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ear wifo, I 'm grttiiiíj loneeoinc, and growiag n'(I liicy nj ; No wonder, for Uio house ia still - I'iu forty-nine, tí-cla' ; JiiHt foríy-niíu', thc record counts - as made by honori'd banda - And whut the Bible eays, you know, of courae íorever stands. lint wliat care 1 for pasaing ycam and lqeks just turuing j;ray, Vhib' yon ;uiu both tho littlo ones are wiili me ou the way- On thc w;iy to rwf and glory,wlth hciirt nud hope as young As wjieb tin; oíd folkableasod aa and the brida! liymn was suDK ? I'vo breu in every room to-day, and peered iti ovory nook, And tried to briug the absent back witb eacb familiar looU- Thc twu tliat. heaven has pared us, the Uiree wboB sonG t" rcsf ; And raen thc awcctcst of thcm all- the mother of the biest. Ah! well, ivhat ii' I diopped a tcar on eonie forgotteti t'ü. And tfgtoH whcn I rfcalled (h? f;icc of one - our only boy? And whal if all alono I Wbfi a weU-raflMiobered lay- 11 We'U gatlur at tho river," and Piuilod my team awüv '.' And then I thought of all the yrars wc'i walkcd the cailli togethcr - Kach yrar Gtd' gift of t(-il and hope, of fair and cloudy wealln r ; And innijy more, ytt brightor far, may be our lot below, For in the path of rightcous nicn rith f mits forever grow. So ptease oom back md bring the bairna - I want ouuu inore ti hear The nmic of their voioee, and feeï tliat fry neaf The angels of the littlo onc are Ustenüig to teil o'er Thc story oi' our happinoss to {hose gone on before. Dean wift, i'm gettmg lo&escnila, and getting old, tht-y aaj; No wonder, lor the house Ia still- I'in forty-umr today ; Butnevf-r mind, Lore's evetting hath vísíodb i net as bright Ah ever bli-awed its morning- Gotl blesa thee - wife, ffOOdrSJght - St Louis HepubKctm,


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