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A Foolish Pedestrian

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A letter from Brighton, Mass., to a New York paper, says: " Tho fool-hardy attempt of Hugh Donahue, of Springtield, who is attompting to walk 1,100 miles in 1,100 consecutivo honra, will probably result íatally to him. He carne liere several weeks ago, and made arrangements with the proprietor of Mystic Park to attempt the slow task, he beingproinised a percentage of the receipts. He was in splendid health when ho i gan his task, but after the first week his j physical powcrs began to be aitected. I Every week told agaiusthim, andnow he would hardly be takon for the same man. His face is thin, his oyes sunken, and he looks a total wreck. One peculiar íeature is that he commencod tho feat with hair perfectly black, and it is now as gray ai) a badger. At 10 a. m. to-day Donahue had completed 8t37 miles in that mimber of consecutivo hours. " He complains of severo pains in the head, back, and neck. Notwithstanding iás üidisposition he is confident that he will complete the task. Ho is now attended by tliroe physicians, who will ! take turna in administoring stimulants and cariug for him duving tho rtst of his I journoy. Large crowds come from Boston, Lowell, and the surrounddng towns and cities to vitness tho torturo he is inflicting lipón himself. It is the general opinión that ho will fail. Donahue walked 1,000 milw in 1,000 hours, at Springfirld, last summer, but his present task takes four days longer. Ho sometimes falls down insensible -wliilo on the courso. He walks a milo every liour, which, on an average, takes him flftecn minutes. Ho then goos to sleoj) for forty minutes, when he is awakened to resume his task. It is very tlifliiult to tráke him. Ammonia is applied, severo castigation with whips is admiuistered to excite aud thoroiiglily arouse him. He is also pricked with neédlès, and pistola are fírod near to his oar.;. Profound sliM'p ensues at each moment of rest, and it now becomes long aud deep."


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