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A Hard Time For Newspapers

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I D " al] un tilín! witlihi íwuh svhen tho tiowspapora have hwl no lian, Ujdding !:rrc in w VurK as lnriiig the i ■■ i six i;. ciillis. One thiug flml Hu-;. I -r :.,.i;, lüisw'ii is Un' advertigiug í Bnau'oiaj hooses. Prior t the inic and ftaaneial 'risis, firma lika Hei::" C1W8. Jay Oooko k V,o., and Fisl ■ Batcb, jüüil cnarmoaa ums everj voar to the .New ïork papara foi nls'i .lisiiijv railsroy bonds, loann, etci Kow -i'! tBal sorl oí thing i i done witíi. li.:'; oí liiese heavj Uoiisea aave gone ihto bariEniptcy, and the remaániler are lloatiiig no loaiis of auy clescription,witii onc or two excejitioijR. Tho fact that the advertisingof nlí tlíevárióusdepartments of tho city is now givbli to the Official '■ 'ird, a Httle sheet piiblishod expressly fov tliis parpóse, Hkowise triákee a big (liil'crriH'c in tin' reeedpts of someof the papera. Theu, kgsio, tho genera] pres tratiou in business oaiises agrc;li cliniimition d the general flflvísrtisingQÍ themetropolis, lint, whilo tbe ceceipts have thus very materially fallen off, the e?penses of ruiming tlio daily papers have not ditulnished. The Beechoi tiial has been a great tlrag opon them. Mr. Jones, fee proprietor of the 7'imrn, reoeutly stftted that the trial had Oost that paper iully $50,000. Whilo it oaused the sale of a few more oopiea, onr papera roceived, with the oxcoition of the Tribimc, i(inij)aratively nothii-g Lor the oütlay in reportiiig and priutiug the proceedinga of the protractod trial. -


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