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Not That Kind Of Beet

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They Wfere standing m .Loxiisgtoii markct - Mr. Yanghn froni the country and i Mr. Green of this city. Mr. Vaughn is a dairyman and his interest in milk commenced when he was a child. Indeed, ]io has never been weaned oft' of it; and now when he comes to markot he has it in cans - and in his mimi's eye all tho time, and it was in the latter that he had it ou Saturday whilü conversing with Mr. Green. " I luwe fed beets very frequcntly," said Mr. V. (It seems that when cows aro fed in a particular way iu the winter time thev become troubled with muvrain, and" that the feeding of beets in time prevente the diseaso froru coming opon them.) " So have I," said Mr. Logge, coming up and joining in the conversation, after having been mtrodneed by Mr. Green to Mr. Vaughn. (Mr. L. ia a city inhabitaut and dwells in a mansión of highly attractive external appcarance.) ' ' I believe I have i'ed more beats thaii any other man ín the city of Baltimore, and T'll bo - - if l'U do it any more." "Well, sir," said Mr. Vaughn, " I'm in favor of feeding theiu." " I'm not," said Mr. L., emphatically. " Thoy're a nüiftanoe." " YÓu get n good deal more milk by feeding them in the winter time tlian any other way Iknow of," said Mr. V. " Milk !" exelatmed Mr. L. " By - , j that just what I lost tho othe day. A fcllow ciime along and cai-riinl off the millt-can, and that, too, after he had been fed." " How many head have you got V' inquired Mr. V., who began to think Mr. L. WB8 a little "off," or had just escapcnl from 11 lunatic asylum. "Head!" exclaimed Mr. L., " why, I've gót onc good one, nuyway." "Where, in the city?" " Yes, I should think it was; it's right here on my shoulders. "What do you think of it?" " Well, I don't know what to think of its contente. You don't scem to know any more about the feeding of beets than a hog." " 8ir !" exclaimed Mr. L., " thia iö an insult." But just Uien Green cxploded. An explanation onsued, and then the trio joined eaeh other in a glass of milk all 'round, in that form in which the nut niet; i.s the last thing put on top to


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