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There was no chango to noto in the condition ( f the money market. Dcmand tot favors , ral lier light, witli uu abundance of loanablo Fonda. Interest ratea 6@7o for mxty days, ' 3(S 10o Tor long loan. Iionds firm and ateady. ÏSKEADSTDI'FS. To ay tliat tlio grain markets wero excited i during tho past week would scarcely convoy a ' good idea of tho prevailing stato of affairs. The attendance of local Hpeculators was large, and tho leading gralns - wheat, corn and oatH - nttnictod moro tlian the usual amount of ■ altiiitinn. The Uuctuiiüons in values were ve.ry Frequent and unusually severe, oepecially in whoat. Tbc movoinent ivas mainly on speoulative account, and tho goveniing influenaea wero generally speculative in their tenor, altbough thore was considerable encouragement ia the tone of the advices received from Europe and also from New York. Orop reportH from Kuropc woro unfavorable and tugher priceH wero reported botb for wheat and corn. At ew York au urgent export demand for wlieat existcd and higher priceH were readily obtained, Tlie evident firmue of tho market atTected the "short" infntereBt and made them anxious to próvido for their outstanding contractH, whüe it materially aidcd the "buil" element in thcir endeavorn to forcé pricos to a bigher rungo, Spring wheat for August opened at $1.13, hoM at $1.90, bnt oioeed at 1.21%. Onrn opened at 70Ko. sold to 77c, closed at 73Jc August. Oata old m high au 42'c. The smallor grains wero oomparatiTely qniet. Tho following table hIiowh the pnces current at tbe opening and closo of tbe past week: Opening. Cloitinq. No. 2 ii'pr wl)ft, efib 1.16i 1.19 WT.20 No. 2, Beller July @,MH (.■l.l'.i No. 2, sellcr August .. il.W (nl.21'„ No. 2 eclliTScptciiibiT (;.lly, @1.M 8o. 2 corn, cah @ .fj;'., .72X( -"'Vi No. 2 corn, Beller July. (ik .R9ii (4 .11% No. 2 corn, b. Ancust. $, JOy, @ .7:1' So. 2 corn, seller Sepl (m .7i„ @ .73JÍ N"o. 2 oats, caah @ .49 .54 ( M4 No. 2 oata, scllor .Tuly (W, .40 (e, .51 No. 2 o;itp, p. AufiUBt. ($ ,'. - .-l'i ■ No. 2 oatu, e. Si-pt .W% w, .'■'■" No. 2 rj'e, cash (i.1.02 @1 .Wl No. 2 ryp, scllcr Aug . . .76 (.ï .80 (d .83 No. 2 barley, cash.... 1.30 @1.32 @1.32 No. 2 barloy, 8. Sopt. . . 1.05 (jiil.07 [ (81.01 rncisioNS. Tbere was a fair degroe of activity in this market during tho past week, but a very unHettled feeling provailed, and tho fluctuatious in prices were both frequent and severe. The market was governed mainly by local influences, nd sjmpathlzed soruewhat with the chango in grain. Tho market closed quito Bteftdy, howover, ut tlie following cuotations: Oasjxmess pork, f20.50(ii20.C5, ueller August $20.50. Beller September 4i20. 65, and Holler October $21.15. Lard, cash, ilü.GO, seller Auguat oloted at Í13.55(;í13.U0, seller öoptcmber, Tl..75()13.80. THODUCE. Tliere was only a moderate aniount of business transacted in butter during the past week, and the bulk of tho round lote sold were taken by partios using it for repacking porpoBSB. Tliere was a fair local demand forthebetter iunlnicM, howover, and the supply of theso being ratlier üglit, prices ruled steady and iirm. ïhere waa but Iittle mqulry on shipping account, ui'l for mcdiini and low grades tho markot rulcd dull and stocks havo ai.'cuiuuhited omewhat. Tho supply of tho lower