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Pomebot, tbe boy murderer. cf Ifoston, ban Nvritt'ii the Kkrv of liis life, in nhic.h he rotracts all his former cóúfefl'áciis. He claime to havo been goadod by the polico into making a eonfesBion of treing gtlilty of lbo crime te whioh he was )irnt ttrestëd, and that he wan entirely iimocont. Tuk groal thirtcon-milo Birimming match be(wocn ]!. JoIidmou, of England, and Thoma V,1 of Chester, Pa.., for the ohampioimhip of tho wörlds t'anio off in tho Dolawnro river, at f'hilr.''.r!i]iia. aml Ma won by tho Engüütimin. Cojle beenme nshansted and givvo np on the teuth mile. The ontire tlíKlance swaoi by JolinHon wuh ](i' , milrH, and tho time tbree hour and tou migntos. A'fter being taken froni tho water he vu afi froKli ha vlion ho entercd, and began dancing a jig Hngb Donthae, of SpriugflBld, MaK., lia just aooomplished the nnparaUelcd fuat of tralking 1,100 ïnile in 1,100 oonaecuttve lioura. Uuring thelaHt fewdayH of hiH wcary tramp ho wan very nervons, and almoöt pfostrated by Ioh of nleep, and .iirc-anriH had to bo dif.chargcd to wtke him for his hourly toil. InglB8Bs, a well-kLiown Hiinimer resort. near Ilolyoko, SIÁBS., lias been totallj swept out of existen ce by íiro. At l'hiladelphia, on Monday, a fooi named Conor playfully pointed a gun at hin young flife and pulled the trifger. He tboilght it was empty, hut it wasn't, nnd Conor is now a widower A locomotivo boijkr explodod tbe othrr dy al Port Jcrvis, N. Y., with frightful i Mc. 't. Three men vero killod outright - tlio body of ono of, tbo engineer, being blown a dietaiico of over a thoiwaud feet, where it lodged in a tree. . . .A large amoint of spurions live cent ni'kel coiu bas been jilaced in eirculation by a Brooklyn gang of couuterfoitere. THTJ WEST. A msr.vrcii from Boaver, Utah. Btatos that the Bubstanec of John D. Lce'a confeshion in that thirty Murmsus, with tho ansintanco of a large mimber of kivans, decoyed the emigrante from thoir intiTnchments by a ílag of truce ; that all were murdered excopt nevenleen children ; that the deed waa dono under the orders of the leader of the Jlormon church ; that he took the ncw of tho maesacre to Brigham Young, who deplored the trniinaction, nnd eaid it woulil bring tCsáster ou tho Hormon pcople. Tho statement of Lee, 80 far m liiiown, on'.v confirma the pfeviouB report in regard to tho maHsacro. . . .DmijiL; Uip progiesa of a lire at ('ijiciimati. a feu dny ago, the Chief Enginocr of the Fijp Papactmaut, Enocb O. Megrne, and ten fiiemen wern hmied benearh tho ruiii of a falhug buililing. only one of thom. ]!ichar.l lloleomb, yrasi killed, üiougb nearly all were niully bruised. Chief Mogrns'a injurie ivere tho most serieus, hut hope aio enterlaiucd of Iiíb reeovcry ALaporto (End.) elairvoyaLit claim that Donaldnon and Grimivood, tho mieeing balloonists who recently Bueended from Chicago, aro not loét He Bays tho air Hhiji atase down on tho enst side of Lake Michigan, at somo point wliere two lakes are connected by a atream, ou nomo nort of an i liind, in the midit of Bajid hilln and pino trees, ïhat-in eoming down one of tho men wa cut muler tho eye and on one arm, the other beiug uaharmed. Ho say.s they are alive and vill Bhortly bo heard from. The Chicago Journal thinks there is a chance that the lost halloon U still drifting about in the high upper atmosphero, ite ]niHBengers lifeless, and the vesBel at tho mercy of the cuiTents. If bo, it will, of couree, nitimately desceud to the eartli and be heard from. EDBoSá and Cochiune, aceused of participation in the Vandalia railroad morder at Long Poiut, III., havo been fully idciitified, aml oom nulled to trial without bail The trial of Jolm 1). Lee, for tho Jlountaiu Meadow masKacre, is in progresa at Beaver, Utah. jury coaasta of eight Monnons aud four Gentiles. A terrible explosión occnrrcd the other day in the paper raill of filoso .t Son, at Iowa City, Iowa, remüting in the death of five workmon, the bodiea of tlivcc of whom woi'e blown a distance of 500 fcot acrosH the tops of lioueieH. The mili was valued at Y250,000, nnd was badly injured. News has been receiverl at Gen. Slieridau's hcadquartcm in Crftcago that 500 Tonca Indians have abandoned their reservation. It in nl--(rcpoitriU]iat Spotted Tai!, vith 2fil) Sioux waniors. had left bis reservation ivith the intentiou of isitfng the Ponea Agency and maHBacring first tho whiten on the aoHervation and then the Poneaa KaimaK will have no State. fair tlii.s year, becauso no city can afford a Buflicient Kiibsirty. John (ïAmtETTv, a Peoria jtedeetrian, nucceeilid the pther day in ralking Beven miles in 57,'-;. 