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_- The Manchester Enterprise wnnts a mili,.irv rnmpniiy organized iu that villuge. J. H. W. Hyatt, deputy Regiiter of Deeds, I rusticating in the northern part of the State. I _Tlio directora of the Saviuga Buik last ■reek elected H. 0. Dauchy etishier of the _-The next regular session of tlie Circuit foutt will open ou the second JJonday m September. - The profits of the Germán Workingmen's Jociety front their Fourth ut July picnic are !90. ,Dr. A. B. Palmer has been e'ected Dean of the Medical Fnculty of the Utiiversity, vice Dr. Snger resignad. -The Baptists ot IViiinchpster nre arraning (oran excursión to Put-in-Buy, to take place 8 time next month. - Am Arbor sent a car load ot excursion■0 to Detroit on Tuesday in company with ,je excursión party from Jackson. _(ico. Cropsey took his fatnily toWhitmore jike on Wednesday, and spent the duy in the eiisant recreations that pïace affords. _ A barn and two sheds, containing 20 tons (and 100 bushels wheat, belonging to John óith, near Dixboro, was burned Monday. - The pchool board at Dexter have engaged prot. H. E. Krantz, of Wooster, Ohio, as prin.nal of the Union school for the coming year. . - The Ypsilauti Whip Sncket Company [uve had an order lroin a large exporter in York for sockets to send to New Zeald. - The Eastern Michigan Agricultural Süciety wil! hold its next fair on their grounds ,t Ypsilauti, September 28th, 29th, 30th, and Ottober lst. -The reception given by Company B at tijeir armory on Monday evening was well attHided by ladies and gentlemen, aud a good toe was enjoyed. - Hiini;sterfer haa put down a new sidewalk , in front of his stores on Kaïn street, the job Hght have been extended íurther south ( „at (loing any great damage. _ A match game of base ball between the , Bed Stockings, ot Detroit, and Sweepstakes, ;i.i? city - both colored clubs -will be played ■ riiis city uext Monday afternoon. - liichard Roach, oí Xorthfield, is going to iive a new house upon his farm, a portion of tmber for which left the city Monday I inn by mne teams in a procession. -Jtff Davis is agun in trouble with Chas i; l;tv. He nas caused his arrest for abuse i-J threats nu his life, and the trial will take ■hnon Sstordfty Jeff says he doesn't want Bkill Holliday, but he must keep h raouth - The Uniün School building at Chelsea is Biidergoin a thoroush overhaulinf; ; the present building is to be newly finished off, and itere is tobe an aúdition built on the south ■dt, 36x38 feet. - The wool mirket has been rather dull the past week, with prioes Blightly declining. Bach & Abel have taken in between (5,000 and ;,OtXllbs. The woel iu this vicinity has been tearlyall boiight. - Ayounp: boy about six yekrs ot' aLre, son of M. W. Bttllock oí the towu ot Putnam, Liv:' 11 cotraty, feil frora the buggy wlule ridai2 with his tather and mother last week( tan'ht his arm m tlie Bpokes of the wkeel, and hl t broken. -Mdlle's. Piittee and Baker, a couple ot simplis ik pace, who a few weeks siuce emiiiated to this city froni Ypsüimti, packed up ileirduds Monday and returued to Ypailauti. In their exit they forgd to pay tbeir rent, lor rhich theii piano wus attached ut the Expres8 office. -Nine boy went up to Dexter on Tuesday, and playee! r pime ot base b;:ll with the club of that place. They suffered a defeut the icore standing 1G tn 9. The club trom thU tity was hut a temporary organization, its members having never plnyed together before, noteven for practica. - Justice McMahon waa attacked with cholera Tnorbus, while u])on the streets on Wednesday, and was unable to reach his home. A im.-k pieked him np mr.l carried him tuhie house. He suffered froTO a relapse shortír tit'ttr and beoame as cold as ice. He has boen improving since, and under the care of Ilr. Srmth will probabiy he ont eoon. - The plans tor the hhw University líospita. are approaching compietion, and the work ol luik. u,r will soon be couiuienced. The plans provide tor two wings to the o'.d honpiU, oue ward and twenty-four beds iii each, Mth a few private rooms. Tlie extenial appeamuce will be nrat, nnd tlie internal accomuodations ot the most perfect kind to be procured md keep withm tïie uppropri.ition. - Mr. E. B. W-.cks started for the country in companv with bis son, Wertncsday ntorning carrying witli tliem Bome scytfies in their wagon. Before getting cut ot the city a horse attached to a carriage became frightened, at the (team wbistle of oue of the machine shops, ud run into them. The result was that Mr. Wiclis was slightly cut in one of his legs by me of the scythes, and hls son a little bruised. -The house of John Schueider, in Scio, iour miles west ot Aun Arbor, was struck by l'ííhtriing while the famüy of six were aittiug t suppor Thurfday eveniug, the current coming in at the front door, passing near the table ad out at the rear of the house, tearing the back wall