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CONTINENTAL UFE INSURANCE CO, Annual Statement, .1 M Mil 1, ISTSa AffDi;il:itt(l Assets, - $6,555,828 MabUItleí, including reserve 5,843,846 Surplus belonglngioPolIcy hold'rs 711,982 Animal Income, - 2,820,313 Aninunt of lnsiirante in forre, $54,998,941 Tlirty dsiys of sracc nllowed on l'uj Viifikt of Kencwala. No restriction on Travel. Prcmpt arid liberal in p;iymeut of chuma. Claims paid in 1874, $600,000. Totnl doath claims paid in last eight years, 3,OOO,OOO, . A. WATKINS, 1538 No. 10 Bank Block, Detroit, Manager for Michigan. JOHN SEARS, Dist. Ag't, Ann Arbor, Mich. lENEKAL, LAW AND BUSINESS HOOT & GRAXOER, having secured the excluRÜOT'S ABSTRACT REC0K1) BOOKS for the countv of Waohtenaw, which they have careflllly reráod, poted and pclíecttd, and huvi ifr, witii an extensive auü reliable correspondence, opeDed i General Business Agency ttt No. 6 West Hurón Street, in the city of Ann Arbor, will atteud promptly to the sale, purchabe and toanng of reiil estáte, the loaninf; of money, QolleOtions.negOtiatiQÁK, contracting and conveyanoing, Life and Pire InsnranoM, and to the praetice ut Law in the variuus Courts oí this State. Aun Arbor, May 1, 1475. TRA.CY W. ROOT, B. P. GRANOER. WLLLIN(i IOlSi:s FOR SALE. A lurgeand very well bnilt brick house, with two 01 :uove lot. Two l:irfe fraraed housea. Also n good sized brick house and frame ; and i small tr.tine htmse on a good lot. intended for adlmir a front. For sale on fair tercas and a reasonatjie oredit. Alsoot her builrtings, lots, and property. MOÑEY WANTKU-Sn many wihhing .(, borrow mnncy spplj to me that I can readily jbtmn for (tiiders good satisfactory invcstmentu at .en per cent, .nterest. E. w. M0E(JAN. Ann Arbor, Aoril 23, 1873. M23tf HsJ r 5 r ? tó H & OQ JE i 5 d „6 'is Lm pj Q r o - i " O a g K I o 1 8 g =5 J i 3 w L L H S r P - S _ v A Lecture ÊSP TO YOUNG MEN, Just PublUked, in a Statsd Envelope. Price six reñís A Lecture ou tlie Nutiirelreuimeni, and Radicnl cure 'of Seminal Weaknesa, or 9permatorrhupa, induced by Self-Abnse, Involuntury Emisaions, Impotency, Nervous Debihty and Impedimnts to Marriage ; Consuiption, Epilepsy and Fits; Mental anti Physical IufHpacity, &n - By IIOBERT J. CULVER WKLL, M. D., autlior of tbe " Green Book," &c. The wtr]d-renowued authoi-, in this admirable Lecture, clearly provee fvom hie own exponence that the awful consequenceB of Öelt-Abuse may be eflectunliy removed without medicine, and without dat:gerous surgical opera tion, bougies, inBtrumentB, nnga or oordials ; pointing out a mode of cure at once certaiu and effectual, by which evry suíFerer, no mutter what his condition may be, may cure hlmself cheaply , pri vately and rad icall j . JtS-Thi Lscture itrill prove o boon to thousands and ttuusa7ids. Sent under seal. in a plitiu envelope, to nny nddresa, pnsl-paid, ou receipt ot six cents or two poft age stampa. Addres the Publiphers, CHAS. J. C. KLIXfi & CO.. 127 Bowery, New York ; Post Office Box 4S86. Fop Sale Gheap. The sub.soriber offers for sale his HOTTSE A1TD LOTS p on West Huron street, next west of S. l. Jewett'a rtsidence. The house is me of the best, and pleasantest, for the size, in the city. Will be sold tor $5(K' les t'ian cost. 1-or partlciüftTi ftpply to John N. Gott, or 15J0 A. D. BESIMEfi. PLEASE CALL AND GET The beet Lawn Mowere at Pease's. The most beautiful Plaut Stands at Peast, 2 new Ferueries and Ferns at Pease'H. The beat Refrigera tors in America at Pease's. Cali and see the new Lever Clothea Wringer at Pease's. 40 reaaonfi for using Keed's Carpet Sweeper at Pease's. Wire Cloth for Screens, at Fease's. Water Coolers - shop mado, at Peaae's. "Water Filter's of metal, neat, conveuient and durable at ease's. Toilet !-etB of Galvanizeliron everlasting, at Pease's. Wire Archea, for Centerpiecea, or walks, madt1 at Pease's. Bath Tubs- Famiiy, Sitz, rmiige snd Cl-ildV, at 1'eaBe's. 