'miunte.. . .Howe'a circua was odly denioializcd b a tomado at lia Croase, Wis., a few bigiitc ugo ..... prisoner at Fort Leavcnwortli. while woiKinf: in a quarry, wan sunHtruck, aud ït is aid that while in that ooudition, Sergeant Hogan. in eonimanil of tho gang, commenced to beat him, and niflicted injuries irom tho cfTecttj of whicU he died noon after. A EEPoni comea from tho lilack IIüIb, by way of Fort Lanmup, tlint ncw and richor gold lields have been di-covered about thü'ty-tivo mileH nortiua.4, of Ilaroey's l'cak, and that all tho milten in the Jlills, about eight hündred, were ruBlii;ig jiell-meH for the new diggtOga, Jt is riporlpd that nnggrts have been found wurth vl and upward Judge liooth, of the Oirouit Court of Cookeonnty, III., has randered a decif ion to the effect that the bondsmen of Dwid A. Gage, late City Treasurer of Chicago, are liable for tlie fnll araouut of the claims of the city againat Gage- a little less than a million dollars. TUK SOUTH. At (.'o] uniliia. 8. C.j tlie jiu-y in the case of Parker, me Aefanltlng Ptato Treasnrer, rendcred a verdict Uiat f75,000 is the amount of tho deficit. It ik ïeported tliat a terrible fight èccnrred in Perdido. Efeciunbia couuty, Ala., a few da.VH ago, between two fanffltes aaméd Hallett Rnd ByerK, in which ais men, consisUng of the father and two b.oub on cach iide, vare engaged; Fivo nf tlio party wero kUled outright, wliilo the aixtji and last has è load of bnckshot in bia nidc, wliich must cause deatu. It waa an old family feud. E. (i. Jcui.nson, a reretiuc ofticer and rnemlirr of ilic Florida LegMaturo, was rccontly Hliut by uiiluiown annnirim at a dirtillcry near lernandina, in that Ktatp Ex-Confederato C'.cn. Jceeph E. Johnson lias bceu clectod rreBidcnt of the Árkifcstó Ii)duKtrial Univri-Hity E. Nutting K Co., Htove manufacturorn, of Ii)dia.,aioliR, have fajled. Liabilitie, f200,000 ; assets, 9160,000. Lix;aj. procoedingH havo hoen commenced in New Orleany a-ainat State Auditor Clijitori, Treasurer Dubuclet, Sccretary of Btato Dcklonde, and Spcalirr I.owtH. Thé charge i misdemeanor in ófrico, for funding warrania to a largo umonnt representing an Ilegal claim agaiast the Htate of Louixiana. A .iin nanied Johnson, with bin wiTe and live cuildren, atlempted to ford tbe Coobiim altee river, uear .llanta, Ga., a few dayn kíh;o, hut their wagon got into deep water, and all tbe children ivere drowned. Washington. The Pontmaster-General is in oarnont in hiH proeee.liii; h tgaimt mail eontractors who lail in their obHgationa. suits havo been oohicuènced against tbc liuudninenof over forly contractolu who failcd to comply itl, the torma of their contráete. rnrsiMNT CriiANT paid a llying visit to tho ;' ]1::1 on WedneHday. held a three honra' ealiinet iiH'.olhig, at which all the ministers except Bolkuap were présent, and roturned to Long Branch the sime afternoon. At a recent meeting of the Cabinet the Cuban quehtiou wan dicused, and it waa authoritatively announced that the United StatcH will no longer maintain a strict neutralitv, bnt accedo belhgerent righta to the Btruggling patriota. THEBEhag been a Hraall etcal in theTreaaniy !! i iruncnt- only a tlioiwand dollars- but i t oecuntj.) n.mong the giiln who are ongnged in counting th pmkages eut for redemptiou by Uk; bulles, ""il oonnequently craated a goed deal o( lluttor Vvory, tlie indioted Chicf Olsrk of thí Treasury Department, han been dK:i i d. Tm; ttountain Meadow masnaore trial is fahly under way at Bcaver, Utah. Sovcrnl eyo. iritaesseg of tliat cruel slaughtw lave given their teatimony. The cvuli-nce locale tbc orlme oonolusively