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A whale was rebently eupttured and rillod noar Galveston, Texas, and the ivont han oreated quito un excitement hèré. The whale was 60 feet long, ictual meosurement ; 1?J melles tlirougli ;he backbone, and tíie length of tlie ;iwboue 12 feet. It avíis a right" wbale, and the yiold of oil will be abor.t forty barrels. Tiio captor are alrcady engaged in a lawsuit as to the owncr.ship of tho prize, and tho stnall steameiï of Galvewton are doing a thriving business in taking excursión partios to see the earoass. Wilhoft's Feveiï and Ac ub Tcmic. - ! Tlii medicino ia osad by couatruutiou ' panion for the benefit of their employés, wben j engaged in malaria! di-itricte. Tho liiglient ] testimoníala havo boon glven by oontraotors and by the l'renidenlw of uomo of tbe lüiuliug I roads in the South and West, When men are congregated in large numbore in tho neighborhood of swsxapfl and rivera, Wilhoft'n Tontc wíl] provo i vaJuablo luldition to the wtock of medicines, and will amply roward tho company in tlie saving of time, labor and moncy. We recommend it to all. Wiieelock, Finlay & Co., Proprietora, New Orleans. Fob saltc bï ata Dedugists. The relaxing power of Johnion's Anodytie Linimfiil is trvily wonderful. Casen are already numerouH whoro bent and HtiiTened limbs 'have been limbered and Btraightened by it. Whcu usod for this parpóse, tiio part Hhould be washed and ïnbbad thoronblv. Apply the liniment cvld, aud rub it iu witb the hand. Acbowd of " Horso Men," and others, daily throng tho Htorea in country and town for BherifUirís Oivocdry Conctiticm Fowders. They underatand tliat bornes cannot be kept in good condition without thcni, aud with thcm can be on a much less quautity of graia. Hkakino Kestoked.- Great invention. Book free. G. J. Wood, Madison, Ind. Gij:n Floba Spring Wateh, at Waukegan. BI., cures all kidcoy cuacases. How to Get k Home. See advertisemeut. A MAN OF A THOCSAND. A OoiíSÜMPTIVK CunED.- When death was hourlyexpectod from Coiiftmnption, all remedies having fíiild, accidf-nt led to ii discovery whereby Dr. H. JamfiS cured his only child wrilh a prttparatton of Vaminhi In dim. He runv givM reciño freo on receipt of two BtampB to pay expenses. ThRni is nat a liagte syiuptoal of Consumption that it does not dissipatü - Nitrlit SwoiMp, lrritation of the Nprves.Difficutt JSxpectontloll, shorp Iiin3 in th5 LunK. Nausea at the tStomaob. Inaotion of tho Iioivels, and Wnstinir of tho Musclos. AddteM (il! ADDOOK i GO., 1032 Race Street, PhUadolpbia, Pa., giviiiK name of tliiB paper. gnpslvfipVM Tlioso who like to Boe a raKfed b4 B vk'S 3 tl top and dirty stockiiiKwill not care BT S fiii '■" l"1-1 SIliVKlt TII'IMOI MWghlliirtr33 Simes. Bat thosewho would rathP2fPW2rS3PS or havo a neat SilvorTip should KWtI ■ C" J 3!M insist that theirsliuedealeröhouM pjfclaMtrffBHf''VillM'Il nlways keep thcm. To havo comfort and hoalth, 1' jf' tt"HJMt" 'J woar IiootB and Shoes wili not f6yit'B 5 5 rl 3M leakandaro pliable - such only aro $3NyBJj m # 'fn Aiil-K sV'IÏF.AV WIRE. SlmijJ08 Trj' them. All bear the Patent pllj fiy,y 8 EVERY FAMIIiY WA 1VTS IT. Money In It Sold byAgnnts. Addrees lI.N.LOVEIJ,.Erie.P. r Ui TT address LOUIS LLOYD k C!O., Chicago. jil A o S2." PER IJAV- Send for "Chromo" Ipil catalogue. J. H. BUFFOKD'S SONS, Boston. WfAlVTKD AGESTS. Snmvla and Ouifil free. T" Beturthan Gold. A. COULTKR & CO., Chicago. ♦? f m A AgenUwanted everywhere. U. Ifl II Business honorable and first class. l'ar.nillll ticnliirs aont free. Address WORTH 4 Kif ii V V co., st. „ig, M„. IC Á fl fi Á MONTH and KXPKNSES to all. ArticlesJ IV VJIInew Btopleastlour. Samples free. C I.IN-I ltJU IINÓTON, NKV YORK or CHICAGO. W ANTRO Everywhore for the Ccnt nniiil lÜKloi -y- 000 patres, 840 enfrravlriKS, sellinc well. Address H. O. H0ÜGHT0N 4 CO., 1 Somereet Street, Boston, Mass. AK'ÖÏÏKEËGJrrth'ol: Pricc $1.00. pt)stpaid. Send for Circular. W. S. CL.AUIÍ jí CU., 143 Race Street, Cmcicnati, Ohio. OWJlRlljnilU Agent, coin money. We have Work and money for all, men or women, boys or girls, whole or snaro time. Send stamp for Cataloirue Address FRANK GLUCK, New Bedford. Mass. -f. ■■■ laawg B I n( AGENTS WANTED to 11 1U DULLARSfERiDAYíTHE impboved home ■ "■■■■■■ " SHUTTLE Scwinc Machine Address Johnson, Clark & Co., Boston, Mass.: New York City ; I'ittsburgli, Pa. ; Chicago, 111. ; or St. Louis, lio. AGÍNTSWANTEDSli Sond for circtiiars nmi out extra teirms to Agenta. NAI TIONAL PUB. CO., Chicago, 111., or St LouIb, Mo. CTD Gt A I CT Chicago Subarban ïjots rt, ' PwiPi gMkËi $HX)each-$15dov.-nanri$5 raonthly fur baltnco- within a ehort. distanoo of city tiinirs, with hourly frains and choap tare. Send for circular IRA BKOWy, 112 I.aSalle Street, Ctücago, 111. ciromar[gEÖTp. BowelljCM ! ÍPois of Bntterfroï ÍQnart :of "m j Can be made anywhere, by any one. No churning roI quirod. lieceipt sent for 2.3 corita. Addiess P. O. Box 1741, PhUadelphia, Pa. PENNSYLVANIA MILITARY ACADEMY, Oh tör. Pa.. Open Sept. 8tb. Location healthful, crounds ampio, buildings commodious. Civil EngineerinK. the Classics and Kiiílinh tluroughly tanght. Lor Uirculars apply to (JOL. THKO. HYATT, PreAidf. (U-t r i ChCHA InvestBd in Wall Street $10. tO $500. onleadato fortune A I eTorythinc. and copy of the Wall Strekt ltfvicw ' OC11T TDCC John Hicklinö 4 Co.( Bankers Otti 1 rnCC. nd Brokers. 73 Broadway, N. Y. INHIBÍ AiflnP Tho most successful OPIUM CUREsss liii. Prof. D. Metkcr. P. O. Box 475, Laporte. Ind. TP E -The clioicost ii Ëho world- Import9 Sti JrT 139 ■ pre prices- Largt;6t Company in ! America- hla)lo nrticlo- plöases everylwdy - Trade continnalJy incrp-asinií- Agfïnts wanted pverjvvliere- best in' duct.'inntrt- dmi't wafctc time- send for circular to 1OBi kut Wrti.i.s. 4:i Vésay-Wt., N. Y., 1'. . Box 1287. AGEN'TS WAVTED FOR A NEW BOOK. SUCCESS IN BUSINESS. HOW mISe MIONJEY. Helling rrrif V.vr. Srml for ciraltn-s. r. V. ZIBQLBB CO., 201 S. CLuk-st, Chicago, 111. IS Envolopes, Golden Pen, Pen Holdor, PeñcU, Paten{ Yard Measure, and a Piece of Jewelry. Sinyi,1 Paokage, withelegant Prise, post-paid, ■■" c-Mits. Circular free. HRIDK i. CO., 70 Broadway, New York. HOW T0 GET A HOME. ! 