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Laying A Foundation

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Tlio following sueno occurred in a Jostiee's court in thi.s city: A question wai aaked v witnéás by iïi II., the attorn''y, as to a statement made by a witnoas on tlie other sido. The question wás objèctsd to on tho gromul fhat a proper foundation had not been laid, and the obfécfcion was sustained by Justico H. Mr. R. - "I did lay a foundation; 1 was Qfteen minutes lay ing a foundation fur the queslion; umi f tho court liad attendcd to its business, and had not been so mueh ooöUpied in puJliiig its wliislievK, it would luivo luiown a foundation had befen laid." Justice EL - " Mr. 11., i f yon repeat auoh words I will send you to jaül." Mr. 11.-" I'll bot jtm 60 you can't draw a eunimif ment." Justioe H.- 'Til take. that bet; [after feelin n lii.s pockets) l only have $'2, lmt I'll gÍTB my note for the balaco," Mr. li. " llerr's $56 Miftt you can't writé :s tif jI ■ wí1m:iii epying i'roni a i'orm. You are a prettjr specinien of a Justioe ! " Exit in gret rUsgust. -


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