upou tuo Mormon leaders, ■nd, íiulci'H disproved by an overwhelming array of rebutting evidenco, forever rats at rest the story that the luokleas porished at the hands of Indiana alono. Thentory Uicbo witmanen tcll agrees In tbe müin, and Hiirpanses n míimtencBH any of thc horrible detailn wbicb havo been published beretoforo. Althougb cigbícen years liavo poesod Hinco the massaoro ocoured, the recital of its awful purticulare stñkea wiUi frosh forcé, and with thn foeüjis ofeick horror wliicb comes orer ifie reader tbero la nñnglcd tho righteodd }a!ioll of vengOftnoe, and a uíhIi thut the fatcof tlio Blaughtered women and cbiklren might be visited upou Biich of tho Mormon licudü as are Btill on tho hither side of heil. Skcretaiíy Fibh has reccived information that an a6ociation of coimterfeitcrH, with their headíiuarterH at Barcelona, Spain, aro preparing to ifwie in tlii cily L12,000,000 in connterfeit ñute on the Bank of England and Bank of í'rance. . . .The President haa appointed exOov. WeÜH, of Virginia, to suecced Fi.iher as Atteruey for the District of Coluiubia. CoiaosaiONEB Wa'itm, of tho Agricultm-al Department, in au interviow with a coiTespondent the other day, Btated that, the lato ropoitn concerning thc harveet of fll wheat Jnstifled lim in saying that donbtieas 75 poi' cent, of a fnll crop would bo realized, when C5 per cent. aas rcally been anticipated. lio thinks the Bprisg erop will prove a fnll one. He íb not contident about a fliiHh market raaking low prioea. lie Bays that lio has often Been thc contrary, whero wlioit ould aávance very Bteadüy upon a flash market. lio saya tho scauty haivests in Frunce, (cnuuny, and England tbis year will do much to kcep njp a good pricc for our borne whcat A enrious story ha bien rakcd up among tbe oíd acinntn in the War Department, Hliowing liow a clerical error liad a tragic result. An oilicer during tlie war waa wrongfully charged ■nitli a dcfalcation amcuuting to fl,C00, and, bcing unablc to readily demónstrate hia innoceuce, he comtuitted suicide. GKNKRAI.. DtSFATdBM received from all parta of the :onntry, Ewt, West, North and South, report jn UDHiHiilly abnndimt harvest in coni, rye, uarley, oats and petatees, witli a fair yield of heat, whilc the yield of the grassen is said to be enormous. Tho failurcs noted aro in eomparathvly few and limitad loealities. A large proportion of Uie erop is alrcady harvcsted. . . . TLo July returns tn the Dopartruent of Agrioulture show that the acreago in corn ia abont 8 per cent. gTOater than last year. New Kngland lias redneod her acroago about U}4 P3r cent., and the Pacific States about 1 per cent. All tho great corn-growiug regions have increasod their acreagc, tho Middlo Statos 2 per cent., tho South Atlantic States 3, the Gulf 10, iuland Southern States 12, States uorth of the Ohio 7, States west of tho Misaissippi 14. Tho condition of tho erop is below the average in tho New England, Middlo and South Atlantic States, tho minimum condition, 82, bciug iu Rhodo lukuid. Florida and Alabaña are also below the average, but the otlicr Oulf States and inland Southern States are abovc, the maximum, 112, being in MissiisHippi. All otUer States, cxeopt Missouri, 108, are below j the average, minimum condilion, 82, being iu Wisconein. ('Hi-.WEiis of "the weed" will talie comfort, iu the annouuecment by the Department ol' Agricultura that tho tobáceo erop promitjes a heavy yiold. A c'Abi.k telegram nnuouuces tho stranding, on tho Euglish coast, of the Hteamer Abbotsford, of tbc American line, PhihuMphia. All the passengere and a portion of the cargo Tvero Havd . . . . It is now highly probable that a stop will be put to the cattle-stealing operations of Mexican bandits. Tho United States government bas purchased tho steamer Planter, which draws only four foet of water, and is arming and manning her for service on the Rio Grande. Other stcamers of a similar character will be purchased and fitted out for the same purpose. Focit niillions of silver, it is stated by a Washington telegram, will be coined at the seroral mínts beforo tho close of August, and the Treasury Department