'arm Toola at Pease's. üverything resonable at Pease'B, (Í. J. PE.ISE, 4t H. nniu st. 3F1 A333E1.XO . ROOFIíC. CHIS ROOFING 18 DURABLE AND WATER l'ROOF; VF.UY FLEXIBLE; FAK BETTEE THAN ZIN'C TO STOP LHAKS AUOUNU CHIMNEY8 AND (JONNEOTIONS HKTWEKN WOOD aud BHICK. This Roofing has becn n nse flv years nn is the best in use ! ROOFING PAINT! This paint will preserve shingleii roofs nn inrlel díU; peí iod, and is equitlly adapted to tin or iron roof It is íire and water proof Thia pnint will be put on by the Company ni sold b the gallon, with instructions how to apply the same W No l'oul Tar is nsrd in eilber. We solicit the public patronage. All work will be wananted. AU Communications should be addresaeo1 to the HUTOHINS ROOFING COI'. O. Box 222, ANN ARBOR, MIOHIGA . Residence 4.1 Houlh Thayer Street. 1478 tf The Quality of our Floiir .1IAUU A ISI'KCIAI.TV J. SWIFT fis CO., of the lfttt' flrm of Deabel, Bwift & Co., ofler to the 1-ubiic a lirst cluss brand of Flour. Orders tor FLÓÜR AND FEED! raay be at the Post Office, m OOK Box. marked J. M. Swifl & Co., or at the mili, which will be mude a epecialy. DELXVKKT FRKK- TBRMS CASH. In2ómö f. JU. SWIFT A CO. Mortgage Sale. DSFAUIiT haviug1 been mude in the conditions of n curtuin ïutlfiiiure of uiortgue, bettring date the seventh dny of 'May, A. D. 18Ü7, exccuted by U-otlob Beiaerauil Aniííi iLiriu iieist-r, his wife, of the ciiy of Aua Ajrbar, Oouuty of Wuhtenaw, htute of Michigan, to John Daniel Heinrich, oí the suid city of Aun Arbor, and leeorded u the office of the Register of Doedsoi iaid Conaty ot Wunhtetenaw,on the öth duy of Muy, A. L. 1867, at y o'clock a. m. ot said duy,in liber 37 of niortuges, on page 471. wi.ich suid moitgage was duly assintx! by üttid John Dauiel Heinrich to Jolin G. Gall, on the25th day of May, A. i). Ib7i,and the ïustruraent of assignment thereof, recorded ín said Keyister's on the 13tb dtty of July, A. D. 1871, at 3 o'clock P m. oí BHÍddiy,iii iiUerÜ ot aasignmeuts ot mortgflges, on pwe 173, and which mortKftgfi wita duly assined Dy saíd John ti Liull on the 7 tb ÜHyoi Mareh.A.l). ■874, and the mstrumunt of assiuinent llureoi recorded in said Keyister's office on the 7th day of Marcli, A. 1). 1874, at 4 o'clock p. m. of said dny, in liber 4 of awigBinenta of moxtgaffe8tOO page 243, and there isdue and unpaid on said mort gay e, at the tiate of thi notice tbesum oi iour hunuréd and Beven dollars and flfty six cents, toyerher wiih thirtj dollars hh an at oraey lee, in oase proeeeding siiould be taken toioreclose aaid morlguíie, and no pitjceedingH in luw (ir in equity lm buen inwiituted to recover tUt; debt aecured by said mortguge, or tuiy pari theteot: Notice ia thcrefore hcreby given, that by virtue of the power oi ale continuad in said mortKset 1 8hall, ou Saturlay the muth day of October, A. D. 1875, at ten o'clock iu the foixnoon ofwaidday, bcU at public auctiOD to the hiiiest bidder, the premiaea desoribed IA anid morunura to saiisfy the amount of principa, und intexest, witb tlw eïiarges ot sale and attorney lee of thirtj dolhirs, the premiaes heerinafter dtsciiled, ut tlit Bouth door oi the Court House ia said city ot Ann Arbor, C;iid Öourt iioaftti bfeicg the place ot holding the Circuir Court vithin naid County of Waah enawj, all that purt oí lot numberfour. biock four north, raijjfe six east, that hes northwewterly oí PontiaO Street in the city of Ann Arbor aforewaid, according to Mie i-ecorded plat thereof. Datttd Aun Arbor, July 15th, 1875. LUMaN R.