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THE ANN ARBOR SAVIW GS BANK -Vim Arbor, ]Xicliitiitn. Reccives deposita of One Dollar and upwards anc allows l'ive percent, interest on all deposita reiuaining three mouths or longer. Interest Compounded Semi-Annuallf. Also buya and sells U. S. Bonds. Gold, Silver and Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and Chicago Exchinge. Also sells Sight Draits on Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, or any other part of the European Continent. Thi9 Bank is oiKanized nnder the General Banking Law of this State. The Stockholders are individuully Hable to the amount of their stock, and the whole capital is security for depositors, while with Banks of issue, the capital isinvested for the security of bill-holders. This fact maltes this Institution a very safe depository of monies. Married Women eau deposit subject to thuir owu draft only. itlonej' to Loan on Approved Securitlea. DIBECTORS: S. Pmitii, C. Mack, W. W. Wihes, K. A. Bkal, W. D. Harrimas. D. HnCOCK, W. Devbel. OFFICERS: R. S. Smith, Piest. C. Maok, Vice-PTest. C. E. Hiscock, Teller. The Quality of our Flour MADE A SI'IXIAI.TÏ J. SWÏTT & CO., of the late flrm of Deubel, Swift & Co., offer to the public a ñrat elass brand of Flour. Order lor FLOUR AND FEED! mav be left at the Post Office, in our Box. marked J. M. Swift & Co., or at the mili, whioh will be made a epecialy. DELIVERY FRKB-TERM8 CASH. US6me f' SWIFX & CO.


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