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A KvKA'Tsr. (N. Y.) dispatch aimoiiiiw tho death (f Celia Burleigh, tho wanmn'H rtghta advoo&tÖ, agod -1H....A Now York lelo gram announces the susponBion of tho oM itid prominent banking Sbdbrokeroge Jirm of J)uu (ín. Slioriuiin A ('o. The (fcUnre Wba dausèd b llf':l V 1(] ;:llt (H KIJkIo 011 stocks lililí COtlOll lu'cnunt. 'i'lic ]i:l)iülirn nfüie firtn nrc between #5.000,00(1 ;uid f6,000,000. The uows of tho fallare producod the wikjest escitenieat in Wall strcct. Baring Brotbörs, of London. ere heavy losen. Amcrie;uis fcraveling in Kurope will also suffer largcly by the failure. Fot a time it Me Ceared that tlio collapse of this great house wae bul Um beginningof a great llnancial crtsli, bnt an exposition of thc causea that led to thc suspension shoved that theso fcars wcro unfounded. Tiik Commercial Wareboitfe Company, of New York, bus suspended. LiabflitieS cstitnated at 41,500,001).. The stock of the company íh owned prineipally in ('uba.....T. B. Ford & Co., pnblisbers (uot proprictors), of the Ghriaiian l'nion and "The Life of Christ," aro greatly embarrasbod, and their suspension is looked f or. Tiik 'frentón Banking Oompany, of Trcnton, N. J., which loat $100,000 by the Jay Cooke failuie, loses $100,000 by the suspension of Doñean, Sherman & Co. A han named Miller was killed by his o en at Brunswick, Me., the other day. Miller was engaged in the ploasant oceupation of boating his wife, when tho son intorfered and shot him.. . .Mr. Beecher'a hundred thousand dollar Bftl&ry is a good thing undonbtcdly, but thc l'lymouth peoplo do not appcar to bo willJing to fork over tho amount. It has transpired that not moro than threc thousand dollars of tho amount has been snbscribed, and that tho congregation will be obliged to look to outsiders for tho balance. Thk bad-amolling Tilfcon-Beecher volcano threatcns to burst forth agaiu. Thcodore Tilton's counsel havo notiíied Mr. Bcechcr's lawyers that they will move for a ncw trial of the case on the lat of September. THE WliST. A mxES train on the Northern Taciflo railroad, consisting of twenty-two cars, recently went tbiongh a bridge across the MissiHsippi river at Brainard, Minn., ldlling fivo persons. Tlio bridge is abont eighty fcet high. A niKUiHT train on the Louisvillo, New Albany and Chicago railroad went throngb a trentlc forty feot high, near Cloverdale, Ind., on Thnrsday, ldlling tho engineor, conductor and head brakeman. The firoman ind one leg and ono arm broken. THE report that Chiel' R08B, of the Cherokee Nation, had been assatísinated, i denied. In the Southern section of IlHuoia, known as "JEgypt," during the month of July, tho extraordinary amount of niño and a half indien of rain feil. The wheat erop will provo almost a total failure, and corn. tobáceo aud hay have been seriously damagcd. O'LiiAiiï, the Chicago pedoilrian, has failed in a secoud eiTort to walk 150 miles in 32 hours. Düspite bis faihire, howovor, ho did some iiiie walking. Ilo walked his 50 miles in 'J hours and 7 minutes, and 100 miles in 20 hours and 14 minutes-. . . . At Denver, Col., the otlicr day, there was a wrestling-inalch between two athlctcs uamed Williams and McMann. Tho latter was thrown by Williams, whercupon a desperado named Cleveland who had bet licavily on McJlami, wa ho incenscil at his losses that he drew his revolver and shot him dead. Tho murdercr escaped The polico oí Cbioago foimd tl ie body of Frcdcrick líurger in tho lako, which at fiíat thcy wcro sure was the lost aernaut Donaldson, and now thcy mouru tho los of tho $ 700 reward. A BÓTELE purportiñg to contain a card written by Nowton S. Cirimwood, DonaldHOn's agooiate in tho recent disastroms balloon aHcensiotí from Chicago, ws pioked up on the beach ncai' that city, a few days ago. Grimwood's friomls doubt ils genuineness George L. Dunlap han boon appointed and coníirmcd ('ity Marshal of Chicago. WASIILN(T(?N. Jakes Qiuiui succccds Avery as ('liief Clerk of the Tream-.ry Department Thc late défaloatiou in thc Trêasmy Department, attributed to theft by somo of tho femalo employcs, has been found tu be a mistake, and tho miaaicg (1,000 turna up all right Additional reports have boen rcccivcd by tho War Departiiu-j 1 1, from prominent army oflicers complaining of gross frauda upon IndiarK by thcir agente. Aviii'.v, lato Chicf Clork of tho Trcasury Do partinent, was airestoá at Washington thc other day, and required to give bail f or his appear anee before thc St. Louis Crimina] Cnuit. Tin; Comptroller of tho Currency has ndvíhciI the Secrctary of the Treasury of the issue of íl,270..r)!M) additional national bank circulation, for thc month onding July 28, 80 per cent, of which is to bo rctirod in legal tender notes, making tho wliolo amount of legal tender notes rotired since the passage of the act of Jan. 14, 1875, $7,244,892 lüühop Ames deel inos to serve on tho Sioux ludían Commission. Secbetaky Iïiusïow la on a visít to hïs "old 'Kentucky home." Attorncy-Gcneral l'iorrepont is aftcr tho Marehals in the Boutkern States witli a sbarp stick. Ho wants them to explain some of thc extraordinary charges in their accouiitn. Thu following executive order was mmind by tlie President apon the reception of thc news ef the dcath of Andrcw Johnson : It bccomos the paiuful luty of thn PrmMefit tu amidiuicc to tli' peoDle of tlio United States üio de;ith of Aiutrew JollfiBOÓ, the last siirvivor of his honored pfsdeoegAoréF, whifïi ocoturGñ in Carter county, Etat TcimiPBnee, at an eurly ]io;ïï thiy momIng'. Thc stolomnitv of the DCtaBlo wliich callpil liiui to lif 11-CHiileiicy, witli tbB nÜéO i!;i1 uid luiïgth of his public eervices, will Cí him to be lon remi nib.-ivd, md Docasion tóoürtíTng for th dcatli of i diKtini;uih'-d public servant. As a iii;irk of rispeet for the mèmory of tho deccaeea H is ordered that 1lio Exécuüve Mansión and tlir a&íílXíil departmeixtfl of the (ioviTninent at Wahiiifitnn Je drapcd in nioiirniug uutil the close of the day designated for his funeral, and that all publi ■ business Ik; suspended on thal d.; . Jt ie further orderod that the War and Navy Departnienjts i'imim: snitabli' hoii'irs to be paid on the occasion ím the mexuory of the illustrious dead. ■ r. s, (ümnt. Tuk public debt w;s rcduced $1,204,887 drF ring July. Appended is t !io ofticial statenunt for August 1 :- Six percent bondK (1,095, 858, 5W per cent bon.Is 613,6 Total ooln bonds (1,709,491 ,300 Lawful iii.mey debt f 14,678.000 M tturod dabt io.h7h.2ii; Lëgal tenders 374,824,QHfi Certiflcatea of depoeU 64,276,000 Fraetional dlrrenoy 4 1.1 r..:.'j:i Ooiu curtilieates 23,726,100 Total without interest 602,95,478 Total debt fj.:l7.:. Total interest 27,1111. in Cash in Trcai ury : Ooin f(S.!)42. 711(1 Curreucy ,816,969 Special deposita tield t"i redemptlon of eert I Of depoeit (14,271), 0(10 Total in Ti'oasnry l;[,".."._'.l j Debt less canil in tlic Treasury f J,iJ7,:i'.lI 8S8 D ■iiease of debt duriug July í 1,294,887 Bond issued to Die l'a.-ilie Bailway Oompaniee, lnterei I .nvful monsy: Principal auwtendisg (4,628,612 Itii rest keerned :ml nofyetpaid 32Í.I17 [nterefl paidbythe Unitod States a8,202,807 Interest repald by tram pórtatiou of mails, etc 0,2W,18 Balanoe ol Interest pid bj United Slates .' 21 ,'.lKS.r,l7 THi: BOUTH. Snfih I tos to the !■ titutieual CeuYsntion, nmr In ■■nina t Taf 1 iViHou City, havo linally deaided to rocommend ;i, pklll for Ulo OOBBplota (iivinion aml Ht'punition of tlio city and county of St. Loufc. Tho city to Husiain tlic Hamo rclation towafd tlio State aH a couuty, and to boconio tlio ownor of all peas! and oliaritable iimtitiitionH md public buüdingB withir. the extended limite, and to túsenme the c:Hirt jKlcl.itctliiCHH of tlio county; the couniy to organise aH a now connty, and the couuty Beat tobe s&leoted hy a inajority voto of the pcoplo of tlio coinity. ThB fiiiif.rai obsequies of ex-PrOHidcut JolmBOp, at (Iroenviljo, ïenn., on