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Tlie following circular bas been issued by the Superintendent of the Assyluru for the Deaf and Dumb, which we publish for the benefit of that institution and the deaf-mutes and blind of the State : We desire to have all children reach here promptly on the 9th day of September. Unle8S a satisfactory reason can be given, the Institution will not receive pupils who do not come at the beginning of the term. If pupila leave the Institution before the close of the term on their own regponaibility, without the consent of the Principal or Board of Trustees, they will forfeit the right to return at all, unless their parents or guardians send them back to the Institution, without undue delay. If parents or guardians take pupils away before the term closes without the consent of the Principal or Board of Trustees, the pupils will then forfeit all right to return to school at all. Parents will be notified in all cases of serious illness, and where the health of a pupil demanda it, no objection will be offered to the parent or guarnían iaKius such pupil home, on condition that the pupil be returned to school as soon aa restored to health. It is hoped that the friends of pupils, as well as their parents and guardians, will not ask to have them come home for a visit during the term, unless they reside very near the Institution. Each boy should have one pair of boots and one pair of shoes, in good order at all times. Each girl should have two pairs of shoes, in good order at all times. There is a shoe shop connectud with the Institution, in which boots and shoes can be made and mended for pupils. "We respectfully request parents and guardians to purchase boots and shoes for their ohildren at this shop, as their patronage will encourage a branch of induBtry that is of great benefit to the pupils who are learning the shoemoker's trade. If pupils are sent here with one pair of boots or shoes, ever else they may neea in lanv uu w be furnished here, providod nioney is kept on deposit with the Principal to pay for it. It is believed that pupils will be better fitted, and will get a better article, by having their work done at our shop, and we oonsider it a little ghort of a duty on the part of parents and guardians to aid by their patronage in making mecbanical inBtruction in the Institution a success. Each and every article of clothing ghould be marked with the full name of the owner in indelible ink. A 'complete Hst of what each pupil has should be sent to the Principal at the beginning of the term. When clothing is sent by express, at any time, a Bimilar list should be sent to him. Each pupil should have a good substantial trunk. In addition to the above outfit a sum not less than five dollars is to be deposited with the Principal at the beginning of the term, and is to be renewed when necessary. This money íb to be used to pay for bootB and shoes, or for mending the same - to pay for articles of clothing made in the Institution, or bought in town, for medicines, and for damagcs and breakage of Institution property. Garments for pupils can be made in the institution il desired, and when so made a fair price will be ohareed for the work and eollected from the nioney on deposit with tne rrinciThe Principal ia responsible to the parents and guardians tor all money de.posited with him tor the purchase of all necessary artioles for pupils. No artiticles wül be purchased tbr their use while at the InBtitution, by auy of the' oflioers, exoept under his sanotion, and no money is to be deposited for their use with any one but hira. If parents or guardián, after being notified of the wauta of their children, do not attend ;o them, it shall be understood that the Principal shall have the right to purchase euough for their im medíate use, and that he has the consent of purents nd guardián to do so, and to have the articles so purchased charged to them. The time of each pupil is considered to belong to the Institution, and the avails of all the pupils' labor will also belong to the Institution, and will be credited to the branch of industry at which the pupil is employed. TERMS UPON WHICH NEW PUPILS AltE ADMITTEU. The Institution is free to all the Deaf and Dumb, and the Blind, in the State, between the ages of ten and twenty years, who possess a good natural intellect, a good moral character, and who have no contagious disease ; all such are entitled to the privileges of tho Iiistitution for the period of 8 years, without charge for board or tuition. Where parents or guardians are unable to furnish clothing for their children, it can be provided at the Institution, to an amount not exoeeding forty dollars per annum, and charged to the county in which the pupil resides. The adoiission of a pupil to the Institution will be regarded by the Board of Trustees as a pledge from the parent or guardián that the pupil shall obey all the rules and regulations of the Institution. It will also be understood that the pupil himself by being admitted has given a similar pledge. A persistent violation of any of the rules an d regulatious will result in a forfeiture of the Institution.


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