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New Postal Regulation

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Peoplo wlao writo letters and mail newspapois to heir frieuds the " wjáe world over," will Jthid aoraotkirig to interest thom ín tbc following change iu postal regulatkms which havo of lato been made: The department is prepareé to commenoc the issue of postage stampa of the donomüaation of five (5) cents, to meet the new letter-zate of postage, talder the treaty of Beme, to the followiug couutries, viz: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark (ineluding loeland and tho Faroo islamls), Egypt, Spain (mcluding the Éeleario isles, the Canary islands, the Spanish posessiona ou the northern ooast of África, and the postal establislimonts of Spain upon the western ooaat of Morocco), Great Britoki (ineluding the Mand of ]liilta), Greeoo, Italy, Luxemberg, Norway, öie Nëtherlauds, Portugal (includiiig the island of Madeira and theAzore), Kouvnanui, Bnssiii(meluding the GraudDuchy of Finland), Servia, tíweden, Switzcrland, and Tnrkey. The chang(iH in foreign postage will render mmecessary further issue of the 7, 12, and 24 cent stampa and stamped envelopes, and they will accordingly be discontinued. In order to avoid the liability to mistake oalised by the near sim'ilarity in color betweén the 2-cent and 10-cent stomps, the former will in fataro be printed iu venniUion, the color of Uw discontinued 7-0ent stamp, The department will dso issue a rerised sohedulo of stampod envelopeè, to take effect outHe lstof .Tuly. Among the ohanges, all of nich need uot be here specifled, as they will appear fully iu the schedule, íh the addition of 5-eent envelopos, in suiüible sizes and qualities for foreign postage. There will also be , added, in appropriate d(!uominations, a new size of ewelopes, lij; by 57 inches, to be designated as No. 4J commercial. ! The new size is a medium" between the I full letter and extra letter, and is well adapted to business requirements. The attentiou of the public is eapeoMly invited to it.


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