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Meeting Of Brothers After Forty-five Years

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Tlio Oortland Republican has an account of the stnuigo meeting of two brothers nitor a prolongad separatioii. It says : " About sixty yeass ngo, Mr. Ilichard Almy, Uien living in Kast Homer, had his wife's brother, Johi Wright, mmo from Schoharie connty, to livo with him. John livod with him i imtil lid was twenty ycais old, when he went to work for Gen, Miller, on whut is now the Loring farm, and aftorward for otlicrs. About 1825 ho inducod his brother-, Eliakim, ten years yonnger than himsclf, to como to Homcr. Eliakim lived with Mr. Almy for a whilo and tl ion began to work for othors. Ho worked a ycar for Mr. J. Barbcr, dnring wkich timn lio aidod in diggiug the cellar of his present houso. Ho worked a year for Mr. B. ïubba. In 1827 John leït Homer, liyed several yoars in Lhe wegtorn part of thé Si.ate, and Uien moved to MichiffftD, tvtete he still has bis homo. In 1828 Eliakim wout to live n Oatterftugus county, N. Y., where he I still resides. Í u 1 s;JÓ they lost track of oach othcr. Neithor, howcver, forgot tho other's oxistonce, and both lived on in hope of meeting igaiu. Threo w(M'ks ngo last Monday John left his Micrhigan home for tho Eaet, detormined, if possible, to Qud ]iis biother, from whom he j hiui heard nothing in forty-livo years. j Tho uext. niorning Eliakim started Jrom his New York homo on the samo erraud. Eiicli had decided to come to Homer and iustituto iuquiry. Thoy reached Syracuse witbin two honrsof oaehother. j John took the noon train for Homer, I and Eliakim the eveniug train. Upon making inqniries here, both woro separately direoted to Mrs. St. John, their noice. Neither of thom knew that sh(! was hero. They called tipon her, and tho next morning she had tho pleasuro ! of introducing them to each other. The meeting, as may be readily imagined, was an allecting one."


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