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Withstanding Temptation

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The Vicksburg Herald relates the following: A ïneinber of the colored church was the other evening convers ing with aa acquaintance, and seeking to have him change into better paths, but the f'rieud said be ws too often tempted to perrnit bim to become a Christian. "Whar's yer backbone, dat ye can't roae up and stand teraptation I" exclainifid the good man. " I was dat way myself once. Bight in dis yere town I had a chance to steal a pa'r o' boots - mighty nice uns, too. Nobody was dar to see me, and I reached out my hand and debbul said take 'em. Den a good sperit whispered for me to let dein boots alone." " An' you didn't take 'era ?" " No, sah- not much. I took a pa'r o' cheap shoea off de sholf an' left dem boots alone !" Some foreign papers having said that the stories of the inagical growth of Aniorican cities are incredible- that buildings cannot be o.onstructed in the time given - a Pennsylvania man pro poses to build, finish, and prepare for habitation, a brick house, two stories high, twenty-four leet wide and forty feet deep, wúh a slate roof, and to have it all plastered, paiuted and papered - in tact, entirely finished and ready for occupation, in eight hours, on the Centenuial grounds next year. . And he will do it. He has already built and finished a brick house in nineteen hours, and learned how to do quick work. The niasons, carpenters, painters, glaziers, plasterers, paper-hangers, roofers, plunibers and other artisans will work almost simultaiieously. The doors will be carved, the windows will be píate glass, the cornices be of zinc, the flooriug hard wood, the brick walls hollow, and all the work be first-class- yet each gang of work men has contracted to finish its work in a given nuraber of minutes. At the end of eight hours the house is to be completed, the rubbish away, the gronnd sodded, and barring a littlo dampness and smell of fresh paint, the house is to be like any other


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