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Cornell's Captain

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A correspondent of the Obioago TnU r Ooean, describing eome of the sci nes ,inil inoidente ut Saratoga after tho gn at college regatta, tlms tolla how a typesetter can jump into glory: The socifl] king of Saratoga was J. N. Ostrom, Captain of the Coraell crew. Yeeterday Mr. Ostrom was a poor college boy at Oornell Uuiversity, working for bis board and tuition-struggling sometimes in tho Coüege pgrinting office, where ho set type, then working on farsa, mowing and harvestíng. A sharp row of three I miles in eixteen minutes flffcy-three and one-quarter eeoonds sounds his fumo across the continent. The details of tbe race you have had by telegraph. J'ut that soene when tho seventy-eigbt youiig athietos, naked to the, waist, rowed np to the grand stand with its twenty thousand tliroats yellingas if eaohowner had hiH right hand in Boalding water, cotüd not be given. Ah Captain Ostrora struck the bank the cvowd lifted hint over theii heads. He was not oarried in triumph, but ho was lifted and tosued in tho air in ecstacy. Tho erfiwd fairly run nnder hini, and tho poor farm boy was wafted over their heads like a babble iu the air. At night again, with bands of mnsic and the smües and scroams of the ladies, tho Yale and Harvard and ColumI5ia men cnrriod poor Ostrom on thoir should(rs through hotel parlors, along balconios, and up throngh tho stroet. At the great ball it the United States ] in the evening young Ostrom led out the : belle of Saratoga. He, the poor farm boy, was poitedeverywhere. Tho swollest young ladies from Madisou undlnfth i avenues mancuvered to dance with him. ' Wealthy young ladies with ftousand dollar Worth (Íroslos contended for tJie ■ honcr of a promenade with the typesetter, and nsuccessïtll belles would Jnive tossed out a diamond froin their front foreflnger, that would cost yomng Ostrom nine bundred thbusand eins of type-sottiug to buy, just to walk around the room with the young college printer dreséed in his thirty-flve doliar soit of clothes. In the evening, during a conversaron with Capt. Ostfom, I asked him if he waá surprised any at the result. "Not at all,"' ho replied. "Ikuew my crew was oomposed of mon aobwstomed to labor. Tliey are not gentlemen in the vulgar acceptation of that name. That is, our boys all know how to work. Théy a'-o strong all over - as strong in tho 'anklos as they are in their arm. Tliey can enduro more than the other crews only drilled and discipliued in arm pulling." " How about yourself ?" I askcd. " I hear yon aro one of the flfty fitudenbi in Corncll yrba paj thoir qollege expenses by working. Is it so '{" "Yes, I am working my wn,y through college. My parents are not ahje to help rao, I work on the college farm i summors, and sometimos set type in tho Ithaea printin;; oíüco. Une term I was janitor of tho college building, rang bella, built lires, and Bwopt out the rooms." And this is the hard-working young ni'bleman who wins the laurelfl from the aristocratie Yaleito and llarvardite, born and fored in the lap of Iuxury and oase.


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