ÖLAW8ON, Asquee ol Moitgae. EnwAhi) R. BliAWBpH, Attoruey for Aseignee. DI8S0LUTI0N. TVTOTIOE isherehy eiven that the cnpartnership Li of Unie & Trnniiin to h mutual consent thia lay dixsolved. Austin K. Hule having sold out his nterestin said lirm. All demanda and nccounts ill be sotll.d at the old stand by our aucceasors, triST11" CO' HALE & TREMAIN. Estáte of Einüy D. R. 8tbbinst Minor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wastehnaw, as. At a Besaion ot the Probtite Court fcr the oountyof Waehtenaw, holden at the Probate uifiee in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tburwday, the tirst day of .Tuly, in the year one thousand eight hundred and Btjreuty-five. Preynt, Noah W. Cheever, .lude of Probate. In the matter of the estáte ot Lrnily I. tt. Stebbns, minor. On reading and fllitig the petition, duly rerifled, of ïSedwwick lean, Guardiun, praying lht hf may be lioented 10 si-Ucerrain real ektate belonging to r-iiiil minor. Thereupon it ia ordered, that Satorday, the thirty flrstday oí Juiy, 1876, at ten n'clock in the forenoon, be ffcsigned for the he;ningot said ptntion, and that the next of kin of said minor, and all other persons inien-ftel in said fttate. are required to itppear at a sewsion oí said oourt. ihen lo br holden ut thu Probnte Office, In 'he city of Ann Arbor anil Miow OftOM. Ü atiy the be, wt tinprayer oí' the petitionei ahouid not bv granted : And it is fnrthe ordei ed that snid petitioner dtivt not:c' to ttie pcrsoiiH intLMat6d in nid "tnl,e, oí the pendency of wad petitjon. nnú bhe hearing thereof, by oauning a oopy of tlii-í order to he pubLishod in the HiicJtigtfM Argus, h newiphper prinlert Hitd oiroalated in s:iid county fonr laooemTe week.previeus Eomiddftj 01 hwunntf. fA truecopy.) ' NOAH W. CHEBVER, I636w4 Jiidg'Of Probate. Mortgage Foreciosure. DEFAULT hitving been mude in the conditiou Of a mortSHge, executed by iutnck and Ntincy Kennedy to tëlijah W. Morman, daten Jatiutiry ftrat, A. D 187Ö, and recorded March flrut, same year, in the Wushtenaw County KepisTe-Ti I Oth'ce, iuliber4G of mortgages, page 435, and uu d to Chrifltian Helber, assignment dated nnd recorded February tweutieth, yt'iiv, in libei 18 of mortgagM, "page SOA, by which delauü tht jiowi-r uí sale theri'iu contained became operativa and the -'in of Four hutidrcd und UmaxU dol' Lar ts claimed h tiow due thereon (including preraiuin paiü fur ifisurfinoe and h rtasonable ttor n-y's i-.-. j and tiiero uro fivcturthei installmentiwith interest t( become J".. and no uuit or prooeedinr;i imviny bent irfhtitudcd to reoorer thi mortirage debt or nnj pnrt thereoi: Notice is fora liereby ttivt-n, tt;ii unid mortHgi' willbr foreeluaed by a sale oí w motígaged ptemiae, oí some part thereof, to wit: [,u numbtr three hik1 foorteen, in biook omnbcr three north. in rangi two eiiwl, in the city of Ann Arbor, at the Courl House in ptaid uiiy, on The fonith day of 8eptembei next, at non,sai(l raortfíJtge was viven to secure th paymént oi the pnrchaxe money lor (he nn-riHpef preTniPH. Ann Arbor, June 1, !H7ft. CHBI8TIAK HKLBER, E. W. Morgan, Aafijrnee. Attorney 1534 Moitgage Sale. Uefatilt haviug oten mude in the condition of a oertain mortgage executed by Wiiliaru llyun o. ,he elevenih day ui April A. D. 1H74, to Mmliu Kyau, exccutor of the last will and tentament ol bidwiird liyun, deceased, which 'oid ruoiigue whc iren to tcuie t);e purotuwe ruont:) ui the preniisottherein dencribed, and recorded m the office ol tlit Etttgiatei oí Deedi in the county oí Wafchtenaw Michigan, in Liber 50 of Mort&Mffes, on pajje 29, und wuich wid mortgage was on the si-codo dny ui November A. D i874,aíiirned by said Martin Bya to Leimhard (iruner, and on thf sameday recoide in tJie otiiw ol the register of Deeda in tht [■((Uiiiy ot' Wnöhtcnitw, in liber 4 oí abaimneiitíuf mortgüceö, on pag 47, uid OB the 24th day ol December A Lj. LS74t i.eonhard Oruner, mmignee a ifor?ö:iid, MHHifiimd the to"W'iilini 1 . Uf ius. whicii ahsii;niueiit wm reoorded on tbe sanie dny va the office ot' Kegister of Deeda in the county oí WaauUmiw, iu ïibur 4, Of assjpuments ol mortsagpw, on page 4tS3, by whicJi deluult the powei ol le contiiined in süí1 morigage bfta ben(íin operativo, on which ïnortgugc there iw claimed to du v th time ol tbia notioe, for interest, ixty dollars and nixtj-eix cents, and aleo Uit' iuitber Bum of thirty doliurs íor an attorney'? lee a provided in Bnid mortgttge. nd no uit or proceudin at law or in equity haring been instituted te recover the ainountdue