promises tbat hard money shall shortly take the place of bank notes and greenbackH . . . . A Loudan telegram announces the doath, at the age of 64 years, of Isaac M. Singer, the inventor of the sewing machine The Postmaster-Gcneral has decided to put on a fant mail train betwoen Chicago imd New York. It is the intention to make the run between the two cities in twentyfour hours, a gain of twelve hours over the present time. politica. A cali, has been ismied in Indiana for a convention to meet at Eiohmond, on August 12, to form a ncw party KympathiAug with the principies of tbc Cleveland National Convention. The Connoctiout Ilontie of Representativos kas indefinitcly poetponed, by a vete of 102 to 82, the proposition to give women tlie richt to vote in Prcmdentia! elecUous. Tuk Democratie Stato Convention of Maiyland, in session at Baltimore last week, nominated John L. Carroll for (lovernor and Levin Woodford for Comptroller of tho Treasury Ilon. S. Q. C. Laman has been nominated for Congress in UÜBfiissippi. FOKKKi-N. A Londok firm that recently failed for scveral millions bas got into trouble. It memberg bavc been arrested and fienl. to Newgato for trial on the charge of obtiimng about a million by false pretenaes. EugUah courts do liot appear to treat big thieves with as much consideration as do American juristw. . . .Iïeporte of the iloods in England represent the damage done a immense. In mauy sectiuus not ouly tho growing crops, but those erop alfèady liarvcsted have beeji destroyed. Tbe returns of the ngriculturists thero wiil be exoeedingly hinall, and the l'.iigliMh peojile will havo to depend to a great extent upon tho American markets for a supply of brcadstuíTrt. ll:iipily we are in a condition to aujv ply all thoir wants, and there noed bo no suffering on account of a scarcity. . . . Alexaudex and William Collie, oí a London firm which recently suspended, have been arraigned, charged with putting atloat Í8. 000,000 of bigu paper on tho market. The London and Westminster Bank Iohcs 1, 500, 000 by theöo fraudulent bilis. TiiKKE was a live'y s-eene in the Britíflh Ilcuee of ('oiuinimh tl'C OÉhcr day. dnriii;; tlie discunKion of the BTiippmg 1 ill. Mr. Plimsoll, the pbilanthropist. cliargeil that ome of the TOB ael-ovnen purpoae)yeeiit out ouBiawoiiby verhv]. in tho oxpDctation of gaining tbo íiihuianco, and mfintatcd tliat membersof the House of Commons were .guiity of Badb ïniutice.s. The scène folknving thin (k'clarali'in isdeacribed afl unparalleled. The Speaker, on motion of Mr. Disraeü, ordcred Mr. Pümsoll to bo removed from tho Ilmme, hui the latter, undismaycd by the bowls of isdignatiou, eontinued Bpeaking and sbakiriK liin fint at tin Ccvi mment benches. A fcllow-meniber. after Mr. Plimsol] bad Ieft the Ohamber, apologized fi i the latterh' uiifortunato hairaDgüe by plciding j temprrary innfinity. . . . L"!C!.triK'ti e r;iin-Htorms aro repurteil in Silesi. . . .The Cftnalftn government bas reooived Inforniatiou of aoother i't'lH'llidii m Mftfiitcfos ; ('i.ti there Ira eral uprising of tliB bilf-breeds aad rndiauR .m.1 that Home of the mnuntp'l polu r ■ ' [ . kilïod. .. The Irish rillcmen Imvc won tlie Elcho Challenge Shielil, defeating (ho Bi ;lih'. anJ Steotclj teaniR. Tho Americana kopt largit for lbo Irwhmen and superiiitciulf d tin ir e! wbich probably accounta for their bui Oount Dzkmbbck, bi mot iior ttnd aob&mbfr maid lmvo been arrestad ut L '■) !■ trict OÍ Breslau, oharged wil i bei in a conspiraey to aaaaeain&te Prince Eiedfrick WiiliMiu. . . .Tlie Iohb by the li ■ . . ! , in i:;. of Franoe is offlcially Htatcd at 15'000,0(JO. Meetings are beiug held in Englaud to indurse he ooniM if riiuwoll, t.Uo agitador, íd denouncing tlic govornment. And now oomes Q6WB of tlio failuro of tlio cropH in ínaiiy düstiictd of Portng oaused by Irooght. TUo enttlo are dying of Unngcr, and i famine ia threatened Tlie reportad plot to Msusinate the Crown Prince of Gcnuany w i bcttx, . . .'I'liu Sogliab shipBtoarti bound frnm Liondon to Bombay, la-i been lot at Kcn, rbirtj-eight of the crew penslicd.


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