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The Sunday School Excursion To Grosse Isle

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The excursión on Wednesday to Grosse Isle was a very enjoyable affair. The morning dawned with tokens oí pleasant weather, and many who had up to this tune been uudecided, hesitated uo longer to pack their picnic diuner and join the throng whieh was moving toward the ilopot at au early hour. Thirteeu coaches liad been provided to convey the excursionista to Detroit, and leng before the time for the departure ot the train these were Hlled to their utmost capacity. At Ypailauti three more coaclies were hitched on and, tlius accomodated, 1,600 people moved slowly mto Detroit. But the journey so far was uot without its pleusuru, tur oom pa nies oí youug peopie and squads oJ muldlo-uged men and romen lilled the cars with their laughter. The wants of the huugry were amply supplied by poanut and caudy " boys," who sold " prjze packages without prizes m thora," and enterprising young iadits dealt out bouquets for money. Al leugth the first staye in the journey was conipieted aud the throng got aboard the steamer fortune. Some tew timid oues stayed behind in tiie city, not caring to risk a nde with ao many upoii a " small vessel," as they expressed it, but the Fortune proved oqual to the occasion, and bore her buiden without so uiucb as a quiver. Shortly before 12 o'clock the boat quietly moved away íroin her moorings and headed down the river. The water was at iirst scarceJy ruöled by the wüid, and the weather seemed specially prepared for this excursión. The sky was overcast by hazy clouds, which tempered the hot rays of the sun, aud yet the sky was far from gloomy. The atmosphere was warm but becime gradually cooJed by the rising breeze which came up from the lake as the boat neared the mouth of the river. The pilot kept the middie of the channel, and gave both shores equally to the scrutiny of his passengere. On the ground of both Únele tíain and lier Majesty they feit bound to be partial to neither, and so justly adniired all things on either side. Sandwich and Wyandotte in succession appeared in view but not near enough to show their full size and importance. Steam yachets, tugs, steamers, sailboata, rafts, scowsj etc., crowded the river everywhere, aud the salutatious from one to the other and with the Fortune were always frieudly and abundant. At length Grosse Isle appeared in view, and then lts cultivated farms and residences, and soon the eye of tlie excursionist caught sight of the Alexandei House. Here all landed in due time and proceeded at once to beautitul groves a half mile from the shore. Dinuer was eaten with all the earnestuess that usually aceorupanies the midday meal, wlien not served till half past oue. From this time till the boat left on the return trip at half past three, the day was spent in lambling about the groves, restiug in the spacious hotel, rowing upon the river, and a hundred other things that were full of enjoyment The trip up the river was more dehghtful than the outward " voyage," if such a thing oould be. As their was plenty of time to spare, the captain kindly steamed up by Detroit to Belle isle, giving a quite favorable view oí a portion of the city, and returuing on the other side of the river lay Canada at our feet. Ou landing there was uo time left to visit the city, so the cars were boarded, which at nine o'clock had traiisported their cargo safely to Ann Arbor. Ou leaving Detroit, rain set in, but it lasted only a short time ; with this exception unpropitious weather kept far aloof. Not a single unhappy incident marred the pleasure of tlie day ; uo one was hurt by accident, feil overboard into the river, was sea8ick, or was left behind. Order, perfect enjoyment, and good feeling reigned supreme. All were truely thanktul to the M. E. Sunday School on their return for this trip. The excursión to (rosse Isle will be talked over time and again, and leaves in more tliun oue diary be lilled with its description. The profits were not the least plcasing feature of tne excursión, as upwards ot $500 remained atter all expenses were paid. This sum goes tothe beuefitof the Sunday School, and lt will be expended in a one hundred dollar addition to the library, a new carpet for their room, and other improvements.


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