on Baid mortgH";e or aij parttheTeof: NotiflS Mi therefore, hereoy giveu, that by virtue of the powt-r (1 sale contitined Ïü suid mort ga ff o, I shall sell at public nuction, at the Bouth front door oí the 'ourt House, in tht city oí Aun Albor, (that being the building ir. wuichlhethe Circuit Court for said County ol Wiifsliienaw iw ieldj on the firnt day of Hepteinbei A. D 1875, at ten oclock in the forenoon of that day, the tollowmg premise detcribed in sari mort?age viz: Allo villaje Iota number ftve and ix in block number forty-tive in the village oí' Mnnnheater, county of Washtenaw and State ol Michi gttn, according to the recordad plat thereoJ, or buiuch or such part or pari ther-of aei hhall be try to aiuisfy the tmount due upon naid mortgagc. ]Jati'd June Int, 18"ï. WII.LJAM F. OSIT8, KbeDEBIOS Pibtobic, AflBignee. Att'yfor Assignee. 153S Mortgage feale. DEFAUIl' haviiig been made in thecondidon 0Í tt eertnin mortgage, executed byAlvinJ. Cole, of the city of Aun Arbor, county of YVashtenaw, and State of Michigan, to James Treadwell, erf Dixboro, county of rt'ashtenaw. umi State aforehaid, on thfl eighth day of Jamiary, A. D. oup thouuud eight hundred aud seventy-two, and recorded in the office ot the Register of Oeeds of aaid county the ninth day of January, A. L. 1872, in liber 48 of morlgagea, on paueeight, and there iê now ciaimed to be due on aid mortgage and thtbond Hccompnnyinp the same, the sum of teven hundred aud flfty dollars, also an attorney's fee ot thirty-five dollars, hould imy proceedinga be taken to foreelose said morí gage. and do proceedinga in luw or in equity htiving been had to recover said sum of mouey or any part thereof : Now, theretore, nolice is hereby sjiven that by virtue of the powr ot sale iu said mortgage contained, I shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the thirty-tiiöt day of July ntxt, at two oclock p. m. of said day, at the tront door of the Court House, in the city of A nu Arbor, county aforesaid, bt'ing1 the place oí holding the Circuit Court for said county) all that certain piece or parcol of land situated in the city of Ann Arbor af.iresaid, commencing at a point in the aection lino between section twenty and twonty-'iine. at the northwest corner of land lately owned hy Williara O'Hara, thence northerly aluug the line of (r. Ward's mili mee (ao called) to the sou went corner of said Ward's mili pond . thence easterly nlong tlie south line of suid Ward's mili pond to the south-east corner thereof; thence uoriherly along the east line of sniiï mili pond six roda, to a point parallel with the north wall of the county jail ; thence easterly on a direct line to the jail fence; thence Houlherly ulong the jail fcuce to the south-weBt co ner of the said j:iiï lot ; thense easterly along the Bouth fence of the said jail lot to ihe west line of landsof Mrs. ÜcCourt: theuce suutherly along the west side of said land to the north line of Felch street ; thence westerly on the north line of Feich atreet to the line of the mili race X thence to the place of beginning; reneiving the right of the aaid Ward's grantees to repair the race and pond embankraent, without any marnier oi trespüasing on thelind hereby conveycd ; the laud dehcribed bfcing the tacie Iwnd (exetpt the Htieet) deeded by David l'age and wife to lïemard Harkin, February 1, 1857. DatedMuy 1, 1875. JAMES TBEADWEIh John N. Oott, Mortprfgee. Att'y for Mortgagee. 