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A Test For Eggs

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Aii'.oni; the minor troublea of city life ia the difficnlty of proonring a regular snpply of fPBSh eggs. When we óannot remove our roofes, tho bost best Uring is to try to understaud thom. Bo !W devote trliin pm:i:;r;i)íi to viiat will interest all out of hearing ut' til'; clivrïn] sounds of fho baniyanl. Au egg i gonerally called f reeh when it luis been luid ouly one or two ctays in Kuuimcr, eatd two to six dftys in winter. The shcll l)eiig porous, tho w:itcv in tho iiitcrior Tepocates, und l(;ivcK ii cavity of greater or Uss extout. The yoilv of the egg sinks, too, iis may be easily Been by holding it toward a candín or the ÏUB ; and wlicn slniken, a slighfc shock is feit if the (gg ; in not frésh. To determine the precise ugo of ei"j.s, dissolve. about four ouncos of oommon salt in a quart of pure water, ' and thfin immerse the pgg. If it is one day old, it wil] dsecend to tlie bottom of thé. vesael ; but if thrco. daya it will floot in the liquid. II' more than live days old, itwül (-ome to the Kurface and projeot above in proportiou to it age.


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