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Gold In Illinois

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Atelegwn iWK Decatnr, TH., 10 tlii Chicigo Journal naya: A party oi' old miiiri's yrsteniay visiloil tbe recentlydisoovered gold tteld HBO this city, and after proapeettog in different places along tke, a pan of dirt was taken (mi of Dnteh gulch, washed tuid fnund to eontai'.i fropS twenty to thir'.y worth of the nhining yellow metal Some of the. p-rty not ferling satisfu-d, aujl foaring that a triek of some sorthad lioi o i'"i;i. tratod, procured iuiotkor pan ol' ilivt, ihis tiiui; taking it olí' the top, wliii-li v;'.s v. i'.shed and íound to contuii irom tiircü tq iov.r cents worth. . This kst pau was proijunceü by Captain ; Miixon and Mr. Crow, wiio fiave followel mining ín Californi.1, af) beiug rich enough in gold to pey wèll foi miaing, eitlior on a large or tmall scale. 'J'ho latest )c;.):l tc-day U that goW ha been fouml nu thfi land iWoagilip tó Dr. L. N. Jiills, adjoininfí tliat oí Mr. Kepler. A specimen fonnd kor was bröUgllt to the city to-day, aml mi leani that it stood the tet tippliíd to it. 1 thor develoiimciit.s wiil lx awaited v.ith inlx rest. Mr. keiler haa refnaed 2,000 per acre for bis pighry aores of land. You.Nii ladiee lm wniil to maHTifactaw : ÍMVild hike wariiiiiíT tlOTB Uw inisel vrho hrigfhtPned tbo i olói "I1 her choeka befaro gpipí? '(' f1 party by the applioation of the ingreili ent-i of (toioecinOftnioucandy. She.looked iike a new-blowu rose at tirst, bal pres ently the puison look oifect and neaiiy doelrorerl Iht eyosight The l)e-t n cipe foi n'd ehéeks is plenty of exeniise, m eqnft] aiuoniit otslep, tóta of ploiii food, wlth )ilivü -iiüt thoii;;h!s and good conipanioiiá. If that doen not briOg tlie ear;;, rèmembw thait the whit" rose is tóVieliet th:m the yi, and bo content. Anor-i' W0,000 -.viniieii ;:ii engoged in (.lic (.mdin-iii n o I' liiee in the de].;i]l meiils of ( '-ilvü.los Auveren.% PrBÏ e. .KI'.'::, KÍI1, ,-!'ld nu! wjj-i'. the male rials. That made f rom Üux ta timmost viiiuable. I


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