1529 OrdinaDCe No. 89. An Or dina nee to Prevent Slaughter Housfs wtíhiu the City Li mits, SlBCTiOJ 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Recorder and aldernieu of the city ca Ann Arbor, that it sli all be unlawful for any persoD to.slaughter btieves, sheep or other animáis within the limits of the city of Ann Arbor. Seltion 2. Any violation of the provisión of this ordinanee shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty dollars, nor exceeding one huudred dollars, or by iuiprisonmeut iu the Washtenaw County Jail, for a term not exceeding oinetv days. 8B0TI0M Sectiona tiinoand ten ofan ordinance of said city ontitled " An ordiuance to abate and remove nuiaanees, and preserve health," beingordinauce no. 75, made and naased in Coramon Councl] the fourth day of Maren, A. D. 1872, are hereby repealed. Section 4. This ordinanco shall tako inimediate effect after legal publication. Mftde uní puaed in Common Council thisserenlli day of July, A D. 187ö. EDWARD D. KIXNE, Mayor. William A. LovEjuy, Recorder. Statk of .Mirni'iAN, l cöomtt bp w uhtenaw, j ' City Recordkk' Ovfkk, Ann Arbor, July 7, 1875. I, William A. Lovcjoy, Recorder of tlie city of Anti Arbor, do hereby certify that I havecomparcd the, foregoing copy of au nrdinance with the original ovtinaiioe, passed by the Conimon Couneil of said city, on the seventh day of July, A. D. 1875, and thai it is a correct transcript therefrom, aud of the whole of suofa original. I also certify, that at the same time, the followinp resulution wi8 adoptöd. Resolved, That the Recorder of thia city bo and ia oereby alrected tociuisc the ordiuance this day pasaed, entiilcd, "An ordiuance to prevent Slaughter Houses rithln the city Umltr" to be pupliafied two weeks BuceeasiYely in the Michigan Aryus and '( in,. ■■!. C'Hin't'r awt Family V istia nt, the two oewspapen pablühed in tbia city. William A. Lovkjoy, Recordor. Chíincery Order. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial Circuit - In chancery. Marie J. Root, eomplainint. va Levi H Huynes, Carolina B. Hdynew, Willinm tj. McMullan, Charles H. Walhice, Peter M. Eaton and William N. Iiassett, defendants; snit pending in the Circuit Court for the county of Washtenaw, at Ann Arbor, on the teoth day of July, A. X). 1875. LTpon pruof by attiduvit on ile that the eaid dffenduut. Williftm S. McMull.-ui, resides out of the State of Michigun, and toea u'sule in the Stilte of Pennsylvania, it is on notion of Ffaiaehaa tn Page( soiicitor for paid eornpUinant, ordered that the saiddeiudant, Willfiiii tí. Ale Mullan, appeur in said snit and anawer the bil] of oompwunant thercin, within three uoothH liora t bis date ; and that this order be pubinhed once in each week for pix weeks in succesion in the Michigan Argus, a newapaper published n said county, the first publication to be within wenty days from this date. I. F. LAWRENCE, Circuit Court Com'r, WubteOAW 'o , Mieh. i P. L. Page, ]M9 i Soiicitor for Oomplainant. (cojiyj Chiiucery Notice. ÖTATE OF MICHIGAN" : The Circuit Court for ' O the county of Washtenaw- In Chaneery. ! isther A. AtcKnight, Coinplitinant, vs. Orlanüo 1Í. loKnight, Itsatiaíkotoxiy apntaring , o this Court, by atiidavit, that the dctendiint, Orando H. McKnieht, is not a resident ot this State 1 nit hiB reti(ience is unknown, on motiou of D. ! Uramer, soiicitor for cumpluinant, it is ortiered { hat the defendmit cause his appeurance to be i ered in this cause within threa montha from the ï ate of this order; and that in cuse of ( ng. he cause his auswer to the eomplamant'a bill 0 be íilcd, and a ccpy thereof to be served-on the ompiainaut'a soiicitor within twenty days after ervice of a topy of eaid bill of complaiiit, nd otioeof thia order, and in default thereof, that the lid bill be taken as confensed by said defendant. nditis furtherordexed that within thirty days. ie said compl.'inant cause a copy of this order to e publiahed in the Michigan Argus, n newspaper 1 inted in said county of WatOiteimw, and that the j tlblioation continue at least once a week tor six Tl uecessive weeks, or that ihe Cítuse a copy of thiB 0 rdcr to be ptrsonaliy hei ved on the said deiendant, H1 crordingr to the rules and practica oí this Court. o Dated, July 13th, A. IK ISTr,. , J. F. LAWKENCE, n rcuit Coutt Commissiouer, Washtenaw Cuunty, D Michigan. D. CiiAMKK, Solieitor for Complainant. Mortgage Sale. DEFAfT.T haTing been made in the coodiL. of a cenan, m.irttagi-, executed A j r" and MaTJ Han-is, of the city of Aun Arbor CWT Volland, uf