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Tnn Misúf.BÍppi (rangers aro goiug to catablish a cctffagQ. Texas will have a surplus wheat erop this year of over 1,000,000 bushels. If you want evergreens to form stoeky, compact bottoms and tkua mak(! beautiful trees, nip off tlie tip end of leading shoots and branches now. PhiiiIjIP Eokhakt, a New London farmer, has been jined $75 for putting ice in his milk whilo cnrrying it to tlie êböeso faetory. He theronpon withdrew his patronage and sold off his cow.s. The following is a gpod reciple whieh will give saddles and bridles a good polish, and be entirely froo from all stickiness : The white of three eggs evaporated till tlie substance loft resembles the common gum, dissolved in a pint of gin, aud put iuto a common wiiie bottle, and filled np with water. Pur clean water near the hivcs whcre the brescan ftnd it, espcseially durinf? dry weather. By so doing your neiglibors will not be annoyeil by liaving them about their pumps and wells. Sometimes a half dozen bees will be found in a pail of water just pumped from tlio well. The bees were in the nose of tl;o pump gelting water. WnKNEVEit seeds are gatlicred, tliey shonld be Jabled aud dated. If properly gatliered and preservod, beans will reüiin their vitality for two years ; beet:, scven ; cabbage, f our ; cavrot, two; 8wectcorn, two ; eucuml)er, ten ; onion, one ; par.snip, one ; ])eaf, two ; radish, tlireo ; Siiuash, ten ; tomato, seven ; turnip, four. An inexpensive, durable method of rainting old buildings is as follows : First, give them a coat of emde petroleum, which is tlie oil as it comes from the wells, and which can be prorurndfor $1 or $5 per barrel. Theu mix one pound of "metallic paint," which is Ivrown or red hematito iron and iinely ffüoimd. to one cmart of linseed oil, and apply tliis ovor the petroleum coat. The petroleum sinks into tlie wood, and makcs a ground-work for the. iron and ' oil paint. The color of the iron paint is a dark reddish browu, and is not at all dinagreeable ; it is very durable, and is iire-iroof. Out-Worms. - If balls of frosh clover or othcr green grass bn soattered : thronghout tbo tield, tlie cut-worms are Baid fco bc ittracted to them and crawl into them, whore they can casily bc destroyed. But this caimot be eutin-ly effectivecspecially on sándy land badly infested, and close wAtoh must be kept, and whenever traces of their work aro ■ een they must be dng out and killed. With carly tomatocs and other early j crops, -which would justify the expenso, j I have saved the erop by scraping away I the dirt at tho snrface, and applying frota B pepper-box Paris green, mixed with flora or ploeter. Under this treatment, though many plimts are attackcd, yet little damage i's done. TofflatoeS in particular, when eatcn half ofr, do not ■ scom to suffer much from it. How to Fked Fowls. - Fowls are not fed merely for tho sake óf keeping them '■ alivo and healthy on tho least possïble amount of food. Wo wish to convert I the food into ñesh or iuto cggs. In j feeding for quick fattening, it is imderstood that the ponltry should bo made to eat as much as possible. My nilo fo i feeding is to throw out tho feed once i day, and lot them eat as much as they j want, and no moro. I want the fowls to eat all they will; the more they eat, within reasonablo bounds, tho moro egjrs they will lay, and the botter condition they will be in. Laying fowls nhould tako exorcise, but if they n go to a trough and eat auy time they wish they will tako noxt to none. If fed bnt once a day, they will wander and hunt inaects mach more. If fed soft feed, such as wheat brau alono or mixed With milk, they will be hungry again in two or three houvs, and be oiï" af ter insects, etc. - Country Oenttcman. PUBIFICATION OF HeN-IIoUSES. - ïllO I,lrc Stock Journal says : As the hot sea.sou advances, poultry-licc])ors should not neglect the purification of the fowlhouso. Proper sauitary measnres must be taken, or health and successful poultry raising cannot be expected, nor is it deserved. Lime is au excellent purilier, and when carbolic acid is addod to the witewash, mll effectually keep away vermin from the walls. AÏter evoiy cleaning of the floor it should bo sprinkled with carbolic acid, dilute twenty of water to one of acid. This is one of the best disinfectants and aatiaeptios known, and is not used as much as it deserves. The roosts should be sprinkled with it cvery week. This whitcwashing should be dono twice, at least, botter three times a year. The nests of setting hens should be sprinkled with oarbolic acid to keep oiï vermiu ; and the, eoops also, where young brooils are kept fur a time, should be purified in tbis way. If a hou gets lousy, this dilute acid will destroy them ly putting ït onder the .wings, on the head and neck. Wood ashea is excellent to be kept in fowl-liouses for licns to dust thcmselves with. ïhis ia much more effectuál than sand, Imt sand should alwaye be kopt for a bath. Without proper' attoutioii to these mattere, poülwy-keepèrs cannot expoct to sucoeed. A bout tin; Hmuo. In dealing with furniture, remember to keep water iwuy l'rom mything solublo thorein, oil f rom ovorytliing i)orouh, alcohol i'rom varnish, and aoid from mastte, To Empty FBATHEns. - When ym desire to remove feathers l'rom one tiek to another, ri]) a place in each tiek, tlnn Bew thii ciifics of one to those of the ctthar, and hake the feathers into tho empty tiek. Pkeskkvino Biri'jnm in Summbb. - A good way to keep lmttiT fresh in the sumraer, where you have n cellar, i to oorai thi cloth vrhiub you spreatl over it in the jar, with cluvcoal. lioAKTiNi: Coi'TF.n. - A niee way to preserve thé mm of iSoflSoe is to add the white of o-ne egg to erary pouud of coffee, just before it is (juite cold. Htir it thorouglily into the mass, so that eVBry berry will be. wet with it. BïE Buead. - Poiu1 boilhig water on rye meal aud mix into a stift' dough, make it into wjiiiires or rolla and bake in a hot oven. "Wlum the beginner eaq manipúlate the dough readily, hc may succeed in making it light in loa vos three inehes m diameter1. t (iNiucis SNArs. - One teacupful of molassee, one of sugar, one tablespounl'ul of ginger, one-half teaKpoonful of aluin dissolved in half a teacupful qf boiling water, two fcablespooneful of soda, two of cinuamon, pne and a half cnpfuls of shorteniug. Mixs-ft; bnUe uuiekly. Sïajwhin-,; LmaKi- Tho followiug ig reeonmiended by a Gorman joumal : Make a limpd paite with good fine wheat staivh nul colil water, nul then tir in bpiliñg water luitil i still' puste, isformed, nul immediatcly ádd white wax, or st(irll(',K;iy iliout Olir, Ollllcc of WilX to ft pound of stiirch (the exact proportionfi, 1uiv'.cj-, in my cast; can only be dctormined ly cx]crieucc). If it is ilcsiiülilo tliat the lincn should lx; very Htill', jiowilcrcd pira iriil)ii' )ii;iy lie ulded to tho cold water vnÜi which tlie sturcli is mixed. The Htraiued sturch shoiildbe thovonf,'hly rubbed into Uie orticles ofter tliey have been well wrung out, ttfter ■which they shonld lie ])l;iced lietween dry clotha and piussinl tl)i;i)-uf,'li Uie mangle, and Uien rubVied on au ironingboótá in one direction with a soft rag to distribute, any lumps of staroh. Collars, etc, sliould bo innicd dry with a Jiot iron and considerable prcssure. The sticking of the iron may le preventcd by dniwnifrit wliile liot over wax, and wiping it -vith a rug rh'ppfirl in miL


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