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Ti ie Niles Common Oouucil has appointcd August Hauninter, a colorcd citizoB, policeman. 'J'iieí Niles Light Guavds havo tóen aceepted ly tlic Goveraqr, and will bo mustorod into servido. Oai't. 1)ay has; lid tlio E:iKt Hagiuaw Rifles f arcrwell onoocmnt al ius íorth coming r(;raoval fco Detroit. IIon. Thomas L. Sackett, Judge of Probate of Macomb comity, died suddenly last week of beárt Sisease. Tuis littlo town of Drydcn, Impeer oounty, has a Ladies' Library Association, witli a 500-voluiae library. Kat.ahazoo'.s new tcmpcrauce society talks of establisliiug a tempcranco hmch aiid readiug room on the Holly Tree plan. Gov. BagtíKY lws pardoned from the otate prison (corgo Chase, from Sagina w, and Wb. IIutchin.SDn, both coiisumptives. J. H. McLaugblik, U;e celel u-ated wrestler, has resigued I113 position as conductor on the Detroit, Lansíng and Lake Michigan ï-aiLroad. The Rix llobinsou íire company at Qraud llapids woii't servo undor tho new chief , because ho expelled one of thoir members, and havo resigned. C. McManaha's liaruess shop at Zsh poming was burned last week, and a buteher named Adolph Wilt, who waa sleeping in the building, was bumed to death. At Charlotte, last Thursday, Martin Markham, a lirakeraan, caught his foot in a f rog while coupling cars, was run over by a train, and lived bilt three hours after the accident. Michigan postal matters : Poslrnastcrs Appoinlcd - Batavia, Branch county, Hubbard F. Buff ham; South Cass, Iouia county, E. Sickles; Woodland, JJarry county, D. B. Kilpatrick. F. B. Stookbbidge, of Allegan, has been commiseioued Eesident Minister to the Hague, as successor to C. T. Gorham, of Marshall, who was appointed in 1870, and comes home at his own re; quest. Theke is a littlo bit of au insurrection iu Jaokson county over a jilauk roail. Sevcral gatcs and one or two houses havo boen burned, and thoro is more troublo in prospect shoidd the propriotors of the road nudertake to reaume the collectie n of their tolls. Assassination and otlier Ku-khix talk is indulged ür At Bay City, tho other d;iy, a litlle boy feil into the river and was drowned, . whilo playing on a dock in front of his pareüta' residenee. The child was geen by two of hiS companious ton lie feil in the water, but thoy having boon f orbidden to play on the docks, wero af raid to givo the alarm. The State Military Association, composed of delegates from every eompany of every regiment of militia in the State, held a sossion at Detroit Tuesday . Bfeeo ■ lutions wero pasHcd tliat do eompany whould fake' part in the competitivo drill rI the State V:úv ; fnvoring an encampment of Stato troop this fall, and fixing upon Jackson as the next place of meeting. No other business of importauco waa transactcd. Tekrence Moe bb, President of the Ontonagon Silver Mining Company, arrived at Maniuette a few days ago with ■ a silver briek wcighing tliirty-six pounds from the rniU on Iron river, Ontonagon couiity. Grcat excitenient prevails. ïhe vein of rock is said to yield forty to fif ty dollars per ton. A pEBiPATETiü niusic teacher, who has been Hojourning ia Hülsdale for a brief period, was treatod to a ria on a rail through tho streote of the town one day last woek. Ue represented himself as a singl ma fcn in fact, he had a wifo in New York, and was very sweet on tho young ladies of Hillsdale. Henee the .ationof the Hillsdalers. New patente iasraed to eitizens of this State : Stave baskets, B. B. Whceler, Niles; g)ain-soparatcr, Hm-lbert H. Soeley, enwick ; gate-hinges, Georgo ïiarsh, Marshall; rein-holders, Jas. Bulger and Nicholas Inglis, Muskegon ; tablo leaf lifters and supporters, Tilton E. Sniith, Attica; bliud-slat adjusters, John G. White, Charlotte. A sERious ruuaway ocenrred at Battle Creek last week, which will probably result fatally to Chas. D. Crossett, a bariw He. iu company with Uro other voung men, wero driving into town from GognacLake.and when about to cross the railwav track their horse took fnght Lrom an approaching engino aud ran away, upsctting the buggy and throwmg the oecupants violontly upon tho gi-ouud. Orossott had two of liis ribs brokeu, and recoivod severe iuternal injraies. In a snit iuvolviug the constitutionality of tho now liquor law of this State, Jnclge Cochrane, of tho Superior Court, aocidcdthathewasconviucedthatÜienew tax vm nota license, and that the law tob constitutional in this part, but he asked f or a new nrgumcut on the pomt as to whefeer the lcvying of a tax on tho business of sclling liquor curao .vit nn tho roqiürements of theOonstitution that taxes shaU be only upon propcrty. Tho whole matter wiU ia tho ond go to the Superior Court. MU. J. W. BeGOLE, Oí JM1IU, - oovered-bed oí policing matcnal on his farm near Ottor liiko, ttat beata nll polidies liitborto known. It ib i about tho color of land piaster, btít te üghter, iUUl ha n diiVonmc cUcmical compositum Colgate, the grcat qCBp manufncturer ot New York, &S cxpcrim.'nt.xl with it, and prnouncea it tlv Best sntetanoe forWashing;pli8lug mi.i tóiM soapa tliutbol.evrrí.mua. ÜBeil 1 á crud Btatfl WitU wntor it wiil rciuovd pitóh or tor from tha haM with tho utmost focilily. Onlgato offers a priófl { 1"" fur itthatmllmuko ího ntóljing ilU(l sh'''" ping of it a prolitable busineH.


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