the same place, on the twcntlntv, i of JuBe.intneyew of our Lord on" thouaï Bight hundrod aud sixty-four, and recorded hfn. Registers office In the counti ,.i Wo-Iik-'i,. , State of Michigan, on the ü4ih üav ,f jull . "" 184, In llher S2 of roortgages, on page 442 -wS said mortgage waaduly assigncd i.v Jacob Vr.ii. , to Andrei J.Shtvely, of thecitj and ij.' ,, v" Vork, on i ho iiintli day A August, A. K ihiu wi ? ,aid assigiinicnt til recorded on tlie mmh' iio ■ August. A. ï. 18C4, In Iit.tr3'_ of mortgages ou ,, bil. lliai ih.'rc k ruiw elaimed tu be due u'üon 'S mortgage, and non accompanylng the same tí auui of aleyen hnndred and forty-four 7i.inn?i dollars; alsothirty dollar ai a reasonable attormtf fee, ihoqld any proceedinga be taken to tor, thé ame, and do proeeedlngs having ted, either in law nr eqatly, to recover thenm. urany part thereof. lotice is therefore , KWeu, thatonthe lltb day of September ]■ 'i oclock iu the atlernuon of said ''my attherr door of the Court House. In the city of im Art' (tbat bdng toe place of holding the Circuit I for ald county), and by.rirtue ol the power oi contained in aud mortgage, I hall stil ai ,,„11 auctiou to ilic hlgheat Bidder, the premises d acriDed 11 said mortgage, to fatisfy the amount i principa] and tntereal abore elaimed to bedue iri 1 tlit; charges of sale and attor 11 f v' feeofthirty dollar!' All thoae re ri ai 11 pleees or pan-els oí land situated I the city of Anr Arbor, connty 01 Wabicnw ai 1 sratü aioresald, known boundeel ai'l dem-ribíed n!,,! lows, towit: Belnglota oumbertd nlne üiaaib 10 . In block number ooe 1 , mrth BfHuroninnM and ranp' i eWe 1 1 1 H-t, a 1 oitling h a reeori Í plat of Ann Arbor. Dated June llth, I875. ANDHKW J.SltlVl I.Y Jmiin N. (iht, Aagneol -iuiti:aiee Auoiney for Assignee of Mortgagea ij Mortgage Sale. DEPAT'LT Imvlnu been mude in theconditionsoi a certHin moriese mude inó exeouted by Htr nuin TeatB iind ilaunali Tt'tttH. ol the eityof j," Arbor, WaabteBaw covmty, and Btateof Hje]. ■rnn, to Alonzo Allen, oí Clayville, Oneiiia eountv' Xew Vork. on the Hfteenth iln ol November Á' ' U. 187"2, Hiid ïeiorded 11 tlie orh'ee of the Hegütm of Deecls for the county of Wttshienmv .fdresnii1 the tliird .Ih.v nl DfWmber, A. D. IV. at tui 1 o'eloek and tvrty-üve tninutefi in tlie attmioonui siiid day, in liber 45 of inortgiif-'ew, on pi;ge 23fi 3 on whieh mortt-'iiïe and note uceorapjinying ame there is Bow doe, April Hlteenth. l'75,th.. 4um of one thousund nine Imndiwl and eighty-im dollar, and nomiit or proceedlug hi Ihw hnini been institu ted to recover hmí'í suTti of moneyor nny part thereof : Now. tlurel re. notioe is berebv given, tont by virtne of the power oï sale conüiin in said moriííHKP. I Viall Pel! a: public auctionto the highest bidder, on 8at urd ay , i he BeventeefitÜ day ol Juïy, lÖTft, at two oclock in the nfternoon ol riay, ;it the south dooi of the Court House I city oi1 Ann Aibor, (that being tl, e place oi hL] f.he Circuit (Jourt tor wild oounty ol Wnshtmavj the piemietet dfsoribed in a lid mortgag'e.oi sotnnch thereoi ah will latisfy said mortLagd debt, to gether with interesi and ouata alloved by law.and in attorney fw of twenty-tlve dollars provided f.r therein : That tract oí parcel oí land ileacribedag lot numher ore in b'ook nnmber two uth oí Hurón atr?t, raoef eleven east, in )bc cityofAnn rbor, cnuiity of WMbtenftw and dtateof Michi. ÍÍHU. Dnted ApTÜ 16, l$7ö. ALONZO ALLKX, By Attomey. L6Sfl M'Tttragee. The abuve baUi ia odjourned until thp 2fíth dar of Jiily, 1875, at the -inii' Mme iiüd i!;tce. Anu'Arl.ur, Jiily 17th, L875Mortgrtge 8ale. DEFAULT having been made in the coiiditiocs of a certaiu Indentuie ol mortgafte, beanng date the tiurtith day of Dcierabtr, A. D. ls;a,ex ecuted by James (Joiemanol ttieoity of un Atboi, county of Wiistitcnaw, State 01 Michigan, !q LumaD K. BlawsoD ot the said city of AanArbor, and retoi'ded in the oitice oi the liegisteroi Leeü) tor said county ol WaabteBaw, on the 26th