüon. I pavo n pledge to pposecnte And ñled my deolarftilon. At flist, vuur t-j i k i ï i j í Mine U plead (ivf bope f ur my í''lioityf TLic doitbtfitl nogative you spolft, Beemed bad for Ua duplioiiy And til ■ Ji Ihy hliish BO clojirly W 9X&' 3 Xo pardon my trnníír'SHJi'ii, I iiinnght i wíih abeut to snap A jmJx'ü'nt by coiii'efsiou. lint Booa I lf-arne.i (moet fatal irutli), How rashly i bjad oounted, For aoit-aseumpeit was the pica To wliich it ill ainnniUed. Doreifful muid, another pwain Was theo belovedby tbee, The piviVn neo ymi gwe to liiiu Waa Irimdukiil to nio. Ah ! whon we tora (ao Shakespeare nayn) Bad luclv íh stirc to liavo os, Tho couxse of taras Ioyo novor ran Without Fume npccial traverse. Say, vrhat indncemeut oould you havo To act ao base a partí Without this, that yon anoited on me, I iio'cr had lost my licart. My rival I was donmed to ri A lmsb:in'.í"H righfca awert, And now 'tin wrong to think oí you, Fox you're a fommo covert. Wheo lanl I saw your smi and belr, 'lVaf -wnriuwooil fora lover- For thrii tlit pli a oí infaney My hcart could not get over. I kiased tho little brat and aaid, Muco liappincKs I wish you; But O ! I feft lio was to mo An ínimatcrial issue. Mary, adicul FU moura no more, Nor pen pathetlo dittieH ; My pleadíng mi of no avail, And so 111 stick to Chitty'e.


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