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An Ungallant Joke

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Sho carne from Detroit, Midi., and hergreat pride was being au iuvalid. Hhe lost 110 opportnnity in stating that sho canil' feo Minnota to recupérate. HIh! (lid not hesitate 1o enter into ponvi -rsation witli miy person sho eame in contact with, giving advicc, cümatological or physioíogical, to invalida, aud ■eeking the santo irom tfcèM of robust ( .tiUitiou. Her conversation was always prelaoed with the inlroduetory so cóminon to visitors, "Did yon come Inri' for yonr Lealth?" She thus addressed a stalwart, ruddy-visaged yonng )uau at the dimier-twbk' of tho MttteopOlitan a lew da.ys KÍnce, and the i'ollowing dialiifJiu; eusued: "Yes, madam, T cafiifè lurc ]ribably tin) wealieKt ]en-ioii yon ever hvv. I had no uso of my lnnlK, iii tact my bonos were but iitÜe tapgher tlnin cartilagen. I had no intelligent control of a single muscle, nor the uso of a single faculty." "Great Heaveus," exelaimed the astonislled auditor, "and you lived?" "I did, Miss, alt-hough I was devoid of sight, was iibsolutely toothloHs, nnablo to articúlate a singlo word, and dependont on otliera for evcrythiug, bcing com])letely deprivcd of all power to help myself. I commenccd to gain immediately upon my arrival, and have scarccly experienced a sick day since, henee I can consciímtioualy recommend the climato. " "A wonderful caso!" said tho lady, bnt do yon think your lungs wcro affeotcd?" "Tliey wero probably sound, but j)ossessed of so little vitality that but for the most careful nursing they nrnst have oeased their fnuetious." "I hope you ioiind kiud fri"nds, sir?" "Indeed I did, madam; it ís to tlum and the pttré air of' Minnesota that I owe my life. My father's family were with me, but uni'oi-tunatiily my ïnother was prostrated by severo ülness during the time of my greatest prostriitïon. " "How sad. Pray, wliat was your diet and treatnienti" "My diet was the simplcst possible, consisting only of milk, that being tho only foo(l my system would bear. As for treatment, I 'depended entirely upon the üfe-giving proporties of Miunesota air, and took no medicine except au occasional light narcotic when very restless. My improvement datod from my arrival. My limbs soon became strong, my sight and voice caino to me slowly, and a íiill set of teeth, regular and ürm, appeared." "llemarkable, miraculous ! Surely, sir, you must liave becui grcatly rcduced in llesli?" "Madam, I weighed but nine, pouuds. Iwaaborn in Miunesota. Oood day."


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