Janiiary, A. D. Iü74, at 3 1-4 o'clock i' m., in bber 4i) of mortage. on page 2 U, and there iadueand unpuid on naid m(rtifa''( at the date ot thiBBOtW, the surn of tlnrty-evt'ii dollar and forty-tlirra cent, rogelher with thirty-üve doblara as a i tor or attoruey lee, in cae pioctedingB should be taken to fmnelCMe tiuü mortgage. Af d noproceedmg ïu iaw ui i i-quiiy bas been instituted toreTer the debl aecurad by naid mortgage orany part thereof. Notice is. therefoie. bereby ;iven, that by virtue at power vi sale in said mortgaee contained, I shaJl. on fiaturdtiy, the rnntli á&y oí Octobnr, A. ï. 187Ö at ten o'cluek in the forenoon of suid day, sell at public auction tu tbe hight bidder, the premiües dwiibed in aaid naurtgage,to atisfytbe amonni of principal und interest with the charges of ale and ittoiuey fee of thitty-fl.e dollara, the premiaea hereiuaiter described, at the southdoorof the Courl HouRein said City of Ann ; Arbor (uanl i uurt House being" theplaceof holding the Circuit Court withinsaid couniy of Waahtnaw) all thoe certiin píeea or parcela of Und desciibed as foLow: Bi ing jou nuuiber eleTen , and twelve in block number three, north of Huim treet, in range number tour tast, aceording Uu recorded plat of the villaje (now city) of Ana i Arbor. Dnted, Au i Arbor, July löth, 1875. LUMAN R. BLAW8OK, Morjiatpniee. Edwarü K. Slawson, Attorney tor Mortgagee, Mortgagtí Sale. DEFAULT ha vin w beeu made in tïie condition OÍ a inorlgage executtd by George W. HaTens and Mary Havens, his wife, to Charles T. Wilmot, til oí the city oí Am. Arboi, MicLigan, datedihe thirteenth da y oí April, A. IJ. 1870, and r on the ílfth day oí May, A. D. 1870, ut two o'tlock in the afteruoon t tlnn day, i n líber 41 of murtgagea, 011 page (ilt, upon whicb mortgage theveii elaimtid to be duo at the dato ot' tina notice tbe suni uf oiie thousnud ñve huudred aud íorty dollars, aud nu muit 01 proct edingu í law having been instituted lo recover (he soortíjaged debt, or uj part thereoí: Notice 13 theieíbre btreby Riven, that on Saturday the twenty-fint day of Atffeufa 1875, at ten oVlock i 11 the foreuoon oí said dav,f shall aell at public auoüun, io tbe highest bidder, at the south door of the Court House iu the city oí Ann Arbor, the moi tgaged premi ei, or so much a will satisiy the ainouut due on such mort gage arnl legal costa and ohtugee of such ale, tosether witban attorney fee uf twenty-live dollars, to vit: Lot numbflr tive, block tiumber eleven in Hiscock'ssddition to the ei y of Ann Arbor, county ot Wn-litenaw and State of Michigan, except fourrwbii width off from the north side of said lot. Dated Anu Arbor. Murch 19, 1S75. 1522-32 CHAULESX. YVILiVK-T, MortLftgee. Mortgage balo. WHEREASWilliamO'HaraandHanoraO'Hara, hiswife.did execute auddeliver to Fredenck Huson, an indenture oí mort.; age, bearing date líw aiuth day ol April, A. D. 1873, on premiset therein described ad all that ceriain piece or parcel oí land sitúate and being ia the city of Aüd Arbor, in the county of WashU'naw aud dtate oi ilicbiKSB. described as folio ws. to wit : Being the etwt threefourths of lot number tliree (3j, iu blode number ne, eouth oí Hurón strect. and rauge oumber two east, aceording to a recorded plat ( í the villaje fnow cityj ot Ann Arbor, whicü aüA mortgage was recorded in the Registers office ior the county of Washteuaw, af oresuid, in hber 4y cf mortgap;on page 382, on the ninth day of April, A. D. IftJ. at 2:40 o'clock p. m., and wliereas default has bten made in the condition of said mortgage, by dod payment of moneys thereby aecuied to be pitó, whezeby the power of sale therein contaÍDed tu beconie operativo, and theie ia now, at the date oí Aúi notice, clainied to be due on said mortgage the aum of eleven hundred and twenty dollars and eighty tour cents, besiderf an attorney fee of thirty dollars, in said mortgage expressly agreed to bs paid as often as any proceeding should be taken to foreclnse the same ; and whereas an