1OAVA I-AXDS, K(h,000 ACRES, Rlcb Soil.good (Jllmato. nxco llf;it Watfir, cmwirii: Sottlft mftnts, itn.Ml SchnolF. We offer the Lanas of tii Siooj City and St. Paul R. R. and the McGrKv nd MUñoarl ! River R. R. at to per .icrp, nn asy pjtyment. Two yoars rent will buy a farni. Apiiir io DAVlDSON CAÏ.KÏNS, R. R. Land Office. Kibley, Osceola Co.. Iow. PWH.T, HAVK OlHi GOODS. SéndiSS cent and We Will seml ly in.iil, piupnid. mr IAM1' FlLXJtB, F wilh whirl) yon can till any Keroêcnt Lamp ■ i hout - rumfriftfi rhiwHfioT gettittK greoBi masid ■ f Uunp. J At gamo tima f m&U you bü oqi cirouli i p tcMni to ngfiitt mZ -twenty useful howfehi UI ar. f j Ücleawith wbich finí person can moke from $5 t) 1 La S1. dafly. We want Acönt Bverywhore. F AriOXVI. AGJËNTS RMPORIUM, fcl BOHTON MaRB. CAUTION- N0T1CE,- The GENUINE EDITION. LIH'K AND XjjYUOUS OF1 X "7" X 3T Gr S 1" O 3XT T3. (Includinjithe "LAST JOÜHNALS,") unfolda vñ-i'ltt caitie, Wonders an wcaltn f ïhat m ■ ciMintry, and is ulisoliitcly th only nevr complete work. Henee It Sclls; jut tliink, ,000 ïirst 7 v-elLs. Airfmts' eueees would tutonish yon, more vrantad. Band fr terms nnd ]"iict pr'-if'oï ■' ""- Üienw. llriïHAHi) liiiüs., Pubs-, 144 W. 4th St., Cinn., O. _r -i'.y - . -fc_ This ncw Trusa is worn ■■■Pll with perfect comfort night HrxiT A o rn TniM am' Adupts ir-elt to ■ x. h & o I X O CjM('cry muUKti ut the body, Wi T R U S S JrfiiüiiiiiiKrnptijreunder tlie S. ,lWr[ - _„ ,-- rfysr Uitrdest fxercisf or severest VVVTÏ1 cin-fi. Sold oWp by the Xi Elastic Trass Co, NO. 683 Broadway, N. Y. City. Sent by mail. Cali or send for (Jireular and be cured. APPMTfi WANTFïi For the Grcat. crjíMutn I o WAN I LU tenivíal iitstoRY of the United States, by Benbon J. Lossing, now ready ! In ho!h Snfftük and Grrmnn. K(ü pasttt, 450 engniviiiKB- nne large, yet low-priced volume, richly b(und. Fut erna wplendidlu tttutlruted account ff tht wproackiag Grand Ceutennial Getehration. Intense interest everywhere in the thrtflihg histor of our country ; henee, rare. chanco for AttElMTS Beauni a jirst-c Ut book. j-aii not to Bencf for desorlpuon an3 liberal tgcaa. F. A. Hutíjhinson A Co., Chicago, III., or "W. E. Bliss, Toledo. IIISITIÑG OARDs B 50 íinest whíto, wtth name iipatlv nrt„ . fj freefotJ5ota.i 100foT33cte íeiíd " ■peeiraens. to emnip f„r EHiEST HAAT, RocheMer n y GffiTS Y AMD! i pound for preserving f ruití, vegetable miS1"" ''"W to. Tlm faetest oülline, Ijust ïmj-in,' Ollrt ,' „'!'"■" householdartiíilo eTeroffered to ugenu Bzmu U8eítu Seld are maklng 60 to 80 per WKnk.'pï" n„iï17 '" tha noillv labek-d, ivith ful dlrectlon, and nüm "'" monUU ooompanitag ench box. SatUfiSS1' tflpd. For paraoulan, send utamp to T T v?rnHriln1'undduLac, Wi., General Agent ior.Michi, AJ '-U.-f IUin-iis, Ion and Minnesota. ean''niia uiuil Cured. Cali on or odurcsa Dr. J. C. EEOK, 112 John 3t., Cineinnati, 0, BOOK A8ENTS „KÍS Seuso Medical dvlser." Ii La thecheS!B ever pablished; HS5 paes, nver r,{) ij Sl.nO. ThoaMJida bny ít al slght who could not bW uced to rmrc.haso tho biRh-priced boofa Domosli Medicine. Unlike ntticr linka sol Agenta, tfaia work íb thoroiifihly Hlvprtio) thwBrtS Nortli America. This fact, together with ttm utám elegant nppoarnnce, and many new features nf thf Ikv,i' causes it to aell more rapidly than anj work mwi liBlied. in Üiia country. Tliose of my aeenta whn hwhH experience in sellinK bookn sny that in MI their prevfc, canvjvRinï tliny never met witii such nuccsfi 'ir{ni. j large wagoa as sioce commencing the nlnof mj „Jr Forterma and terrítory, addresa (inclosingtwopojUB .tamp.and6taUnKcxPenBnr,r . b - World'B lpper.Biuy, H.iffnlo í y JTofí.