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Protection Against Flies

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"M. W. S.," of Sloansville, N. Y., writes to the New York Tribune : If any information or suggestion can be given which will tend to reduce tlie discomfort arising from the prevalencc of house llies, that information or suggeation will benefit at least one-hali' tlie people of tliia country, particnlarly at tliis season of the year, when the pests ire beiug armed and equippod for the Summer campaign. Ou tliis subject thero are a few things worth publishiug and knowing. One is that thé eggs of flies ai'e never laid or hatched in the house, and scarcely ever in tho shade. There are a few favorita localities where the oggs are deposited, which can be easily discovered. One is npon the lower side and along the main rib of the leaves of cortain kinds of trees and shrnbs. If the loaves curl, and npon examination a mass of minute inseets are found, or color from dusky brown to black, and flies small to full grown are about the tree, one may know that tree or slirub is the hatching-plaee for llies. A smali tree is suffleient to produce millions of them. I have at ditlVrent times been compelled to dig up a beantiful purple-leavcd beebery and an English cherry of the yellow Spanish variety for the reason that they were btfeeding groiuid for liios, and in too close proximity to my house, which they were yearly fiïling with this iiltliy insect. Another favorite place for deisositing their eggs is whore the fiow from a sink is allowed to stand and grow putrid on tlu; surface of the ground. Whero favorite food is furnishod them aud light is freely admitted thry will be attracted a long way, but in diiiiiifi-rooins 9na liif chciis all sweet and moist food .shonld ba s;cnred as soou as the table is left by the family and tho light cxchided. If these fewsuggestionsniv hcedod the antlOyanoe of flies and tho consequent reputation of a slovenly house can be aaaily avtided to a great extent. ïhis will pay good interest, Hrst in a reputatioi) for cleanliness, and secondly in beiug relioved of a nuisanco which is of ton past human endurance.


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