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Ahh Aebob, Thubsday, July 29, 1875. Beans- $1.40. per. bu. Raspberries- 13c. BUTTEB- 160. Beef- $6@7 per hundred. Cobn- 50@60o. per bu. CBIOKEN8- Dressed 13c Eggs - Command 13c. Hay- lü(g16 per ton, aocording to quality. Labd- The market stands at 16c. Oats- 45@48o. Pobk- $7.00!S7.60 per hundred. P otatoes- New, 40 cents. Tubnips- 25(j35c. Wheat- White, $1.2001.25. WEEKLY MARKET EEVIEW. Forcicn markets. The daily cable reports are not the most certain index of the state of the European niarket, but the fact that flour is quoted 3s higher in Liverpool thau it was a week ago, and wheat Is higher, is some evidence that the late advance is real and legitímate. Kailern markets. The grain market continued to advanee during the greater part of laat week, but was somewhat irregular the last of the week, threateuing a decline on Saturday, but closing at full prices. Quototions of grain at date were as follows : July 17. July 24. Wheat, red Western, SI 55al 58 il 36al 45 " amber " 1 38al 4(1 1 45al 46 " white " 1 38al 45 1 43al 50 Corn, No. l, mixed, 81a84 85a86 Oats, " " 60a61 62a6S Corn was excited and in high speculative demand the middle of the week, going as high as 90, but feil oö' on Saturday, as stated. Live stock in New York was dull ; beef cattle at $10al3 for fair to strictly prime ; sheep, Í4 50aG 50. The gold premiums continued downward, being at a fraction above 112, a decline of about 5c within a fortnight. The decline is greatly hclped by the foreign demand for grain. Michigan and Detroit markets. The wheat in the central and southern parts of the State has been generally harvested, and the present week will see most of it cut throughout the State. The cutting does dot essentially vary former estimates of the yield. The favorable reports of other crops continue. The amount of last year's wheat erop in the hands of farmers is estimated by some authorities at one-fourth of the whole erop Grain in Detroit was excited and irregular during the greater part of last week, with a decline from best prices of the week. The course of the market is shown by quotations of No. 1 and amber wheat, and corn, as follows : No. 1 White. Amber. Corn. Wednesday,21st, $1 40 $1 36 $.78 Tliursday,22d, 144 140 .82 Friday. 23d, 1 40 1 88 .81 Satimlay, 24th, 1 37 -80 Monday, 26th, 1 S5VL 1 30 75a80 Tucsday, Wth, 1 S6 ' few sales of new wheat are reported at 3a4c below these figures. Oats improved a Hule, with sales of mixed at 57c. Rye at $1 Oaal 10; Beeswax, prime, 3Oa32c ; mixed lots. 28a28c. Beans at $1 80a 1 8ñ for choice handpicked, 81 70al 75 for mediums ; aud $1 40al 60 for unpicked. Butter at 19a20c for fair to good, and 20a21c for choicest. Dried apples in demand and a shade 7a7)c ; peachesat 18a20c. Eggs, lower, at 14al5c. Harvest apples at $4a4 50 per bbl. Whortleberries at $5 50a6 per bushel. Cherries at 83 50a3 75. Live stock stuady. Cattle at 4 25a5 26 for best, and 3a4 for poorer. Sheep, $3 5Oa4 .


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