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A Flying Machine

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The Gainsville (Ga.) Jïaglc haa been visitod by Mr. Mioajuli Dyer, of Union cemnty, in that State, who has recently ohtained u patent for an apparatus for navigating the air. Tho machine is oertainly a most ingenious oni, rontaining principies entirely ïiew to icronauts, au il whioh the patentee confideutly bclieves have solved tho knotty problem of air navigation. i The body oí the machine in ïiftpe resembles that af tlio fowl, an eagle for iustance, and is intended to bo prppelled by different kinds of devices, to-wit: wings and paddle-wheels, both to be simnltaneously operated throngh the instrnmentality of meehanism coudueted with the driving power. In operatiüg the machinery the wiügs recoive an npAvard and dowinvard motion, in the manner of the wings of a bird, thoir outer ends yielding as they are raised, bnt opening out and theu remaiuing rigid while they are being depressed. The wioga, il' desired, mny bB set at au anglo so as to propêl forward as wrll as to raisn the mai-liinc in the air. The paddl' .-wheels are iiiteuded to hc uscd for propelling tho machine in Vno name way that a vessel is propelled on water. Aa instrument answarmg to a radder is attached for guiding the machine. A balloon is to be used for elovating the flyinaf .sliip, after wliich it is to be guided aml controlled at the plcasuro of its occupants.


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