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One iri'Nnnni) and ninktï-hix persons who oever dronk or smokod r chewed sworc, dii'il in Chicago last week. They oni under 1 year of ;igc. A I " a i i iMoiiHAN namod Schroedor, iH'ihiii;; ■ il;M!ii!i'il by tho myatorious fate oí Doimltlson, h-oh)kcs to s'ail in a balloon l'roni NeV Vork i'or hondón, whioh Lë expedí td reaeh in fü'ty hours. Hi.NiiY;i) Beböheb annortnoed lli:itliii wiH noi the coming Boaüiii, a,)l report to the eontvary notwith.tatuling. l'cv contia, Jfheodore Tiltoia is propariiig f oran cxtcnsivc leoturo tour in lli l'i ;1 and West. The Chicago Trihvm statcsthat a few ctóyá agO :i cargo of whont was purohftSod in that city :uul fovarfed via Antwerp op :u Hit of pattiöa in Europe, who preférred feaHng cltfect witSl the Chiöaj'O m:irk(!l to purchaaing through New Yoik. 'l'iuo ('inciniiati papera tenderly record tlie ileath of their famous little jackass, who BO99Q time hidco wliipped the lion i ■ . 6Í the Zoologicul (arden in single combat. 'Ihe lioness diod Hovoriil weeks ago, and now tho jftokass, lier conquerer, lias folieweel her to that bourne ■whorc all ïw. good j.ickasscs and bad lioucsKea go. Kr.TOitNK from the Ncnv York oensus indícate that the totiil incroaso of ioi)ulation in tho Stato in iivc years is over lialf a million. Tho chief growth of ]oj)iilation has been at and around the centers of manufacture. The agricultura! regioiiK havo generally declined, ■wbile nearly all tho cities and towns show au inercasa Hos;; Twkkd is slowly but snrcly unriveting the ehains that bind tuin, and will Boon Süep boJdly ont of prisión. His present operatians are directed toward def enting tho city of New York in its S;,()()()1()!)() snit, and the preliminary movtïments, bascil purely on logal techuicalities and petlifogging qnirks, are, of (jourse, fiiorablo to liim, for qnibblcs Jievor aro in favor of tho wronged party. Whhn thry get np a íamily fcud in Alabanza they carry it out with Q liveline ;:', nukiiown in any other locality. Au eueonnter reeeaÖy took place in Kscambria couuty, in that State, between two families, in which thero was a father and two sous on cach side. When the row is over thero were fivo dcad and one living man. Tho latter had cnough bnckshot in him to make sinkers fora doiicn cod-iishing lines. A I#LK)W who evidcntly wantod to conimit suicide iu a novel marnier " i'hokfcl himst'lf to death, in Ohio, reeently, with v hoop-skirt. " How or why he. did it La uot mentioned ; but we suspect tíüit the vivocious eontents of tho hoop-skirV tirsl fascinated and tben crazed hija. It probably jilted him, afterward, as is the wout of some hoopkirts, aml thoft Jespuír deprived him of uUitíukv -literally ohoked liim off and lot liiin drop iuto eternity. A i'.i.iï of gentlemen in Dallas, . -, (lie other day nat down around a iiuc, rjpc watvraielon to onjoy themaelvea. The carver cut tlio melón tkrougli, and in tho Leart of it, very nicely imbedded, was a spotted lizard ■■bont four inches Umg. l( ís liardly to add tliat the party lost their aiijK lili' for the melon, and the queslion iis to how hi,s lizardnli:p came thcre occupied their attention thé balance of the eyeaing, witlioiit rcaching u satisfactory solution. ■ïiie postal ratos ivifh Baröpe, as Cxed by the late general treaty, whieh went into pffeêt, Jnly 1, 1875, aro fivo oouts for letters weighiiig one-half oimco or less, two cents for postal oards, and ko c -nis for uowsjiapers wighing not over four onnces, to all oountries except Franco, lo wliich the rates are nine cents for lotters and threc cents for ncwspaiicns. To Egypt and Aniutú; Turkey the postage hius also boen rjsducccl !i iivc. cents on letters and two cents on papers. Tiie latost wjxutï: of töe" Europeaii breadstnfta market iiïdiöato better in-ospects for tae cröps, owing to an improvement in tho weather in England, wheri-by Jiarveat hopos havo been re vi'vèa sbmewnit. In Kussia the official atop reporta represent the wbeat yield a ;,'ood avorago. DiHciissing tlie situation, the .lr.,-.; l.anr, :,jrt.-.i tliinks that, with stoiftka so ïioar x)umntion, iveti though fiiie woather should help tho orops, a rotura to foriner low prices seems to 1; ïmpossible. An editor of a Boston paper recenüy employèd a graduado of the Yale school of jöüraaGsm, as v reporter, and sent him oiT iinmediately to a neighboring lown to work up a murder case. After waiting two daya, tlio ouitor was horriliiul tq recoive a telegram from his ambitious protege, reading, " Havo got all the facts and am just going out fishing. Will bo down in a díiy or two." He was tme to ]ii:s word, Isut iaftet looking at the editoi thiough am opening in the door of tlio sanetum, lie seemed to ündèrstand that jonmalisru was nothisorte and stolo fiik'iitly away. Mb. Howelij, in lus forth-coming Newspaper Directory, will show the failui-(! of uñé (liouwind nisw.spiiiKu-K in this OOtintry dnring the past year, the loas to 1ii1iIík]ici-x, subscriborK and adverti.sire amOTlTlting to over eigbt million dollars, the Republic, of New York alone losing half r militan. Among thoac wlio went into th. üewspapcr buniness and lost heavily t her. t ._v were 275 merchanta and H.lvcnliiivns 3Í5 (hópleadiers, 57 lawyei-K, ! liliwiksmitlis, 33 plasterer, 10 l'ai-iiHTs, l!iK) faeatioB of vnrious oliwéès Hliüeted vi ith ütcrary leanings, 100 visionary jou&g Botón', who drew upon their futhers, and thus sudlcnly exhausted largp nim-Kinij of the paternal capital, and 11 iiiücry men. TiiEiiE in considerable evenness in the honesty of muuicipal'admiuistration in Chicago :iud Kt. Louis, for the amina expciiKi.s uf tlu: two cities do not vary $100,(100 fi-om ca(;h other, and are oboul st,r,00,000. Kt. Louis spent $911,000 for new stréets, strect-cleaning and re!1S ;,;.- . ),090 ia QhtofO, til. tonner Bnding lts small blocks oud fro[ueut utreets n great barden t. it. Ofaiago paya i'ov lip;lifinrr, seweragp, fire di partment and legal oipenapa $2,031,)()(), wliili1 Kt. Louis pays for the same luxnrics only $971,000. The gCtolt contrast is in the the litigation of the two oities, wbich waa ilöi.OOO to 7,500. On the othcr hand, the St. Ixnüti lioaltli ilopartmont coat $193,000 to ífí)S,O()O in Chicago.


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