adjudic'ioin' bankruptcy has been passed in the District Conrt of the Uuited States tor the Eastern DiBüW Mirhigan, in bankrup cy, a?nip8t the Said Willist O'Hara, since which adjudic;ition the said Willw0 O'hara has deceaaed. Now, therefore, no suit ot proceeding having been instituted at law to recova the debt now rttmuining secured by said mortiTBgï. or any part theruof, and leave having been grantrí by an order of the aforesaid court, on the BeveDtbday 01 June, A. D. i87.", to foreclose said mortgage ;idverti(einent, in pursuance of the statute oi tlw State of Michigan, in such case made and proviaWNotice is hereby given that to gatiofy tbe alore sum due on said mortgage at the date thereoí, wJ interest, and said sum of thirty dollar, attonw fee, and all olher costo and expenses allowea D? law nfter deducting the amount of all rent t shall have been received by the mortgagee, aW iiamed, on account of the mortgaged premiseo under autbority of the aforesaid order, the mortgHLíe will be forecl08ed by a sale oí the roo" vagM premises above described , to the hierheat w der, at the outer south door of the Court HouseJ" theconntyoí Washtenaw, in the city ot Ano Arw in said county (said Court House beinis the p' of holding the Circuit Court withifl the co" in whioh the above descrihed premises w situatedj, on Saturday the fourth day of Sep' bor, A. D. 187.'), at one o'clock in the afternoooDated, Ann Arbor, Juae lOth, A. D. 1S75. FREDJSliICK HU80N. Koot & Grakgicr, Mort?í5íff AttoruoyB ior Mortagee. l5J4tI Mortgage Sale. W HERRAR default has been made in theconáitíoni of acertain indentuie of mortgftge ing daie the econdday of January, A. U. lö '', ecuted by -lames Ooleman, of the city of Aun & bor, County oí Washtenaw, Htate oí" 'u Luther James of Lima. couuty and State aforK! and recorded in the ohïce of the Register of 1 of aaid couuty of Washtenaw, tit 10 o'clodt - ■ on the I8th day of January, a. d. 187-2., in liwr of morteagea, ön page 87, which Pnïd mortLii-re ffR duly aaSued by said .Luther James to Luni" i Blawaon, on the tench day of October, A. 'J aud the instrument of assigumeut thereof rec0. in siiid Liegister's otüfif. ou the 2lst day of ücl0' A. I). 1874. in über 4 oí jwsignments of niorWigj on page 417, and there is due and unpftid on mortgage, at the date ot this notie-, tne.8umajï three huudred and Hfty dolhirB and JgTj cünie, together witli thirty dollars as a eohcitor b attorney tee, in case pim-eedings should " til in to foreclose aid murtgage, and no prooeed v b law or in equity has bren instituted to rec"Af'lebt Bccured by aaid mortgage, or any part tnef Notice ia theretoro hereby given that ty ." uf the power of aale in said mortgage container, shall, on Saturday the niuth day of October, A-Jg Ífí7-, at ten o'clock in tbe toienuon ot saw diiy's. ut public auctiou to the highest bidder tlw pr as described in t-aid mortgage to satisfy the amo ot principal and interest witb the charges oi " ind attoruey fee of thirty dollars, the pr ■ liereiuafter described. at the íouth door oij Dourt Uouse, in said city ot Am Arbor, fsaijp" rt House being the place of holding the Circuit tou rithln Mid county of Wushteuaw), all those crj pieces or pnrcelsof land described as folff'nl,in. Dg lota'Diunbflr eleven and twelve, in bloc ,üDi.r er three north of Hurón ctreet, in nuf ce Hoor east. accurding to a recorded plat oi te " 'uowcity) of Ann Arbor. Díited Aun Arbor, July 15th, 1875. LUMAN H-SAON, Edward R. Slavson, ,39 Attorney for Assignee. Assignee Notice. All persons bavinfi claims against the """„, L. Leiter & Co., and agiiinst Tracy W. ff" ' 0D BODWtad to present tliem to me, and "" J,, „„d wingthe saidparties i re rwjucsti'il to ca ettle. I offer tor sul. . i acre of Umi J=" ffet twervatory ; Alo oi.e rinJivided bwf "id etween Besiiner'8 Retí -nant aud "1? turther [ouse, and other landsii. t ie State, ior i" articulara cali on me. SMITH, Dte4May6,18;5 útd A!


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