all to pieces. Portions of the wall ere carried to the tops of trees rods away. The family wure stunned by not serïoufly mured. -On the uight of tho Hth inst, the house tf Darius Pierce, one mile east ot Chelsea, was 'ntered by burglars, who escaped with Í100 in money and a valuable silver watch bolonging 'o Mr. Pierce. Uu the same night the house f Thomas Sears was eutered by a burglar ho choked a colored woman residing in the hmlly, oud escaped after havmg aroused the lamily, without booty. No clue to the burglars Í3 yet obtained. - At the Catholic Church during the past eck Fred. Sur;;' iorce of paintera have been work painting the w ood-work. The new ' ornamental Windows are being put into tlieir Places, each bearing the mimet of the donor. Uing to the disarrangement oi the church 'ie services of last Buuday were held at AgTOultural Hall, and will again be held at the me place next Sunday. .The church will be "gularly occupied on and after Aug. 1. - Jacob Bauer, of Ijodi, has been for a nuinber of years trouV.led with a running sore on the end of one of his big toes, and recently it was stepped upnn ny a horse, causing conderable suffering. He decided to aee if the o could uot be healed, went to Saline and P'ocureii some medicine and applied it thereto, rausing the sore to quickly heal over. After luoh the foot becanie inflamed and swollen, padually going up the leg to the bowels and kodj, cauaiug his death on Thursday of laat 'fcek. He was 3:i years of age. -- Samuel Hutchinsou, of Brooklyn, N. Y., 'sued & writ of attachment on the furniture of Cook's hotel, in the ponsession of Wm. W. "wk, for rent to the amount of Í2,OOO or thereabouts, on Monday last. David Preston, "f Detroit, who ha6 a mortgage upon the furi'ture, appcared the day following in comPauy with Hou. C. I. Walker, and after some prehminaries, a tnotion was made to dissolve 'ie attachment. The case will have a hearlnS ou Saturday. It is expected that all will " amicfibly arranged and the house b Bot 'liwed. , - The water supply at the depot is again a aource of annoyance to the railroad cornpany, the present supply not being equal to the demand. For a nuniber of years the corapany have obtained their supply of water from springs conducted through pipe?, during which time the springs of aeveral localitieH have been exhausted, necessitoting frequent rhangps. To avoirt further trouble the coropany propose to lay a large pipe to the river, cennecting with their tanks, and obtain thpir supply from that souroe hy means of a ptpnm engine. Wednesday aftcrnoon whftn returniiiü to the city on the Whitmore Lnke road, nenr G. W. North's residence, Dr. C. Georg stoppn! to tnke into hia carriage a boy ourrying a bag of something upou hisahoulder. Upon fchfl bn being thrown into the carriage the horse becamo frightened and pitfhod ilown thl piiib:inkn)Pnf, ''iking along thp carringe, driver and passenger! ali being deposited in a hcap in the corner of a rail fonce below. Men working in an adjoining harvest-field rushed to the scène and secured the horse before it becanie entangled. The carriage was nearly used up, while the horse aud persons were scarcely iujured. - Ata meeting of the local committee and citizens of Detroit inïerested in arranging for the coming sessiou of the American Association for the Advancemeut of Science, held Tuesday ovening, it waa suggestcd that the association make an excursión to this city, for the inspection of the University buildings, which was recoived with niuch iavor, and the matter was referred to Hon. E C. Walker, one of the membors of the Board of Kegents, who was iuatructed co corresjjond with the citizens of Aun Arbor, and asceitaiu whether such a risit would be agreeable to them, and whether they would turn out and receivethe excursionists in a becotning muuuer. - The following members of the late graduating class ot the Uuiversity, have secured , sitions as teacben and Supernitendents of Schools: B. C. Burt will go to the State Normal School of Indiana, at Terre Haute, as professor of Engliah. C. S. Burch takes a position in the private school of Prof. Patter. son, of Detroit, to teach the ancieut iauguages. J. H. Shepard will superintend the schools at Holly ; O. A. Briggs at Paw Paw : A. G. , maer at Saline, and J W. Barnharl at Northville. Miss E C. Andrews will teach in the High School at Paw Paw ; Miss E. P. Cook, at ' Hastings, imd Miss A. C. Chapia at Flint Chas. Fox has taken a trip to Europe. Lorenzo Davis, Jr., has gone West to look for a ation, proposmg (o go as far as Denver, it , something favorable did not stop hint before c reachiug that poiut. , Excursión'.