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Ann Ardor, Thuiwday, July 23, 1875. Beans- $1.40. per. bu. Kaspberbies- 13c. Butteii- 16c. Beef - $97 Der bundred. Cobn- 6060o. per bu. Chickenb - Dresaed 13c. Eooh - Command 13c. Hat - $l0ia)10per ton, accorrlinK to qu:ility. Lard- The murket stand ai. 10c. Oats- 454Sc. Forjc- $7.fHViJ7.60 per hundred. F o tatoep - Xew, 40 centB. Tühnipb- Ü5(g)35c. Wheat- White, $1.1411.18. WEEKLY MARKET REVIEW. iorriifu II ii riu-ls, The past week has been an excitecl one in all the markets of the country on wheat. The state of the loreign market is retiected leas direutly, but circumstanees now seem to justify the conclusión that the wheat erop of Europe ia to be a short one, and thit tliia is really the cause of the excited state of the market, and the rapid advance in this country. Prices in (Ireat Bntain will rane 2a3s per qu. botter within the past fortnight, and in Frunce, baña trom the lowest point in the spring. The Mark Lane Express (London), ot the 2()th, says : ' Every market is so scantily suppiied that we seem to be on the borders of exiuiustion. In Belgravia and Holland there has been a moderate rise. Evenin Germany, with good prospects, prices are somewhat dearer, while in Hungary, where the crops are enormous, they have also advanced."' European buyers have been quite freely on the New York market during the past ten days, and especially French operators. A New York paper adds : " Behind the large export orders, :here may be something in the condition of the European crops about which we have little or no information. Ordinarily, foreign buyers of our grain well kuow what they are doing. The whole wheat growiug area of the world las been placed uuder such a system of inspec;ion and report that the prospect from day to day ca bejudged with remarkable accuracy ; and, therefore, while it is possible that Euroaean specuiation may exceed the warrant of iacts, yet there ia always reason to suspect, wheu foreigners are buying as they have for ;he past few days, that they have some good reason for douig so." Grain quotations in Xew York at dates were as follows : July 13. July 20. Wheat, red Western, il 36al 36 f l 36al 40 " amber " 1 üóal 37 1 43al 44 " white " 1 35al 40 1 41al 48 Corn, No. 1 mixed, 80a81 85a87 Oata, " " 54a65 1-2 61a62 Prices of wüeat in Detroit have ranged as :ollows : Etra No .1. Amber, white. Wednesday, 14th, ïl 31 Í1 30 f 1 24 Friday, 16th, 1 33 1 32 1 26 Monday, 19th, 1 39 1 37 1 30 Tuesday, 20th, 1 40 1-2 l 39 1 30 1-2 Wednesday, 21th, 1 43 1 41 Wliiie it is uot best to indorse too extravagant expectations, it is probably safe to look 'or a fair market for the wheat erop now being athered in Michigan. Detroit Markets. Aside from wheat, the markets are quiet. Jorn and oats are unchaugöd, the former at about 73, and the latter at 64a55. Butter teady at 18al9, and 20 for best packages. rresh potatoes, 80a90 per bu. The live stock markets on Suuday and Monday were rather weak. Most of the cattle sold by the head, a lew, however being by weight, at 3 1-2, 4 1-2, and ó 1-2, the latter for a round lot of choice Vesteru cattle averaging near 1,200 lbs. Sheep, per cwt., $3 50a4 25.


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