- Mark onïeloue " Fot Publishing Den! ' "' ajWetal inlheill(!lbmMfcfai,lt. MSCí-! '■ . TBABH 1L1HK, PATDTTn). The best and chcapest Palnt in th World for Iron, Tí, or Wond. Fura], by Dealers oveirwhorc. PRTNOES' MüTAIiip PATOT ('O.. MaDnft'rera, 96 St Kewlffi t"C A.TJTIO]V.-Purcha3cre wlU pE Bee that our namn and trado mark are oneachuí every packagc. Scíhí for a Circular. Trifflng wllli lïïliousncss Won't Do, In thifl way chronic distase is broughtnn. Adisordmá liver ie the consequenco of a lYml ctomacb and obrtrocW bowels, ani the very best preparation in ciiatenutopu them in ijerfect order and keep them bo U Tarraut's Elí'ervesccnt A]erient SOJiD BY ALL DRUfíGISTS. NICH0L8, SHEPARO & CO.'S "TfflBATOB" THRESHI riic BKILLIA1VT SUCCESSnf thiGrnlnSaving, Tiiue-Savlsig THKESHEH.a i nprccü'lcutcd in the an na Ís of Farm MMUlflf. hu brief pcrioíl ithas Viecomeívidelrknowii inr) FÍ-'M.V ESTABLISUED, J! II 'JLEAOSNG'riIatKSIIIi'iG MACIIISE," GRA1N EIAISEKS ItKFtSK to sulraiil to the wasteful and imperfect voi nf ! Tlireshcrs, when postetl on the nul ítiwiorí' I of this one, for sáving prain, earing t.rae, bd-J doing fast, tliorouïïh anrl econonñcal werk. THRESHERMEN FINO IT hiïhlyadrantwoiuto run a machine that has nn "Iieaters," "Pieken," or " Apron," that handlüs Damp Grain, iMt Straw, Ileadings, Flax, Timothy, MiMdtamUa sudiiliflidilt rrain aml sopils, witli ENTIBE EASE AND EFFECTIVISNESS. C1W to perfection ; saves the farmer hts tliresh biil by extra savine of ffrain; makes no "I.iUfr inps;" requires LESS THAN ONE-HALF ihe usual Belts, Boxes, Jourr.als, añil Gears; easior minagei] ; lesa repairs ; one that prrain raisers prtftr to employ and ivait for, eten at adTant prlces. wliile other maf.hincs are "outofWJ Four fres made lylth G, 8, lOandll horse " ITIountcd" I'oiver, also pe clalty ofSoparator "alone," ciprexlr for STEAM rOWEIl, and to miUi otber Horse Power, lf intereaterl in gralü raising, or threshinj!, ujilj for Illustratert Circulara (sent fret) mth ■■ particulars of Bizes, styles, prices, terms,eK. NICHOLS, SÍIEPAKD i C0., Battli CrtílL. MM íifeKiíI "J3 an V ngs'í; Pili brTwhittieb, Ní. 617 St. Charlss Street, St. Loáis, oonílouca to treat all cases of cbslacles to n'arriW'i'' lmurtÜMt every ailmctit or sickucss which "a]aJZ imlUcrctioD or imprudeucc, with unixiralleled m. Dr. W.'ñ establishment is chartered bj thc 8ttV aouri, was fouuded and has been estaMiücJ w ' safe, certaia aud rcliablo rolier. Being írí au oí, acv&ral mi:ilic:il college:!, and having ihe "Pcrlf :Luí long and Bucccafiful ufe in hia acpcialiiea hehisp en nnftfldtsfl that are effectua! in aíl these cases. BnF" bplnR treated by m;iil or expresa cverjwocf matter who (ailed, o,ill or write. Froin the ("" „j I bcr of apt'HeatioDi ho la enabled to keep bu c=' ' ' I low. 36 pagC8,giviag full symptoms, fortvo""!1 MARRIACE CUIDE, 26Oitagoa, popular book which nhould be red ev,!, body. No marrled pair, or persona sontempUH"} riage, can afford to do without it. It contal toe o , medioil literature on this aubject, the renuiWO' ( loog; espericnco; also the best thouehts Tcom.,tfucii. in Kurope and America. Beat lealed, pott-pg i WHKBI WRITING ÏO ADVÍ-IÍ n'S V picase sny "ou (iiiwtlio adiru In t !iir xjftper.


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