- Excursions are the order of Hie rtay and Anu Arbor will recognize the fact ! Messrs. Lerch and Tolchard have made arrant:ements in bghalf of the Methodist Sunday School for a trip to Grosse Isle, and picnic at tliat delightful spot, on Weduesday, the 4th of A ugust. A special train will convey the excursionista to Detroit, and from thence the new sidu-wheel steamer, Fortune, which has been chartered for the occasion, will take the pleasure seekers in charge. Grosse Isle is about 20 miles below Detroit, and has a beautitu, grove upou it. Teams will be in readiness at. the dock to convey the passengers and provisiuus to any desired spot. To crown all the excellent aningements which Messrs. Lerch and Tolchard have made, the fare for the round trip has been fixed at onc dolar - less ihan it costs to go to Detroit on ordinary occasions. Everybody is invited to go and to brin;; along his ueighbor, one thousaud can be accommodated. Should the day be stormy, the pleusure ot the trip will not be abated, inasmuch as the steainer is large enough and so coustructed that the picnic can De held upon it and under cover. The neighboring towns of Dexter, Chelsea and Ypsilanti will be mvited to go aloug." 4 Ïiie Ceop Prospect. - A trip by our reporter thruujfh the cnuuties of Liviugston and Inglmm, reveáis the following t'acts regarding the crops and harvest. Coru, oats, aud burley are ïu an excellent conditiou, oats beiug so heavy that there is hardly a field of them which is not hadly lodged. Buckwheat that haa not been drowned out by the heavy rains looks good. A large erop of beans has been planted. Potatoes seem to have been troubled by the bugs, but promise an extensiva yield. Whoat harvest begau early iu Ingham couuty , and wil! probably be ünished this week. The yield there will exceed that in Livingston couuty, as ït seeins to have been lesa injured by the severe winter. Bains last fall there, were more frequent thau in adjoining counties. Wheat wili probably be cut in Livingston county by the middle of next week. Rust has affected sonie pieces, caused by the late heavy rains. More wheat will be cut with the era i te in this cuunty this year thau for years before. This is becauso it has ripened so uueveüly. During the severe storm on Thursday, the löth, a large field of wheat in Lyndou, Washteuaw couuty, was almost totally destroyed by hail which feil at tbe time. As a whoe, the yield of wheat in Ingham county will be over ene-half a erop, and in Liviugston county uearly one-half. Trial of a Champion Reajpkb- An Incident.- Dunug the fall of 1861 George E. Oaks was a member of the First Michigan Iufantry, Coinpany K, then quartered in this city, and left for the front with the regiment. During the past week he has been in the city, visitiug oíd írmnds and representing the interests of the Cnampion Reaper aud Mower Manufacturing Company, of Springfield, Ohio, of which compauy he is a traveling agent. Monday he set up and put into operation a new machine lor ü-ottleib Hutzell, upou the farm of Jndje Lawrence, m a field of wheat which the Judge claims to be equal to any field in the State. A number of persons was present to witness the working of the machine, amoug whom was Juuge Lawrence and his mother-inlaw, Mrs. Bhoda Fuller, aged about 85 years. The machine was got into operation iu a short space of time and set to work, doing its work iu the most perfect marnier from the start, and to the satisfaction of all present. Mrs. Fuller asked the privilege of driving the team, that she might be able to judge more fully of the ments of the machine. The request was grauted, and being assisted to the driver's seat ihe took the reins and guided the team around the flled iu a marnier that would have done credit to aliuost any man. She was highly delighted with the machine and its work, and expressed herseli as never, except on one other occasion, ao well pleaBed with anything as Bhe was with this exploit. The other was durmg her younger days, wlien passing a wheat-field she discoveied a yoimg man working therein jwinging a eradle, so pleasing was the sight she Btopped and watched him while at work, and entered into couversation with the young that young man aiterwards becaiue her husband. Since that time the harvest-iield bas always been of great attraction and interest to her. Heavy Fleeoes of Wool.- J. S. and A. Woud, oí Ludí, frora tweuty-seven fine wool bucks, two tw o-year old bucks, and twentythree lambs nheared 383 pounds, averaging fourteen p:uuds, three ounces. From oue iluck a two-year old Young Duke, sheared twenty-tliree and one-half pounds; the twoyears' old buck I'ertect, uineteen pouuds ; four lambs, each 18 1-8, 17, 17, 16. Forty-seven breeding ewes sheared 583 1-2 pouuds, averagiug twelve pounds eix ounces, makïng 866 1-2 pounds i'rom seveuty-four sheep - averaging over thirteen pounds. The three-year old buck Peerless sheared twenty-seven pounds. A heavy hail-storm accompanied with rain and wind occtirred in the towuship of Lyudon on Thursday of last week, uprooting trees, ttianng down fences, and doiug considerable damage to growing.crops.


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