grades was I very liberal and among the receipts thcre were I but few clioice lots. The quotations given bo! low are for tbe following classifications, adopt ed by the National Butter Atisociatioii : Extras - Shall bc comiioaed of Holcclious from tbc I lincst grados of fresh made Rorts. and Bhall be i of the higliest standard of table butter. Firatu gbaU be a good quality of butter, of uniform natural color, in season, sweot and proporly seasoncd, ia good uniform style of packago, and in good condition. Scconds - Shall consist of a good, sweet, solid grado of butter, uniform in color, in good stylo of paekage, and in good condition. Tliirds - Shall embrace all sort between the quality too poor to bo classod :ih seconds, uud the grade above greawe ïmtter. Quotable at 19@23c for extras, 16@19o forfij-sls, 14rl(ic for oconds, 12j@14c for thirds, and Uf Uo for inferior stock. There was a good t rade repoi k'd i 1 1 brocnn corn and prices were Iirm as folloivs: lVuvUc for No. 1 to extra lmrl. I ll@13c for good to cboice stalk bruid, and j 6(rt8JLc for crooked. Beans were quict and values wero a trille eaier. Eastcrn medium quotable at (1.80 per brl in lot, and f 1.85 in a small wav; Western do $1.00@1.75 according (o quality. Beeswax boM bIov.1v at 2ö@28o per Ib foi' primo yellow. ïliore waa quite a falllng off in the Btupping Iemand for ehecse, and the markfit rulod quiet. There was no change, however, in prices; round lots sold at lOírflO'.fe. and iu a retail way lie was obtained. Cider aud craubornes are out of tho market. There wero a good many cherriea received during the latter part of the week aud pricos were easier. Kold it $8.50@4.00 per bu. Trade was exceodingly light iii the dried fruit market, but there was no chango in prieea. Michigan and New York apples qnotabïe at 7(i7}Lc. Halvcs peachea at S}4(tlü%c, aud blackbernes were offered at 8}c. Thero waa no sale for dried peaw ; nominal at 2.00@2.10 for c'joiee green andél-C0Cíl.75fori!iarrof;t. Egge were dull and unsettled. aud the bulk of the olTeringa wero in poor order ; closed ut 14@143c in carriers, according to reputation of Bhippcr. Feathers wore dull and nominal at 18@52ofor prime live gecBe aud '20@'25o for gool to choioa turkey tail. Thero was a good demand for tho difTerent kinds of green fruits aml the market ralea quite active. The reoëipte were fair, but for choice stock former prices were maintained. (Jutations rauge at 50cCi1.00 lor poor to comnion poaehea, iïl.25@1.50 for good. and $1.75 for choice Crawfords. Apples sold at 25@60c per box, and il.00@4.00 per brl, nccording to quality. Plunli lirm at íl.75@2.00 for choice red. and peara ateady at S1.00@1.50 for good to choice in thirdbu boxes, Thero wawgood demand for hay, and prices und(-r lii;lit. ofrerings ruled ñrm at $15.50@19.00 for No. 2 to prime timothy, aud 'J.OO@1C.OO forNo. 