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Names Of Great Lakes

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A writer in tho CTêTBlfllid lí( rnhl iays : Tho mimos of the ttflfBS seem to Oe determiued in spitti of efïort, mul aie jouerally Indian names. The lirst dis joyerer of Ontario called it "tít. Louis ;" tho aftor early Freueh called it " Frontenac," aftcr the Governor, W&O was not nnwilHiig to bc romplimented, bntitwas iftcr " Ontario or Fronteiute. " The Enjlish., as they Jirst claitned dominion, jatled it " Katiirakui, or Ontario" (Wushnpfton'H Journal) ; Mitchell, " Ontario ar Oatarakui ;" and Pownnïl Afl siiiip ; but tho name Ontario was always u.s;d. Hurón was named i'rojn the uiifort unito tribc on its ffhöre wHën it was Brst iliKcovi'fcd, " 9ès Hurons," of tlie Knrons. Fxpaa Unnuius, 170(5, and Do L'Isl(!, 17U, it i-eceiveil the :ilin of " Michigan ;" Hennepiu, in ÍC98, nml Ooxe, in 1721, called it " Ifuron, or Kareiiondi,'' Wa.shinKton'.s Jounial in 1 75-i, " Ouatoiihi, ov Hurón." No olie of the Jabea ho unifonnly ree úved tlie same name. Lako Michigan, persistently called at first "Illinois," was called in 1719 " Michigan," by Sener, in 1744, by Churlevoix, and it contiuned goueraily after this to have that name. Buperiof, called by Ohamplain, its first topographer, " (íiand Lac," was nanuül by the Jemiits in their wonderful map "Traey," or "Huperior.." Cullcd by the English Soner in 1719 and Coxo in 1721, au au alias, after tho Nadoussians (Sioux) on its shore, it uuiformly had bom the time of the Jesuit map its present name, with oeeasionally in early maps the name Tracy. Lako Erié reoèiVéu its name i'rom the Eries on its bank, and uuiformly had that name. The tribö was othervine called the Cat nation, whence the lake had Kometimes the alias of "the Cat," " l''clis," "Du Chat." SeBer in 171!) oallod it alKo "Cadaragua," the name Koüietimes given to Ontario. Washiugton's Journal, Mitchell and l'owuail called it also Okswego. Tiin Intelligent Compositor buildod better thau he knew when lie made a news paragraph read that "13 Illinois raüroads are in the hauds of deoeivers." The populntion of lnluihis a litt'e over 2,900- being a eJmnkage of 2,000 Hinoe 1872.


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