the 8d nut., woro witnoHHcd by an immenHO concoax"HG of pco}lc. i;m:i{ai.. Tuk oxcitement oooaeioned by the failctreof Jiii:r;m. Sht-rmaii & Co., lian boorv BUOOeded liy .i ipiiot fooliiiK. atul thcro U 110 reMon to rjxpcct other important suspensions oh their acebunt. PkkbidENT O kast wan out driving al Long Iiranch wlicn infonucd of tho dcath of &ndrew JnhiiHoii. ll(s yrtm vi-illy attected. The recent rain-storroB in Ohio, Indiana, PonuBvltanl, Kcntucky, and portions of 111inoiH and Miyyouri, wcro of unprcccdcntcd violenoe, and the damago ontailod will amount tiO millioiiH of dollarH. Wholo nectious of coiinirv Ifftre inundatod, and cropy iti tho lowlftndfl cntirely dcHtroyed. J'OI.ITICAT-. ïun ]icpiihli'an Ktato Convention of Jlin ncBota Man lield at St. Paul on tho 12Kth uit, John S. l'illhlimy wan nominated for Oovcrnor, and J. 1'.. Y;iIWhiM for Lioutenant-Oovornor. ïho linancial plank of tho platform reads : " Tli at on tho prosont c]uetiou8 of the day wc favor that poücy of linance which shall utoartily keep in view a return to pecio payments." FOItKlC.Jf. One luindrcd and ftfty-eiï out of the 102 cotton milla in Okllumi, England, aro closcd ou account of a strike of the operativos, and inAshton flfty milis are closed and 8,000 operatives idle The ltuissian wheat orop promises a ood average. Gtatiirr's cotton-mills at Glasgow, Scotland, veere recently destroyed by flre. Tho losa is $2,500,000 Thirty-ouo cotton-railla have eloscd at Dmidee, Bootland, and 12, (100 persons are out of employment .... Keports f rom Ganada aro to tho eiïeet that tlie erop prospects are favprable. Fall wheat is bolow the averago, wbile spring wheat is botter tliau usual. Oats, barloy and potatoos promisean alund;uit yield. .... Dispatches from London aud Liverpool report that thereiias been no appreciablo effect on the general market in thoac citicn occasioned by the failurc of Duncan, Hhermau & Co. Mr. PlIMSOIiL having read an apology in the Engliah Parliament Mr lus pfevious unjnst remarks, he was discharged without reprimand. . . . .Largo meetings of workingmen havo been held in Kngland to protost against tho proposcd grant of ,L142,000 to defray the expenses of the Prince of Wales' visit to India In Bwitzerlaud tho Gothard tunnel workmen, nnmboring 2,200, united iu a strike and riotpns proceodings. Tho government troops dispersed tlieni. af ter killing two and wounding many more A large body of Carlist troops has been completely investod at tho Spanish town of Beo do Urgel, and must eveiitnally surrender. LirE advices from Cuba report tho capturo of an immense Govemment convoy and the routing of its escort, by a body of patriot The BpauiaU Banttrf Havana has refused to loau the Government of Spain anothcr !i2,000,000 on account of imn-paymont of previeu loans .... llochofort, tho Commixuist leader, now sojourning in Gcneva, recently challcnged the notod l'aiis íighting editor, Paul de Cassagnac. The iatter replied with an cxeessively abusivo letter, giving lïochefort the ehoicc of weapons. Tho Iatter choso pistols at fivo paces, which meaBS ileath to both partios. ï'or the tlie rirst time iu his iifo Cassagnae, who is the bero of twcntv-iivo or thirty dttals, refused to flglit on tho terms pronosed, aud, according to the Frenoh code, h heuceforth to be regarded as a ccrward. . . .The liritish Parliament has passed the act for tuimeling the English channol. Tuk Braidwood Wcaving Factory, in liclfast, has been burned. Loss, .t750,000 The harvcst proRpccts in lingland and on the Continent are improving. . . .An immouHO meeting in favor of amnosty for Feiiian convicts wa hold in Hyde Pari, Ijondon, last week. It is osümutcd that 100,000 jicrsons gathered around the various Kioakem' stands. ColoneL. VaíjF.ntine Bakkr, whocommitted an assault upon a youug lady in jurailway car, has been found guilty and sentenccd to imprisonment for ono yoar aud to pay a lino of $2,500.


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