2 to prime prairie, llidea were quiet and easy ; closed at about 7:1c for good lots of green saltea, and 13@ 13Lc for calf. Thero was no demand for old potatoes, and new were brought iu by neighboring farmers in Buch liberal quantities, which they were selling to the usual buyers, tb at tho demand was exceedingly light, and tho markct niltd dull aud lower ; quotablo at $1 00@1.2S for Southern Illinois iu brls, and fl.75@2.00 per brl for choico Baltimore. Salt waa utoady, aud a fair business was reported ; quotable at ■51.70 for oidinary coaree. jsl.80 for Onondaga and Sagiuaw iino. Veal when in good condition was in good doniand, but coaimon sold slowly ; Balea ranged at 4(?,9c for common to extra choico. There was aome demand for light coarao and medium wool, but fine and heavy ruled very dull ; quotable at 38(41c formédiura and coarse wasbed, aooording to weigbt aud quality ; 25(i?32c for uuwashed do ; tub waiihcd, 10(,52c for poor to prime. sr.KlW A.MI HIGHWrNES. There was 110 particular chango in the condition of the seed market dming the week just ■ 4 The demand was light for all descrip tions and but few sales of coneeqnence wero rmdc. and tboso consisted alinost entirr-ly of timothy. The offerings were rat'icr meagre. and there was no change oi' importanco in values. Sales of timothy were ma1e at Í2.8O@2.5O for common to good, ani 2.G0(r12.70 for prime to extra, bright. For prime medium clover' Y7.2ó was bid, but there were 110 soliera under $7.50, and Home sales were mado at tliis hgure. FMï bo](] at $1.50 for both cash and eeller August. HuagarkuQ was iimnuml at 7Bffi00o. There wai 10 utarket for millct. Buckwheat was nomina! at 75(1(000, according to quality. There was a good demand for highwines and the mnrket was aH activo art the olferings would admit. The marlict cloucd ut v'1.17. cuun:j:A(;E, LVTJUBHB AND WOOD. For the ligbter deseriptions of coouerage the demand continuos fair, hut for tight borróla tlicro wan Httlc inquirv and the rnarket ruled dull. The oflcjingH were fair, and formen pricos were maJntained. Qnotationn range at ijl. WA ('il. 15 for pork barrels and íl.:5@1.45 for larf ueroea; -l.'JO(i2.10 for whisky burelé, and 45@56c for floui bairels. It ehould he iiudemtood that tho ontaide for ard tiercé is, only paidfor -'standard'' packagos- Ibe new size anopted reoónüy by tho Packers' Awioeiition. There was more activity in the liunber marliet dming tlie paat week andan . Hiproved fecljng was devtlopud. Tho srrivaJa were f air and the bulk of the gales wei e mada it. foriiior priecs. The markot olOHed at í 7. 75 i.r JoibtisaudBOwvUiiig, Ü.OOai5,OÜ for ooEfimoo b.ardK and strips, S2.10@2.70 for Hhingk-M. and il. 50 lor hitli. Woód wa.s very quiei. and were kIow at, tho following prioee; $8.00 pen rord for hiekory, -tTj)!) for iiiaplo. i(!.U0 for bcoeh, and $4.00 for slabd at , the yards. NEW rOBK. i 1H-.KVKK : (ü tü Hoos- Pressed 10 @ ' . Cn,V' 1 rflne Western 5 SB rñ; r 7.1 w j i k r ■ - N ' . :. c 'Ijk'üfio 1 ;!7 1 88 No. 1 Spring 1 88 ci 1 9 Oows 87 f. 8H Oats B5 (ït, 66; I;ik 1 IS POBB N.wMiss 2100 (321 .10 Labd- Steam i"!;'4 X 8T. LOUIS. -No. 'J Bed 1 88 @ 1 87 COB No.2 68 (. 70 Oats- No. 3 60 & W Btï No.a 07 i" 1 00 m-bb aoso ac 's lam. ia @ ia Uogs (Jt (I 7 2.r CAXTLE -150 (JÍ 6 00 .Mil WADKIJS. Whkat- No. 1 1 28 S 1 J8JÍ No.2 111 (ƒ 1 27 Cokn- No. 2 72 a 7)1 Oats- No. 2 @ 6'J Kyk U @ M Mamijsï- No.3 i" IOS OINCINNATI. WiiHT-r.rd 110 (ü 1 41 CoilN 75 A 7(1 Oats (13 @ 114 Bïb i as O i as Pobk- Mea fí2l 00 i,akii 13 @ i:r, TOLEDO. Wiikat- Eitra (, 1 43 Ambcr ftí, 1 39 Cohn f2 í; (ti, 80 Oat 60 (5 (1 DETROIT. Whkat - Extra @ 1 41 Ambcr (m 1 :i;i COB t, MI ÜAT3 (j 67 CLEVELAND. Wheít- No. 1 Iicil (A, 1 40 No. '2 ltcd M 1 83 OOBH 74. fñ 7H Oath 1 % :i


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