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A Bottomless Pit

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A correspondent of tho Atlanta (Ga. ) JIcrald tells a very remarkabïo story of death in a qnagmire ncar Marshallville, (eovgia. Afarmei-, wIioho wifo with lier infant ohild had gono forth in tho morning to soarcli for a favorito cow in a swanip, became alarmedat herprolongod absence, vcrased the neighborhood and began a soíitcIi. Over a woil-knowu qnagmire in the middlo of the swamp was fonnd a pieoe of the missing woman's drese, and tho rarífico of tho f-lough was brokea and depressed, showing that somobody had fallen in and had been struggling. A pole twclvo or iifteen feet long was sent down its full length, but nothing could bo feit nor DOlüd the bottoiu be rcaeh(l. Auother rod, longer than tlio iirst, was then fastened to it, and an cx.amination made wíth a like result. Auy f nrther attempt to recover the dead bodios was tborefore deemed uselesa. Tliis quagmire has been known to all tl; occupants of the farm froni its earliost settloment, but never till now has any conceptiou been fonnod of its depth. Pull thirty feet of it has beon soimd}d, yet its lower port, il' any it bas, is still to be fleertauuHl. ïlio maiu diameter of the pit proper, for some fifteen feet down, is about throe aud a half feet.


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