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Habitués of the summer hotels and watering platscs, says the Boston Commercial Bulletin, will recognize the following as a correct specimen of the doruestic dialogues which take place wlcle paterfamilias is waiting for the omnibus to drive up to the front piazza, or liis buggy to take him to üiü steamboat landing, or for the whistle of the expeoted locomotive: "You have got the pattem for the muslin, my dearf" "Yes." "And you won't forget Charley's slippers and my bathing dress in the lower bureau drawerï" "No, darling." "And the cold cream and camphor from the upper shelf in tlie closet, and to bring us some books from the library, you know, and n bottle of cologne. " "Yes, yes." " Aud baby's caps, you know, and teil the dressm&ker about having my dress sent by expresa, i'or I -want it for the hop. Aud do asK Auut Maria to sead my driving gauntlets; I forgot them." "Anything else?" "No darling, notMög, emly if vou could step over to ma's and ask licv to lend me that purpleand white hood, aud bring me down i new sun urubrella, ano my India rubbers to weur when we go out iu the boat, it is bo damp Unit - ' "Stop, darling! I've just thought of Bomething I want to di mysolf." "Whaji is it, my deal' ;"' " Why, 1 to run in my store for ftve minutes for my own business, if there's any time loi't aftor tranaactiug yours." " Ijor' now, Charies, I hope you are not going to be disagreeable about a few little errands, I'm sttre." Charles - "Oli, not in llie east, ónly I hnven't (juiti got used to thjs expresa business yet, and I can only give ninetenths "Í tli timi to il this summer, thftt's all, tootskmma - there'stho engine wil si ie." "Qood-by, dear, dou't forgst the - " But the i-e;. of the sentenoo was lost in tho rattle of wlieois Uiat bor Charles en liis wa)1 to town. The Federal mthoritios have döoided liiiit tln handling r dxcplation, in any 111:111111 r, of advertiaing circulius gotten up 111 any degree wbatever in imilatiou ! of United States currenoy, ih h Tioiatioa of ]av, and lays the person bo issuing tlieiu liable to heavy &ie nnd ini]"'1"'mcuti


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