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The íollowing trsnsactions iu real estáte have beeu recorded in the office of the Register of Deed tor Waahtenaw county during the psist week : Henry B. Smith to Oonrail Lehn, the undivided half of lot 2 block 3, villuge of Manchester. SI, 750. Jane L. McConnick to Helen McConnick, 80 acres off section 33, Salem. $i,000. Warren H. Tozer to Daniel Sackett, lot on "A" street, Dexter. $300. J. Webster CliiUls to W. H. Osborn, 40 acres off section 23, Augusta. $425. Laura A. Hadley to Horace W. Hudley, lot on Normal street, Ypsilanti. $3,100. Casper H. Rabe to the Germán United Evangelical Emmanuel Church of Manchester, lot 1 block 46, village of Manchester. $o")0. John Vanfleet to Daniel Sackett, lot lyiug betweeu "A" streot and M. C. E. R., Dexter. 100. Lyman Burnham to W. J. Dunning, lot in Edwards' addition to village ot Milan. f4,000. John Sumner to Luetta S. Newton, 40 acres off section 3, Sylvau. $400. Martin H. Kendall to Jane Kendall, land on section 19, Ann Arbor. $500. Solomon D. Goodale to John C. Goodale, interest in house and lot corner Fifth and Catharine streets, Ann Arbor. $000. John J. Riley to Jas. Wood, 20 acres off sectiou 32, Lyon, Oakland County, and that part of section 6 lying west of the new laid road in Salem, f3,000. Isaac J. Merriott to John J. and Albert E. Riley, 20 acres in Lyon, Uakland county, and and 180 acres in Salem, f18,000. Jo8eph Kitchen to Qeo. H. Gilmore, lot 17, Tormal addition to Ypsilanti. f 1,100. Edwin Cotton to Julia O'Brien, land on secon 7, Aun Arbor. $300. Walter O'Brien to Elizabeth A. Cotton, land n lection 3, Ypsilanti. $500. John Geo. Koch to Jane Soulier, part of lot block 22, Manchester. 1,050. Delevan E. Doane to Aiidrew Mead, part of ots 7 and 8 in block A, Eastern addition to nu Arbor. $500. Richard Weiss to Michael Kurfess, the univided half of lot on corner of Jefferson and Water streets, Manchester. $1,475. Sarah Hunter to Conrad Lehn, lot 2 block 3, Manchester. $1,800. M. F. Allen to T. J. Forsyth, part of lot 205, Ypsilanti. $60. Alex. Soulier to Jane Soulier, lot on Exïange Place street, Manchester. $200. Win. B. Self to Henry and Barney Elfrink, 4 acres off aectiou 22, Sharon. $4,000.


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